‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 8 “Frenemies — Chapter Eight: Infinity Inc, Part Two”

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In the second part of this DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies event, Pat and the Shade are in the Shadowlands following the aftermath of Jennie trying to reach Todd, and the things they see are hard on both of them. Meanwhile, at Helix, Courtney tries to find a way to bring them back while also saving Todd, but she also thinks she’s found out who is behind the cameras in Blue Valley.

Keep reading to find out what happens in “Frenemies — Chapter Eight: Infinity Inc, Part Two.”

In the Shadowlands

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Thanks to Todd, Pat and Shade have found themselves in the Shadowlands. Shade tells Pat that Alan Scott’s daughter has the power of light, but his son has the power of the shadows. Shade coming into direct contact caused feedback, which banished them to the Shadowlands. The two try to go into a movie theater, but the door is locked, which is unusual, even after Shade tries to use his powers, which just causes an explosion. Until Jennie’s ring is free from corruption, Shade is as useless as Pat.

Shade believes that Jennie’s ring is still connected to the Shadowlands. He tells Pat the rules in the Shadowlands, how it preys on the subconscious, and giving into that will put them in jeopardy. Doors also take them where they most desire to go. But it rarely turns out for the best.

Insignificant Thoughts

Pat and Shade are in the diner, despite the place having no emotional connection to Shade. The Gambler, sitting at a table in the center, tells him the diner is where he refused to forgive him. He tells Shade he caused his sister so much pain, but she still forgave him. He brings up her death, but Shade gets Pat out of there and into Pit Stop.

“From one grease pit to another.”

But they aren’t alone. Pat’s dad is working on a car and bringing up old memories, telling Pat he only made things worse for cars and the family. It’s like Pat is a kid again, listening to him, taking his dad’s words to heart. Shade reminds Pat this is the Shadowlands, making a nightmare of people in their lives. It twists their words. Pat admits his real father spoke every word of what he’s saying. Before leaving, Pat tells his dad he still misses him.

The two get to a room with someone coughing on the couch and workers surrounding her. Shade tries to leave, but the doorknob shocks him. A woman asks Shade if that’s him, using the nickname “Dickie.” She doesn’t want him to let her die alone, like their dad. It’s his sister, Emily. And it’s clear that Shade still misses and loves her dearly, even though he keeps trying to leave. Pat tells Shade that Courtney may have gotten out of the Shadowlands because of him, but she survived because of her.

“She had to face her own darkness in order to get past it.”

Pat suggests he face the darkness instead of running away, but Shade tells him he’s incapable of feeling anything. Pat kicks the door open, and they go through the green mist.

Journey Through the Shadowlands

They land in a house, and Shade admits that Emily asked if he’d come to say goodbye, but he didn’t say anything to his sister when she died because he wasn’t there. He had to separate himself from her. Pat’s dad tells him they’re not done with him, and in the real world, Helix shakes. Mister Bones tells Courtney she needs to take Jennie far away.

Pat’s dad and Barbara tell Pat he’s worthless, and they tell Shade he didn’t earn the means to say goodbye to his sister. Barbara goes away, and Mr. Dugan brings up Mike’s mom and how unwanted he feels, as does Courtney. Mike tells Pat he’s going to hate him as much as he hates his dad, but Pat says he doesn’t hate his dad. The house is soon on fire, green fire, and Helix is shaking even more.

Part of the Family

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Alarms are going off at Helix, and patients are being locked in their rooms and cells. Courtney and Jennie watch Todd, who is a shadow. Courtney tells Todd he can control it if he can focus on his sister and his family, and he does, and he’s soon back to normal. He hears a voice asking what’s wrong with him. He sees a man who ran a group home he was at. He tells Todd he’s filth, tainted, he’ll be alone forever, but he’ll fix his sins, beat it out of him, for as long as it takes. Jennie grabs Todd, and there’s another explosion.

Jennie wakes up in a cell alone and tries to get out. When knocking on the door doesn’t work, she uses the ring, but it does nothing. Over a PA system, a voice tells her the room is designed for protection and that she and Todd can never be together again. Todd, meanwhile, is going through the procedure yet again.

The Truth About Helix

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Courtney wakes up on a couch, not knowing where she is. She tries to leave the room, but the door is locked, as are the windows, and the phone doesn’t work either. Nurse Louise Love comes in, and Courtney confronts her about lying about Todd. Nurse Love tells her that Jennie is safe at the moment, but thanks to them interrupting a procedure, they’ve endangered everyone at the Institute, including Todd.

“The whole world could be swallowed up in shadow if we don’t get him under control.”

Nurse Love tells Courtney she’s going home, but Courtney insists on staying since she thinks Todd sent Pat and Shade into the Shadowlands. She knows what the Shadowlands are like. Nurse Love leaves, locking Courtney in the room once again. However, someone is watching her on the security camera.

Courtney tries to talk to the security camera, wondering if they’re behind the cameras at Blue Valley and threatening whoever is behind it. The voice on the PA system tells her that she can simply put the Staff away like the rest of the JSA and their weapons. She’s not like Jennie or Todd, and she’s not like him. Mister Bones steps into the room to reveal himself and tells her about the experiments his mom put him through while pregnant. He was born with a cyanide touch, meaning anything he comes into contact with dies, including his mom. Nurse Love saved him.

“I am as cursed as Jennie and Todd, unlike you and your friends.”

Mister Bones tells Courtney that at Helix, they help those in need, those unique, live a life of isolation. If they can’t suppress Todd’s power, he will destroy them all. Courtney tries to convince Mister Bones that Jennie needs Todd; the connection is the only thing that can save him and may be the only thing that brings Pat home. He tells Courtney if she’s wrong, they all die.

Rescue Attempt

Courtney finds Jennie and tells her she needs to be with Todd. She tells Jennie they can stand with him and have faith. The two, along with Nurse Love, find Todd, who is even worse, and just as Jennie gets into the room, he turns into a shadow. Their light and shadow forces mix, and the siblings are back in their old room. Jennie shows Todd the ring and tells him they’ve always been connected and always will be.

“We have to be. The light and the darkness.”

Jennie blasts the darkness out of Todd, and in a flashback, their little selves race to hug each other one more time before being separated, while in the present, they hug themselves once again.

Meanwhile, in the Shadowlands, Shade is finding it hard to go on. Pat encourages Shade to keep going, as he’ll either die in there or die trying. At Helix, Todd is back to normal, and Pat and Shade come out of the Shadowlands unharmed.

Looking Towards the Future

Nurse Love admits Courtney was right, and she tells Jennie and Todd they both still have a home at Helix. Courtney confronts her about the cameras, but Nurse Love denies it. Todd tells her he’s going to go with his sister, and although she doesn’t agree, she wishes him luck anyway. Mister Bones tells Nurse Love that Courtney may have been right and suggests Helix should form a team of their own.

Shade tells Pat he feels sympathetic for Todd, knowing that he has the same powers as him. Pat suggests he helps him; if he wants redemption from the past, this could be it. After much reluctance, Shade gives in and tells Todd he’d like to extend a hand, but Jennie isn’t so sure. However, she does need a ride to New York, which is where Wesley Dodd’s (The Sandman) nephew, Sandy, is. He has nightmares of people in trouble like his uncle used to. That’s how she knew where Todd was. She promised she’d help with his nightmares. As long as Jennie doesn’t pull any of her “outlandish theatrics,” Shade gives in, and the three head off to New York.

On a bus back to Blue Valley, Courtney tells Pat that the Shade proves that it’s possible that people can reform. She helped Jennie and Todd like she helped Yolanda, Rick, and Beth without the Staff. She can’t give up on the villains, her friends, or herself. Pat, though, can’t stop thinking about what he saw in the Shadowlands, and Courtney understands. She saw and heard stuff that was hard to see. The one question that still remains is who has been spying on them?

In Blue Valley, in the sewers, stands a hooded villain looking at the TVs that are no longer showing any footage, except for the last one with Rick that he talked into before destroying the camera. The villain punches the TV, understandably upset.

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