‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 22 “Red One”


When the FBI director’s best friend wakes up in a shallow grave and can’t remember the night before, Garza’s team looks into what happened.

Simone’s Birthday

With Simone’s 49th birthday days away, she’s planning a big blowout party. She learns that most of the team hadn’t RSVP’d for the party though and tries to persaude them to come when she gets to work. Carter sticks to saying he’s not going because he doesn’t want their relationship to be too personal since he’s her boss.

While in Vegas investigating, he asks her why she cares so much about her 49th birthday rather than her 50th. She tells him that her mom never got a 49th birthday so she values getting to have hers. She also tells Carter that she’s really lucky on her birthday. He’s not convinced but she lands the $25,000 jackpot after he goes up to his room.

The case they’re working is over the night of her birthday and she convinces them all to go to her party after.

Gifts of Love

Brendon spends the week leading up to Simone’s birthday giving her gifts stating it’s her birthday week. Antoinette seems put off by this and Elena implies to Brendon that she’s jealous which gets him worrying.

Laura is with him when he gets a call that Lizzo, who was supposed to call Simone on her birthday, fell through and Laura brings up that he’s overcompensating.

Back at the office, Antoinette gets him to open up when she says that she agrees with the assessment that he’s overcompensating. He reveals to her that Simone was the only person who took him seriously and was there for him in the Academy so he feels he owes her.

Director’s Best Friend

The director of the FBI approaches Garza for help when his best friend, Neal, who is also a former agent, shows up after waking up in Vegas in a shallow grave, with track marks on his arm, and no memory of what happened besides the phrase “Red One”.

Simone and Carter follow up in Vegas while Garza and Laura try to talk to Neal. They get someone at the hotel to bring them to his hotel room, inside they find a guy holding a brief case that he thinks is a nuclear bomb that will explode if he moves. Once they debunk that, he tells them about the party that happened in the room and gives them the card of a woman who was there.

Down on the floor, they find the woman whose card it was. After some cornering, they get her to admit that someone paid her to slip some molly in Neal’s drink and get him to party a bit. She says she dipped when the party got to wild though. They are able to get a sketch out of her for who paid her to give him the drugs.

Smuggling Drugs

The sketch is tied to an FBI agent, Tom, whom Neal was going to look into because he had an accident with a federal vehicle. Laura and Brendon head out to go talk to him. While there, they get into a shootout with two men Tom was meeting with. They manage to arrest all three and learn that Tom was helping smuggle drugs.

He thought Neal was onto him so he tried to get evidence that he wasn’t fit to be working to get him off his case and hid the drug operations. He had enough to prove that that was all he did to Neal though.

While this is happening, Simone and Carter are called to check out the grave that Neal crawled out of. Some of his belongings were still there including a lighter.


In the video that Tom took of Neal at the bar as evidence, there are two men staring at Neal in the background and one is holding a lighter. They can’t hear what they’re saying, so Elena calls in her friend who is deaf and can read lips to tell them what they were saying. Through that, they learn that it wasn’t “red one” that was said but the name Ridwan.

After doing a tox screening on Neal, they learn that he was given something that’s known as a natural truth serum. The effects make you say things and remember nothing that happened. Realizing that Neal had remembered something makes Garza believe they can retrieve more memories. In doing this, he remembers the name of a woman that he worked a case with.

The Mercenary

The case was where they got a mercenary to agree to be come a double agent for the US and in exchange, he got a new name and new life. He had killed Ridwan’s family though to he was going after him. The woman knew his name so they did the same truth serum to her as they did to Neal, but she didn’t live through it.

Garza is able to get the mercenary’s new name and address. When they arrive, he’s already taken out several of Ridwan’s men in an attempt to save his family. Simone finds Ridwan in the back of the house about to kill his wife and daughter in an attempt to make him feel the same pain that he went through. After a small face-off, Ridwan almost gets a shot in on the two but Simone jumps in the way. The bullet gets caught her in vest and she’s out though.

After it’s over, Garza struggles with the information that the FBI made a deal with such an awful person as the mercenary and let him live a normal life.

It’s unknown if The Rookie: Feds will be back for season two. Keep an eye out here for any updates!

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