Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 10-11

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We are getting close to the end of our Nerds Rewatch Manifest series! In episodes 10 and 11 of season 3, Ben goes over the edge for a Calling, which puts his relationships with Grace and Michaela in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Angelina takes things too far with Eden and a new fire Calling could mean that the Lifeboat is sinking faster than ever.

“Compass Calibration”

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  • The volcano in Cal’s snow globe erupts again and burns him when he picks it up.
  • Michaela tells Zeke about Saanvi killing the Major and how she wants Michaela to take her in.
  • While in the garage, Cal gets a Calling of a passenger’s photo on fire, which can only mean she’s being tested for the Lifeboat.
  • Michaela shows up at Eureka, ready to bring in Saanvi, but after having a breakthrough with 828, Saanvi wants to stay a little longer for her path to redemption. Michaela gives her the end of the day.
  • Ben shows up at a passenger, Astrid’s house, who is scared out of her mind. She cautiously opens the door after finding out he was on the plane, and he tells her he thinks she’s being tested.
  • While Angelina is watching Eden with Beverly as Grace and Zeke are busy, Beverly mistakes Eden for being her baby.
  • After doing some testing on the driftwood, Saanvi creates an earthquake that shakes the entire city. Due to Eden’s crying, Angelina gets up off the couch to go toward her, and a ceiling fan falls down right where she was. Beverly tells Angelina that Eden is her guardian angel.
  • Astrid tells Ben what her Calling was about, and he realizes that it’s connected to a building run by someone who hates 828 … and Ben in particular. Ben tells Astrid on that day eight years ago, they were told Cal wasn’t going to make it and breaks down, saying that with Cal’s second chance, he’s going to do everything he can to make sure he lives.
  • Angelina offers to take Angelina home, and Grace shares her worries with Zeke, who feels that Angelina truly loves Eden and vice versa.
  • At Eureka, Patrick tells Saanvi about the small tremors and that the epicenter for the new one was 80 miles away and opened up a fissure that you would see near a volcano.
  • When Ben and Astrid get to the building, a guy starts fighting Ben. The guy turns out to be Cody, who made 828 hate videos. Astrid luckily uses a taser on him.
  • A woman from a call that Michaela helped, Beth, knows who called in the bomb threat at the store she was at. Her ex, so he can take their son, Robin. It’s later discovered that Beth’s husband, Cody, is, of course, the guy Ben has now tied up at his shop.
  • Cal and Angelina both believe they are connected, as is Eden.
  • Astrid gets a calling about Robin, and Ben tries to get the location out of Cody. At the same time, his picture on the passenger board goes up in flames. Michaela and Jared show up at the shop to find Ben beating Cody, trying to find Robin.
  • Astrid tells Michaela what she saw in her Calling, and they are soon able to find Robin underneath a bookcase that fell in a basement, clinging to life.
  • Angelina lights a candle in front of Eden to try to prove that she’s her guardian angel. It’s their trial by fire. Angelina puts her hand over the fire and burns herself, but she drops the candle, and a fire starts in the room. Meanwhile, Zeke feels that everything is not alright, and Eden is scared. He and Grace open the door to find the fire and Angelina standing there, with Eden just looking at her. Grace kicks Angelina out, rightfully so. (It’s about time.)
  • Ben admits to Michaela when Astrid was telling him about Robin and when he was beating Cody, all he could see was Cal. He’s determined to save him.
  • Michaela shows up at Eureka to get Saanvi, but she left an hour ago. Saanvi, Logan, and Patrick show up at the fissure to check it out. And it looks exactly like it would if there as an active volcano. Saanvi drops the driftwood into the lava, and the fissure closes up. Cal’s erupting volcano snow globe goes back to normal, and Ben’s arrested for what he did to Cody.

“Duty Free”

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  • Ben’s in a holding cell, awaiting his arraignment. Grace wonders if she’s losing him, but Ben assures her that he’s still him. Everything he’s done was to save everyone.
  • Michaela calls Saanvi, furious, but Saanvi promises she’s on her way back and she will explain everything. After getting off the phone, Michaela gets another fire, as do Ben and Cal, only it’s more intense this time. It’s also revealed that Cal is keeping Angelina in her room, despite Grace kicking her out. Cal knows the Callings want her there; he just doesn’t know why. So they set out to find out.
  • Ben pleads not guilty at his arraignment, and the judge sets the bail at $500,000 and then house arrest.
  • Michaela tells Ben about Saanvi and the Major. Ben doesn’t want her to arrest Saanvi, but her hands are tied. Michaela says she’s had to toe the line between being a passenger and a cop, but she’ll talk to Bowers even though the Lifeboat may not be able to stay afloat for three more years.
  • As Angelina checks on Eden, the baby calls her “Mama,” which Angelina thinks proves she’s her guardian angel. (A little crazy, no?)
  • Michaela gets word that a clampdown on 828-related cases is happening globally, which ties into Ben’s arrest. Not only that, but they want to relate all 828-related cases to the FBI and want to review all of Michaela’s old case files.
  • Vance meets Ben in an interrogation room and tells him about the clampdown, warning him about what’s coming.
  • Cal begins getting a mysterious burn on his shoulder, and Angelina suggests it’s his trial by fire and that she’s there to help him. The Callings want her to be the Aron to his Moses.
  • Eagan’s arrested and uses his one phone call to talk to Michaela, trying to get more information and getting under her skin, threatening her.
  • Testing is being done on the Tailfin at Vance’s courtesy, but Saanvi wants him to stop, not knowing what the consequences could be.
  • Once Ben is back home, Cal wants to solve the Calling on his own, but Grace wants Michaela to take the lead, not wanting Ben to do anything, and Ben not wanting Cal to do anything.
  • There’s another fire Calling, and the burn has spread to Cal’s stomach. Angelina tells him that when he completes his mission, the burns will be healed. Cal agrees to solve the Calling together.
  • Saanvi shows up at the precinct, ready to confess. She has Michaela promise to stop Vance from testing on the Tailfin and tells her about the driftwood. Captain Bowers later tells Michaela about a passenger being executed in Singapore, and they want her on desk duty for the foreseeable future. Knowing she needs to put herself and 828 first, Michaela turns in her badge and gun and tells Saanvi to wait outside.
  • Angelina and Cal are in a cab, and Angelina tells him she’s not going with him.
  • When Michaela and Saanvi get to the Stone house, Saanvi apologizes to Ben and tells him she’s done harboring secrets. Ben and Michaela get another fire Calling, and Angelina gets one in the cab as well; Eagan in the holding cell, with Adrian in the cell next to him, having gotten the same Calling. Adrian warns that fire pales in comparison to His wrath, and His wrath is coming.
  • Ben figures that the Tailfin is the common denominator, and Saanvi confesses that her killing the Major made the Tailfin resurface. Ben thinks they have to destroy the Tailfin in order to stop it all. The only problem is they don’t know how to get inside Eureka…
  • Cal shows up at Eureka to see the Tailfin.

Don’t miss our final installment of Nerds Rewatch Manifest next week with the two-part season 3 finale! Season 4 part 1 of Manifest releases on Friday, November 4 only on Netflix. Check out the rest of our Manifest coverage here.

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