‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 22 “Under Siege”


The season five finale of The Rookie puts everyone in danger as a group of masked people go after them.

Aaron and Celina

While walking home together after playing D&D, Aaron and Celina are led into an alley. Aaron goes first and is taken and Celina goes to see what’s going on and finds him being held on the ground. Before she can react, another person hits her on the head sending her to the ground too. While she watches, they shoot Aaron. Both people assaulting them were wearing masks and one recites something to Celina before leaving.

Celina manages to call 9-1-1 and crawl over to Aaron so she can apply pressure to the wound. Bailey is the paramedic that responds to the call while Grey, Tim, and Lucy show up to help at the scene. Nolan gets to the hospital in that time and while there he misses Aaron before he’s wheeled off, but finds Celina. She makes him take her statement to make sure what was recited to her is passed along before she forgets it.

She’s cleaned up and taken care of before being put in a room. Nolan and Bailey visit her there while Aaron is in surgery. Once he’s out, Celina sits by his bedside and uses D&D references to plead him into waking up. At the end of the episode, he flatlines and the doctors rush in to save him.

Nolan and Bailey

After getting home, Nolan spots a mask outside and thinks it’s a person. When he gets out there though, he sees it’s just the mask and is actually a trap. He calls out to Bailey who has a masked man coming up behind her. The two fight as she tries to defend herself. The fight shifts when Nolan gets over to them. After a lot of back and forth, they get to a point where Nolan shoots the guy.

The police show up and talk to the masked man as they’re getting him medical attention. It turns out he’s a hitman and only takes high-paying jobs.

Nyla and James

Nyla gets called and informed about everything at Nolan’s house. As she’s on the phone, she sees a masked man standing over Leah’s crib through the baby monitor camera that they have set up. She rushes to help her but the room is empty by the time she gets there.

James and Nyla run outside while she calls it in as a car goes speeding away. She tries to get the plate but can’t. A few minutes later, they find Leah in the bushes outside their house.

Angela and Wesley

Shortly before Aaron is brought in, Angela and Wesley arrive at the hospital because her water broke. They see Aaron getting brought in and Nyla runs into them and fills them in.

Once they’re in a room, Angela uses the whiteboard in her room to write out the message shared with Celina and tries to decode it. Wesley tries to convince her to rest but ends up agreeing to help instead. After a bit, Luna shows up as well, and the three work together.

They discover that a line links to a play that used the same masks. Someone bought the masks recently which gives them a lead. They go to talk to the man who bought them but find him sitting dead at his kitchen table while wearing one of the masks. Unknown to them, there was a bomb elsewhere in the house, but they catch that this was a trap before anyone manages to accidentally set it off.

Lucy and Tim

After the last lead seems to be a dead end, they connect the dots and realize that whoever is going after them used this as an excuse to take out a common enemy as well. They cross-referenced people who would be enemies with that man and were arrested by someone at Mid-Wilshire. They split up to see the people on the list.

Tim and Lucy go together to one of them. When there, the person they’re seeing sends an army of masked people after them. Lucy radios for help and they try to run. It ends in them fighting off the people with batons. They get a little roughed up before Nyla and Nolan shows up to help but are fine.


While Tim, Lucy, Nyla, and Nolan are fighting all those people, Grey shows up on the scene. He sees the main suspect talking off though and follows after him instead. Tim, Lucy, and Nolan join him when the fight ends. They end up in a shootout where the suspect acts like he’s going to go after them and gets shot.

In the end, they’re confused by the events and how everything played out. The suspect was arrested previously for a lower-level crime of elder abuse and didn’t have the money to hire top-of-the-line assassins.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, a man is talking to someone as they ride in the car about how genius it was to make it look like someone else was behind this all.

The Rookie will be back in the fall for season six on ABC! Stay up to date on all things The Rookie here until then.

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