‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 “Go-Around”


In episode 4 of Manifest‘s final season, Michaela has yet another shared Calling with a passenger, Kyle, but this one brings up the past for her. Meanwhile, Cal and Olive work together to figure out just what Fiona meant when she told Cal he had all the answers, and a tip brings Ben even closer to finally finding Eden, but it could be dangerous.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Go-Around.”

Another Connection

While jogging through the cemetery and stopping at Evie and Beverly’s graves, Michaela gets a Calling involving thunder, lightning, and birds. When she gets home, she’s about to tell Ben, but he leaves in a hurry after getting a new lead on Eden.

Michaela researches the type of bird she saw, and it’s related to an Indian Nation. When Drea calls, she tells Michaela she’s running down a list of passengers for the Registry, and one guy, Kyle Boyd, hasn’t gone to a single check-in. Michaela gets another Calling, and Drea says she can’t get to Kyle because he’s on sovereign land. Michaela guesses Shinnecock Nation Land, and sure enough, they’re connected.

Michaela shows up at Shinnecock Nation Land and gets the bird Calling again. She tries to talk the woman into letting her see Kyle, and she obliges. When they get to his house, the Calling gets stronger. When Kyle answers the door, he gets the Calling, too.

She tells Kyle about the Calling and how it’s all connected. Kyle thinks he knows why they were brought together. He admits that that’s what his mom would say. She got sick, and even though he found a specialist in New York, she’s dying. If he visits her, the Registry would flag it and have him arrested. Michaela thinks she has a way to help him; it’s why the Callings brought them together.

Kyle also thinks he’s supposed to help Michaela somehow. As Michaela drives off, she sees fog on the road and a bright red light, which takes her back to the night Evie died. Michaela is brought back to reality, traumatized, but turns back around toward the Shinnecock Nation Land. She grabs Kyle, and the two head to the hospital.

Doing the Right Thing

Zeke gets to the hospital, acting like he’s going to visit a patient, but he opens a backdoor to let Michaela and Kyle in. They visit Kyle’s mom, and Zeke offers to help with his abilities. After taking her hand, Zeke smiles and tells Kyle that his mom has a deep love for him; there’s no guilt and no pain. Kyle wants to take her home.

Flashing back, Zeke tries to comfort Olive following the aftermath of Grace’s death. She’s playing parent to the brother that destroyed her life, and she has no idea when her dad is going to get back on track. While Zeke doesn’t know what she’s going through, he knows that she has people that love her. When she takes his hand, Zeke feels something powerful, as does Olive. But she feels better because of it. The moment, though, leaves Zeke shaken.

Kyle tries to get his mom sprung from the hospital, and he gives the nurse his name, even though it means him getting arrested. Drea soon shows up with two officers from the Registry, and Kyle and his mom are nowhere to be found. Zeke was able to get them in a cab before they showed up. Michaela thanks Drea for all that she’s been doing for them.

“It’s the right thing.”

When a nurse opens the door, Drea keeps the act going by saying Michaela should be lucky she’s not arresting her. Michaela finds one of Kyle’s mom’s blankets in a drawer.

Break Down

After the long day they both had, Michaela and Zeke lie in bed together, and Michaela finally breaks down over everything, especially after remembering Evie. She’s afraid to let go of the guilt because it’s the only thing she has left connecting to her. Zeke tells her not to let go. There’s no shame in carrying the guilt; he still does.

“This is your life. Live by your truth.”

Lead on Eden


Ben tells Michaela he got a new lead on Eden from Eagan; despite what he’s done, he can feel that this is real. Michaela warns her brother to be cautious. He needs proof, not hope.

“What I need is my daughter back.”

Ben visits Eagan, and Eagan will only tell him where Eden is if they make a deal. He wants out of prison. Ben’s about to leave, but Eagan tells him he had a Calling where Eden was drawing spiders. This gets Ben’s attention.

After having no luck at the Registry, Ben shows up at the Bird’s Nest, even though it’s been a year since he last saw Vance. However, Vance isn’t happy to see him since he just abandoned helping the passengers. Ben tells him about Eagan, but there is nothing that he can do since he has no connection with the government. Vance isn’t willing to help since Eagan broke into his house and harmed his son, but after Ben brings up Eden, he says he’ll see what he can do.

Ben and Vance visit Eagan, and a lawyer has papers drawn up promising Eagan’s release pending his information on Eden is accurate. Vance confesses that what Eagan did destroyed his family and his marriage since his wife blamed him for what happened to their son, who had nightmares for months.

Eagan writes down an address on the paper and tears the bit off. When Ben grabs it, it burns his hand. He apologizes to Vance for what he did, letting him know that he will never forget what he did for him.

You’re On Your Own, Kid

Ben texts an address to Vance, and he turns off his phone and uses a burner, going after the lead himself. Vance tries calling him, but it goes straight to voicemail.

Vance pulls up to a dead end that Ben gave them, and Ben calls from a burner phone. He tells Vance he’s grateful for all he’s done, but he had a Calling, and he’s not going to put anyone else at risk. He’s sacrificed so much already for his family. He’s going at it alone.

Ben gets to Adrian’s compound and he’s knocked unconscious.

Finding Trouble

After Jared questions a store clerk about someone buying a special type of fertilizer that could be used for bombs, he and Drea look through security footage and realize that Drea interrogated the woman, Erika, who robbed a gun store with her boyfriend, who almost killed Vance’s son. Jared looks up her address, and sure enough, the landlord is Adrian.

An Answer


Cal keeps trying to figure out what Fiona meant when he told him that he has the answer and there was more to do. Olive wants to take a break, but Cal leaves, desperate for answers. Zeke tells Olive that Cal is just like Ben and Michaela, “tenacious to a fault.” He tries to comfort Olive, and she’s grateful that he’s there. Olive says she’s worried about Cal, and Zeke tells her that if his dad can’t be by his side, she can.

In a flashback, Cal’s about to answer the door since Zeke ordered pizza, but Olive’s against it since no one is supposed to see him. He doesn’t exist. Cal says he shouldn’t have come back, and Olive agrees.

Luckily in the present, the twins are much better. Olive decides to help Cal figure out what Fiona meant. She brings out one of Ben’s boards since it’s how she figured out the Death Date, and they’re going to do it their way.

“Twin power.”

Olive recalls how she figured out the Death Date and the Al-Zuras journal, which led them to the silver dragon and the plane. She brings out the tarot card she held onto, which, crazily enough, has the same star symbol as the journal and the compass Logan Strickland gave Michaela.

Cal’s getting all worked up, and Olive calms him down. Not getting anywhere with what they have, Olive suggests they get a better perspective, so they both stand on chairs to see what all they have laid out on the table. Olive sees the blanket Michaela placed on a chair from Kyle’s mom, and it catches her eye.

The blanket has the same star symbol, and they see that a button is supposed to be on the blanket. Cal takes the compass apart, and the words “Divina conciencia” are etched on the back. Divine consciousness. According to the tarot, the card represents enlightenment, which means if you have the Star card, you are directly connected to divine consciousness. The compass, the blanket, the journal, the card, and multiple other items on the table start glowing. It’s the same glow from outside the plane.

“It’s all one. It’s all connected.”

Cal figures they were all inside the glow. All of them. He knows where the plane was for 5 1/2 years. They were inside the divine consciousness.

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