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‘The Lords of Night’ Review: A Perfect Spin-off for ‘The Storm Runner’ Fans to Enjoy!

BOOKSBOOK REVIEWS'The Lords of Night' Review: A Perfect Spin-off for 'The Storm Runner'...

Following the success of The Storm Runner, author J.C. Cervantes brings fans the spin-off story of 14-year-old Ren in The Lords of Night, bringing creatures of Maya folklore to life for young readers! The new story more than lives up to its predecessors, and fans of the Storm Runner series won’t want to miss this epic new adventure with Ren.

Ren may be the daughter of Pacific (the goddess of time), but she’s trying to return to her normal life when she decides to follow a tip from her alien blog leading to the discovery of an unnerving symbol in the cornfield. With none of her usual friends available to help her look into possible troublemakers, she’s forced to team up with Edison, a demon hybrid, and Montero, a hunter, to save the world!

Cervantes introduces readers to some new gods and brings back a familiar face in Ah-Puch. Diving deep and exploring more of the Mayan and Aztec folklore was a huge highlight, with the story quickly pulling you in as you read. I’m certain that readers won’t be able to put this one down as they read. From cover to cover, The Lords of Night is a fantastic, all-encompassing read with an ending that will leave readers thinking over the final pages long after they close this book. Ren’s tale stands on its own yet compliments the source material so well that I don’t doubt first-time readers will find themselves discovering The Storm Runner series shortly after. Cervantes keeps the fast-paced story flowing, effortlessly introducing new fan favorites and carrying us along the harrowing journey Ren faces.

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Another perfect addition to the popular middle grade series, parents shouldn’t be surprised to find their kids awake late into the night devouring Ren’s tale and will even enjoy reading this one themselves!

The Lords of Night is available everywhere, so make sure to grab your copy now!

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