‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 6 “Tomorrow”

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This week’s 9-1-1 is as emotional and intense as ever. As we get a look into the beginnings of Henren, Hen worries about her wife after there’s an explosion at Karen’s lab, and complications arise.

Keep reading to see what happened on “Tomorrow.”

Henren’s Past

It’s 2010, and Hen and Karen are on a blind date with each other, and it seems to be going well. Hen admits she’s glad her friend was a no-show, meaning she’s not actually Karen’s blind date. Karen realizes she’s been stood up and says she’s going to kill Howie. It turns out that Chimney, of course, set them up since he’s Karen’s neighbor. He just gave Hen a little nudge. And their next date is Friday.

Hen shows up late to a date with Karen, and she has the table all set up nicely. Hen confesses to sitting in her car for 26 minutes, deciding whether she should go in or not. She’s not sure she’s ready for serious, and Karen assures her she doesn’t have to be serious. So the two spend some time together in the bedroom.

Following their night together, Hen tries to leave Karen’s place quietly, but unfortunately, Chimney chose to leave his apartment at the exact same time and catches Hen. And he just laughs as Hen tells him to shut up.

On another date night, Hen opens up about Eva and her drug problem. Hen gives Karen the option of running since she now knows what she’s dealing with, and all Karen does is takes Hen’s hand, indicating she’s in it for the long haul.

Hen tells Karen that Eva is pregnant, and she wants Hen to take care of the baby since she’s going to be in prison for five years. The two have differing opinions, as Hen wants to take the baby, but Karen doesn’t like that she is still helping Eva after everything she’s done.

“I thought we were building a life together.”

Karen tells Hen she needs to tell Eva no, but Hen doesn’t know if she can. Hen later tells Chimney that Karen walked out. She feels that even though she wasn’t able to help Eva, she wants to help the kid.

Karen’s about to leave for Houston, and Chimney tries to talk her out of it, but she hangs up before he has a chance to say anything more. Luckily, the short talk worked because Karen returns home and sees Hen with a broken leg and broken arm, resting on the chair. Karen admits she got a call from Chimney, and there was a moment she thought she had lost her forever, and it scared her.

New Beginnings

Hen and Karen are trying to figure out how to take care of Baby Denny since they haven’t done this before. Karen admits that her dream is no longer to be an astronaut; she has a new one on Earth with Hen and Denny.

No More Firefighter Wilson

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Karen finds Hen’s resignation papers, realizing that she still hasn’t turned them in. Hen tells her that once she turns them in, it will make it real that she’s no longer a firefighter. She promises she’ll go that morning.

Deidra from the foster home visits, telling Hen that she heard about her situation from Karen and has taken them off emergency placement. She drops off a binder with information on outreach events since they can’t foster anymore, and the statement confuses Hen. With Hen starting her third year of medical school, it’s a demanding schedule, and then her residency.

“Life as you know it is about to change.”

Outside Karen’s lab, Hen and Athena work to save Alvin, one of the scientists, and Hen is going all paramedic, even trying a few different ways to get a breathing tube in, and of course, she’s successful.

Take Your Child to Work Day

Karen takes Denny to work at her lab for a school project, and she gives him the grand tour, so he can take pictures and write down what his mom does and what goes on at the lab.

Someone tells Karen that when he tried to extract a sample in the high-pressure tank, he got shocked when he opened the valve. Karen says they have to stop using it until the techs get a look at it, but unfortunately, they’re too late.

Lab Day Gone Wrong

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With the coolant system disabled, Karen tries to warn Hitu about a sample she’s putting into a machine, and there’s an explosion. Hen was on the phone with Denny when it all went down.

The 118 get to the lab and realize it’s where Karen works. As if on cue, Hen drives up, worried out of her mind. She sees Denny coming outside, completely safe. Bobby tells Hen they’re heading inside to put out fires and look for survivors, and Hen wants to join. But she’s no longer a firefighter, so she can’t. She persists, and Bobby doesn’t let her.

“I love you. Now let us do our jobs.”

After sawing their way into the lab since it was blocked, the 118 find Karen alive and conscious, as well as other scientists, both dead and alive but hurt. Hitu got the worst of it, she lost her arm, and the team has to try to keep the amputation stable.

Athena shows up on the scene after getting a call from Toni so she can keep Hen from doing something foolish. The two help a man in the lab who made his way outside and is not looking too hot. Athena grabs a paper and pen so he can write something down. “Coolant, danger, warn them.”

As Buck and Karen make their way out, Karen hears a faint cry for help, even though Buck says they already cleared the floor. She grabs Buck’s flashlight and goes towards the source of the sound, as does Buck, and they find a man on the ground behind a desk.

Athena, meanwhile, tells Bobby about the man, Alvin, and his note. Karen realizes that it’s the clean room. She warns Bobby to go to the clean room lab and make sure nobody opens the door. With the coolant system disabled, there’s no control on the combustion systems inside the device.

“The room is a bomb and the door is the fuse.”

Bobby saves another firefighter captain just as she opens the door, and sure enough, there’s another explosion, but they’re both safe.

Complications Arise

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Karen finally comes out of the lab, seemingly okay but bloody. Unfortunately, Karen’s breathing is a little off, and she starts hyperventilating. She has a big gash on her side, and they race her to the hospital. After much work, Karen has a normal rhythm, and she’s taken to the hospital. Hen nearly collapses out of relief.

Chimney later comes out to update everyone: Karen’s out of surgery, and her spleen was removed. Hen’s waiting by her bedside when she wakes up. Hen updates her on everyone at the lab, but unfortunately, Victor died in the initial blast. Karen asks Hen if Denny was scared, and she tells her he was just worried about her.

Hen: I thought I lost you.

Karen: Nope. Still here.

All That Matters

Karen’s finally home, and Hen has set up a little recovery room in the living room. Hen admits she’s going back to work, not med school. She’s not sure she knew that her life was going to change, and she never considered the reality if she became a doctor. Being a firefighter, Karen’s wife, that’s what matters to her. Hen is sure about being a firefighter.

“This. This is my dream.”

The 118 will be taking a break from emergencies next week due to the World Series, but they will be back on Monday, November 7 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX! Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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