‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “Carrion Comfort”


The search for the missing backpacker continues, things are still weird up at Sunny Excursions, and Jenny and Beau solve another case.

Let’s look at what happened on the most recent episode of ABC’s Big Sky.

The Missing Backpacker

Cassie asks Jenny & Beau about the photo of the missing backpacker and how she thinks it’s not recent. Cassie asks if the tech guy can look at it.

In town, Cormac sees Cassie picking up some items, and she tells him about going to Dead Man’s Drop to look for the backpacker. He tells her he’s coming with her.

Cassie and Cormac ride ATVs through the woods, and they decide to hike up to a place where she thinks maybe the backpacker could have gone. They look around, and Cassie sees blood on a rock. They see vultures flying in the sky and go to head up where they’re circling.

It’s nighttime now, and Cormac and Cassie come across Mark’s body, the missing backpacker.

Sunny Day Excursions

Sunny asks if Cormac is making a supply run into town and tells him to keep to himself. He also says he hasn’t seen a trail of where Paige could have left. Sunny says she thinks she could have taken an alternative route.

Sunny goes to talk to Emily and Avery, and Emily wants to go look for her Dad’s knife. Emily asks about Paige, and Sunny tells them Paige made it home safe and sound.

Buck and Sunny talk about Walter and how they agreed he would stay in the woods, and Sunny says that Walter came to her. She denies him having anything to do with Paige or the missing backpacker. Buck also says Walter murdered his adoptive parents. Sunny says she brought Walter into this world and that she’ll talk to him.

Sunny goes to see Walter and tells him he needs to pack his things and that he needs to move tonight because Paige is still missing. She sees a bloody cloth in his things, and he says it’s the backpackers. She tells him she’ll handle it.

Avery and Luke have a heated argument, and he tells Avery to have Emily mind her own business. Emily and Luke talk later, and he tells her there was someone else out there with him and Paige, and he didn’t hurt her. She tells Luke she’ll stay out of it, but later she’s seen to have recorded her entire conversation with Luke.

Buck and Sunny go to the woods to move Walter, but he refuses to move and gets into an argument with Buck. Buck tells Sunny that Walter is going to be the end of her. Sunny tells Walter she loves him, and after she leaves, we see a woman peeking through a door. The woman turns out to be Paige.

ABC/Michael Moriatis

Jenny & Beau

A woman is shown in her house cleaning up after dinner. Things start to become strange, and she sees a figure outside. When she goes to investigate, someone in a werewolf mask is there with a knife.

Jenny and Beau arrive on the scene, where they find the body of the woman, Jody. Beau and Jenny go to talk to her husband and daughter. Jenny raises suspicion on the husband, but Beau’s suspicious about the daughter.

Poppernak tells Jenny and Beau about a camera and shows them the person in the werewolf mask and that there’s blood on their arm.

As they’re walking out of the station, a woman stops Beau. It’s Carla — Beau’s ex-wife and Emily’s mom. Carla asks if she needs to be worried about the missing backpacker and Emily, and Beau tells her no.

Jenny and Beau head to talk to the daughter, Autumn, who is with her boyfriend, Eric. They ask about the werewolf costume and say they don’t recognize the mask. They check the boyfriend’s arms to see if they had cuts, and they don’t. Autumn says she saw her mom with another man a month ago and gives them the name.

They arrive at an antique shop where the Mom’s boyfriend works. He says he didn’t do it and shows his forearms to prove it. He says he recognizes the mask and that he sold it to Jody for a Halloween party for her and her husband, Grant. They arrive at Grant’s work, where his friend Scott is. Scott says Grant only ran out late to get pizzas and that he’s going to their shipping warehouse. Poppernak says he’s at the warehouse, and they haven’t seen Grant, so Jenny and Beau go to Grant’s house.

They find Grant injured, but he’s still breathing, and they call 911. He’s taken to a hospital and later wakes up to tell Jenny and Beau that it was Scott doing it because he’s in love with Autumn.

Jenny and Beau scope out Scott’s house, and Beau says he used to build houses, and he feels the house is off. They end up finding a secret room. They find Autumn, who they think has been drugged. She’s in this creepy room that has been built for her since she was a child.

The lights go off, and Scott tries to attack them, but Beau and Jenny are able to fight him off, though Beau gets sliced with Scott’s knife. As he tries to come back to kill them, Beau spins Jenny around, and she shoots him.

After, Jenny and Beau bring Autumn to the hospital to see her dad and reunite them.

ABC/Michael Moriatis

Donno & Tonya’s New Offer

A man arrives at the diner and tells Donno and Tonya that Ren Bhullar told him about them. He said Ren said they could help him find what was taken from his boss as well as the people who took it. The people they’re looking for turn out to be Paige and Luke.

Donno asks Tonya if they’re going to take the deal, and they agree to look into it. Donno later tells Tonya he ended up finding where Paige and Luke were, and they’re camping, and Tonya says it should be easy.

New episodes of Big Sky air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC! Check out the rest of our coverage here.

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