‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 “Frenemies — Ch. 6: The Betrayal”


As Yolanda’s single-minded focus on Cindy comes to a head, Courtney’s relationship with Cameron is called into question. With her friends against her, Courtney finds support from an unlikely source while Pat and Barb deal with the realization Courtney is growing up. Read on to find out what happened in “Frenemies — Ch. 6: The Betrayal”!

Power Up

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The episode opens with Rick lifting weights and experimenting, realizing that he has strength beyond his one-hour time limit. Yolanda goes to her priest and confesses that she stole something from someone, neglecting to mention Cindy or the specific reasons why. She talks about how there’s darkness and sinners in Blue Valley, and the priest cautions her against judgement. He offers to talk about her family, and she pulls back.

Mike struggles to juice all the vegetables and fruits that Crusher and Paula have gifted the family, with Pat lamenting that they even threw away his beer. Sylvester is frustrated with not being able to track down Dragon King and reveals that Courtney is with Cameron.

The duo are practicing with his ice powers, with Courtney again choosing not to tell him about her Stargirl identity. He’s able to use the ice to create a sculpture of his father as she praises it, uneasy. It’s a sweet and romantic moment for them both, but for Courtney, it’s tinged by the awareness of what happened to Icicle.

Mike and Jakeem try to recruit Cindy for their mission, failing miserably. Meanwhile, Yolanda, Rick, and Beth give Sylvester the laptop Yolanda took from Cindy’s room. Sylvester agrees with them that this likely proves Cindy’s involvement, but he doesn’t want to rule out her having help from another villain. They download the files, and Yolanda is sent to put the laptop back so as not to make Cindy suspicious.

Meet the Grandparents

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Pat and Barb head to Cameron’s house to meet his grandparents, wanting to see if they know about Courtney’s abilities. An awkward and potentially dangerous lunch ensues until Cameron and Courtney return, surprised to find the four of them together. While Pat, Barb, and Sofus agree that all they want is for the couple to be happy, Lily is less conciliatory. On the way home, Courtney tells her parents that Cindy suspects Sofus and Lily share their son’s powers but that Cameron isn’t his father. Later that night, Cameron drops off a flower arrangement with a card that says, “Thank you for giving me hope.”

Beth is downloading the files (and avoiding her parents) when Yolanda sneaks in. Beth confides her fears about pushing her parents away over her secret identity, and Yolanda agrees that it’s likely best. When she goes to Cindy’s to drop off the laptop, she’s caught in the act. Cindy once again insists that she didn’t kill the Gambler and wants to tell her what’s really going on, but Yolanda’s done giving Cindy second chances. Rick jumps in to help fight Cindy, with both clearly believing she’s guilty. Beth finds the hidden security cameras planted around town and manages to contact Courtney when she witnesses the fight.

Lies, Lies, Lies

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Courtney swoops in and stops the fight, demanding Cindy tell them what’s really going on, considering all the evidence stacked against her. Cindy finally opens up about the symptoms she’s been having, sharing that she started changing when they first got back from the Shadowlands. Not knowing for sure what her father did to her, she was digging through the Gambler’s files to find a cure. But she swears she didn’t kill him. Courtney offers to help, chiding her for not being honest from the beginning. Cindy is done working with the JSA, tired of being suspected simply because of her past. She also tells Rick and Yolanda that Courtney has been teaching Cameron how to conjure icicles before leaving, noting that sooner or later, he will find out what really happened to his father.

In an emergency team meeting, Rick and Yolanda tell Courtney that they’re angry she prioritized Cameron over them. Even Beth, Courtney’s strongest defender, is upset. Courtney apologizes and tearfully suggests that Sylvester lead the JSA for now, to which Yolanda coldly responds, “He already has been.”

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But Sylvester isn’t angry with Courtney. He goes to her and tries to cheer her up, telling her that he would have done the same thing in her position and that he understands what she was trying to do. He opens up about his sister Mary, who married and had a child with Brainwave. All was well for a while, but Icicle later convinced Brainwave to turn on them. Mary was optimistic, like Courtney, and saw the good in people. But Sylvester tells her that he doesn’t know Cameron and that he believes in Courtney’s gut, telling her that Cameron just needs help. He’ll talk to the rest of the JSA.

Courtney and Pat have a heart-to-heart in the kitchen before Beth comes rushing in. Acting fake and upbeat, she turns on the juicer to obscure their conversation as she shows them her laptop. She’s discovered the security feeds are more extensive than she thought: they’re being watched right now.

DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find the rest of our coverage here!

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