‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “To Die For”


This episode picks up where The Rookie left off. With Rosalind dead and her accomplice still out on the streets, Simone and the other agents do all that they can to find him.

Dark Beginnings

The agents get to work trying to hunt down Rosalind’s accomplice, Jeffery. They have his name and face out there, but he’s cut and dyed his hair, shaved his beard, and gotten rid of his glasses which make him unrecognizable compared to the photo going around. Laura gives a profile on him and they start looking.

A lead gives them Jeffery’s real identity and that his name is actually Eli. They fly to his home to learn more and see if he went back there. The guys visit his father while Laura and Simone try his old school. They learned there that Eli was held underwater as a kid in an attempt to “toughen him up” which explains why his method of torture is a tank of water. With the new information, they arrest his father who originally lied about knowing anything about what was going on, and tried burning evidence.

The Box

On the run, Eli is quick to grab another victim. He meets a girl at a junkyard and convinces her to go with him. They’re hanging out but Eli won’t let her leave when she tries. He attacks her and she wakes up in a metal box with heaters built into the walls. She cries and begs him to let her out, but he refuses. He does give her a cup of water, though. He explains that he wants to see what being in the box will do to her and what it will make her. The trial by fire being the opposite of his own origin story.

His location is discovered by the agents soon after though. While chasing Eli, Simone discovers the girl and begins to help her. Garza shows up and tells her to keep going after him and that he’ll get the girl. Laura helps him for a moment but he tells her to help Simone. Simone followed Eli into a field where he attacks her with a blade. Luckily, Laura shows up and shoots him before he can actually hurt Simone. The shot is enough to stop him but not kill him so Laura cuffs him before checking in on Simone, who is okay.

Old Friends

ABC/Eric McCandless

Someone that Laura used to work with at the Behavior Analysis Unit is sent to help with the case. The pair get off to a rough reunion with Mark correcting Laura’s profile when she’s presenting it but get back on the right foot. It turns out they used to be good friends but haven’t talked since Laura left the unit.

Simone pushes Laura to go after him while they’re staying at a local motel to prepare for the next part of the operation. She’s hesitant about it all but decides to go for it. She and Mark end up talking, later sleeping together.

After the operation, Laura admits that she doesn’t want anything more right now while she figures things out. Mark is okay with that and they agree to keep hooking up still, at least while he’s in town.

Sick Puppies

While bunking together during working on the case, Brendon and Mark end up talking. An amused Brendon listens to Mark talk about Laura and how it takes a while to get to know her and Brendon tells Mark about his blood aversion from his time playing a vampire cop.

Later, when chasing down Eli, Mark doesn’t see a trip wire and sets off a bomb. He gets some shrapnel to the leg and Brendon has to do first aid. At the site of the blood, Brendon chants “sick puppies” to himself to distract himself long enough to take care of the wound.

What’s Next?

ABC/Eric McCandless

Carter opens up to Garza about his marriage ending and what he should do next. Garza tells him about his multiple divorces and his opinions on marriages ending. Still debating whether to move on and date new people, Carter remains on the fence about what he wants.

The Rookie: Feds will be back next Tuesday, October 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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