‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 “High Flight”


In the third episode of Manifest‘s final season, with renewed hope that Eden’s alive, Ben desperately tries to get the NYPD to reopen the case with help from Jared and Drea. Meanwhile, a Calling leads Michaela to the 828 co-pilot, who has answers about what exactly happened in the storm that the plane flew into, and Angelina’s aggression could cause big troubles at Adrian’s compound.

Keep reading to find out what happened on “High Flight.”

The Search Continues

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Little Eden is alone in a room, and she gets a Calling. Just like brother Cal, she draws. Meanwhile, Ben, now aware that his daughter is, in fact, alive, tries to get the case to reopen, but nothing works. Michaela hears thunder and sees lightning, but Ben does not. She looks outside, and the skies are clear.

Ben tells her that the Calling has nothing to do with Eden, as he is once again not trusting them since it took him a few feet away from her. Ben is still just as desperate as he was before.

Jared comes over to check out what Ben has been calling him about. Ben shows him Eden’s drawings and other things from Anna’s home. Jared says the precinct is going to push back on this, but Ben tells him he promised Grace he would bring their baby home, and this is the closest he’s been. Jared tells them they have to bypass the precinct and go straight to the Registry.

Ben, Michaela, and Jared meet Drea at the Registry, but when they go inside, Michaela gets the Calling again. Only this time, lightning strikes where Amuta, the co-pilot, is standing. He’s the thunder.

“We got Ben. You got the Lifeboat.”

Meanwhile, Ben, Jared, and Drea hit a library after seeing a report of a stolen phone. Ben gets a Calling of a volcano, as does Eagan, who is still in prison.

Jared and Drea question the librarian, who recognizes Angelina’s picture. The librarian shows them the picture that Eden gave her. Jared takes the computer that Angelina was using so the NYPD can take a deeper look into it.

While in the attic, Ben gets a Calling, and a pink flower is being drawn on the ceiling. He knows that it’s Eden. Meanwhile, she is drawing and coloring. When she stops, the flower disappears.

Trying to Help


As Olive takes some stuff up to the attic, she flashes back to an earlier time when she tried to help her dad with finding Eden. But Ben just wanted to be alone.

In the present, Olive finds her dad tracing Eden’s drawings. She’s scared and worried for him but notices something familiar about them. They are exactly like the treasure hunt song. Olive can feel her. Ben shows her the other drawings, and Olive tells him to draw whatever he would have Eden draw.

Eden giggles and shows Angelina her food, which has “Dad” written in it. Angelina gets upset at her, reminding her that she doesn’t have a dad.

“Why are you connecting with that man? You’re connected to me!”

Jared visits with news, telling Ben and Olive that there is nothing on the computer, no trace of Angelina, and no way to track her. In the attic, Ben still has hope, telling Olive that Callings might just save her sister after all.

Michaela talks with Ben about Eden and his grief, admitting she’s having a hard time saving the passengers without her co-pilot. Ben says he made a promise to Grace. Michaela just hopes that when she fulfills his promise to Grace and finds Eden, she gets her co-pilot back.

New Findings

Cal sends a picture of the scar to Saanvi, and he tells Olive that Henry told him he was a dragon before the scar transferred to him. Olive suggests the scar could help him figure out where he was when he disappeared and why. When Cal says he feels like he’s on a treasure hunt without a map, Olive starts singing their treasure hunt song, and Cal soon joins in. This brings up Eden since Cal was teaching it to her, and the twins each admit how awful they feel for telling their dad to let her go.

Olive mentions how when Cal was gone, she knew he was still out there. That he was still alive. But with Eden, she’s never felt that. Michaela comes down, and she and Cal both hear the thunder.

Cal meets with Saanvi, who plays the recording for him. And when she does, the scar on his arm gets more prominent. When she stops it, it goes back to normal. All they have to do is figure out what exactly happened at that moment on the flight with the Callings and everything else.

Shared Callings

Michaela talks with the co-pilot outside the Registry and tells him about the Calling. He doesn’t want to listen to her, telling her he has somewhere to be. She tries to get Amuta to listen to her, but he gets in a taxi and drives off.

She meets with Saanvi and Cal, telling them about Amuta. Saanvi tells her about the recordings and how they only last for six seconds in the time that lightning hit the plane. Michaela thinks it’s connected to her Calling with Amuta.

After doing some hacking and pretending to be from the FAA, Amuta is sent to the Bird’s Nest before takeoff, which he initially thought was the FAA. When Amuta gets to the Bird’s Nest, he doesn’t like being rerouted. Michaela tells him about the storm Calling and how he and Daly were the only two that saw it and took them through to the other side. She gets his attention when she mentions the black box.

Saanvi plays him the recording, and he wonders how the black box captured the Callings.

“Flight 828, the gift that keeps on giving.”

Amuta tells them the moment they went into the storm was the moment they died. The lightning was everywhere. There was no way they could have survived. He felt at peace, and only Daly understood. Saanvi shows him the footage from the night 828 disappeared with Daly.


Amuta admits to Michaela that he knew how far the obsession over 828 would take Daly; he knows he could have done something. Michaela tells him about Evie and how she could have done something.

Michaela and Saanvi talk to Amuta about what he saw, and Cal shares his identity with him, telling him that he saw the lightning and the white light. But it’s impossible since storms just don’t catch up to them at 500 miles per hour. Michaela realizes the storm was chasing them.

“You didn’t fly into the storm. It flew into us. It chose us.”

Cal says when he touched the Tailfin two years ago, he thinks he went back to that light, but he can’t remember. Amuta mentions how he and Daly would talk about it, and they would use a line from a poem. The long, delirious burning blue.

We flashback to where, presumably, Cal was after he touched the Tailfin, back on 828, with Daly, who called it the long, delirious burning blue. Young Cal says he has to go back to his family, and Daly tells him that if he goes, he’ll forget everything he now knows. Fiona tells him it’s okay to go back. He already has the answer. There’s more to do.

In the present, Cal tells them what he remembers and how Daly grabbed him as he left. Daly was worried he would forget something, and now Cal isn’t so sure he knows everything. Amuta begins to leave now that his flight status has been cleared, and Michaela tells him to let go of his guilt; Fiona and Daly are still out there.

Safe Haven

Adrian helps a passenger, having turned a boarding house into a safe haven for 828ers. A noise can be heard upstairs, and Adrian goes to check it out. He tells Angelina she needs to be quiet. The others can’t know they’re there.

Adrian tries to talk Angelina into putting in an anonymous tip to let the Stones know that Eden is alive and maybe even reunite them. Angelina says she and Eden are bonded in a way that transcends blood. Adrian tells her that in the morning, she needs to leave.

Angelina tries to get Eden to draw the same picture as her to prove that they are connected, and the drawing shows up in the attic, so Ben traces it. But Eden never does draw the same thing as Angelina, and she gets upset.

Adrian later visits Eagan in prison and tells him about Angelina’s situation, how aggressive she gets. He thinks he should turn her in, and Eagan agrees, but he also thinks that Angelina could implicate him for murder. He doesn’t have a choice. He needs to keep her and Eden hidden from everyone at the compound. Eagan says they have to stick together since no one else knows how evil the Callings can get.

Adrian brings a baby doll for Eden and tells Angelina that they can stay for now. Angelina tells him that Eden is their guardian angel.

Eagan later calls Ben to tell him the news about Eden. And he knows exactly where he can find her.

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