‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 7 “Frenemies — Chapter Seven: Infinity Inc, Part One”


This week’s DC’s Stargirl is the first part of a two-part event, and it was a lot to take in. Jennie is back and finds her brother, but things may not turn out great, while at the same time, a surprising link between her and the Shade is discovered. Meanwhile, the JSA try to take out the cameras the Gambler’s killer is using to spy on them, and Yolanda’s home life gets a little more complicated.

Find out what happened in “Frenemies — Chapter Seven: Infinity Inc, Part One.”

Power of Green

The CW

Going back six months to The Ordway Home For Children in Milwaukee, it’s Jennie’s birthday, but she still has no lead on her brother. In a box of Lozenges that Jennie was given, there’s some of Todd’s things in it. At the same moment, in Civic City, Todd is somewhere with someone, Danny, but Todd doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He wants to stay out of trouble. Danny’s taken him to some restaurant for his birthday, and inside a birthday card, Todd sees a ticket to Milwaukee to find Jennie, courtesy of Danny.

When Jennie picks up her father’s ring, it glows green, as do her eyes and Todd’s. The ring flies onto Jennie’s hand, and there’s a flashback of the siblings being separated when they were little. Dark shadows fly out of Todd, and he tells Danny to leave once the police show up since he can’t. The police take him to the Helix Institute, and the woman there wonders more about his father, telling him about how powerful he was and how he was the Green Lantern. Mister Bones comes out, telling him he understands what it’s like to be different.

“But different can be good.”

Acting for the Cameras

The CW

Back in Blue Valley in the present day, the Dugan-Whitmores try to act as normal as ever now that they’ve found out about someone watching them, but their acting needs work. Meanwhile, at Pit Stop, Rick, Jakeem, and Zeek play the anxiety-inducing game, Perfection!, also trying to act normal. Yolanda is at the diner, also being watched, and she gets a call from her mom, who wonders where her daughter has been while working her “late shifts.”

Beth is trying to break through the firewall of Blue Valley Water and Power, and after a few minutes, she’s able to turn off the power so they can turn off the cameras in the process. Beth and Rick are at the school, and Rick shows off what he can do now that he got rid of the Limiter and how powerful he can be.

Before Beth and Rick have a chance to take out the last camera at the school, the power turns back up. Rick punches the camera anyway.

“Whoever you are, we’re coming for you.”

Pushing Down Feelings

While trying to disable the cameras, Courtney tells Pat about what’s been happening with her and the others, not blaming them for wanting to distance themselves from her ever since she’s been hanging out with Cameron.

Hiding the Truth

When Yolanda’s at home and searching for cameras, her mother comes into her room, clearly upset at the fact she’s been sneaking out and sneaking in. She wonders if Yolanda’s been doing drugs or worse, but Yolanda assures her she’s doing nothing wrong. Her mother wants to see her phone and threatens to kick her out if she doesn’t give it to her.

Yolanda shows up at the Dugan-Whitmores with a duffle bag, heartbroken, telling Barbara she knows she and Courtney aren’t talking, but she has nowhere else to go.

Linking Powers

The CW

While in the basement taking out the cameras, the Shade swoops in, needing Courtney, and he takes her and Pat.

Mike goes down to the basement to find Pat, but all he sees are two flashlights on the ground; realizing that something is not right. Meanwhile, the Shade brings them to somewhere unknown and takes them to Jennie. Jennie tells Courtney she found her brother, and he needs their help.

At the Helix Institute, Todd is being tested on, and Courtney, Pat, Shade, and Jennie, are in the basement. Shade also reveals that his darkness and the ring are linked to each other, and it was right before they defeated Eclipso. The black residue that was found in the cafeteria when Jennie used the ring to destroy it, it seeped into the ring and linked with the Shadowland. If they don’t separate it, their conditions will worsen. Jennie figures Courtney can help her overtake the darkness within her. Courtney thinks saving Todd will be the key to expelling the darkness out of the ring and getting Shade back to normal.

Once upstairs, Jennie uses the ring to open a door, and they find Todd being tested on. Courtney wants to get him and go, but Todd warns them if he leaves, he’ll destroy everything. Jennie touches him, and he blasts them all unwillingly. A dark and monstrous shadow emerges, and soon the screen is black. Pat and the Shade are in Blue Valley but in a different Blue Valley. They are in the Shadowlands.

A Game of Clue

The CW

After Jakeem wishes for every camera the Gambler’s killer ever touched comes true thanks to Thunderbolt, the cameras are all useless. Zeek, however, thinks it’s a clue, pointing out that it’s similar to the game Clue. They know everything but the killer, which is why his wish didn’t exactly work.

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