Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 4-5

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We are back for our Nerds Rewatch Manifest series! Leading up to the premiere of season 4, we will be rewatching the third season of the missing plane drama and going over the biggest plotpoints. We began with episodes 1-3, and now we are diving into episodes 4 and 5.

With the truth about what happened to 828 getting closer and closer, the Methheads’ Death Date is right around the corner. And Jared closes in about the Major as Olive and Angelina work on another Calling together.


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  • Ben has the Calling of the plane exploding and crashing into the water, and his hand glows when he wakes up. He believes he can feel the Tailfin beckoning him.
  • Vance introduces Ben and Saanvi to Eureka, where not only the Tailfin but the salvaged plane sit.
  • Michaela has trouble taking care of Beverly, and Zeke again senses her feelings of fear and worry.
  • Jared tries to track down the Major’s last known whereabouts.
  • Jace, Kory, and Pete get a countdown Calling, and Kory coughs up water, indicating their Death Date is getting close.
  • Angelina tries to get Michaela’s help for Pete’s Calling, and she reluctantly agrees, as does Zeke. With time running out, they urge Pete to let them help, and he tells them about the Calling. The Calling leads them to the Methheads’ old high school and their former football coach, who kicked them off the team. One of the kids on the team, Derek, back then overdosed and it was found out that Pete sold drugs to Derek even though he denied it.
  • Michaela thinks the Calling wants Pete to come to terms with what happened, but with Jace watching them, it might be hard.
  • Security footage at Eureka shows the Tailfin disappearing before being found in Cuba. What’s even more puzzling is the erosion on it is like it spent seven years in saltwater. And it disappeared the same night of Zeke’s Death Date, the Methheads went into the lake, and Saanvi killed the Major. It really is all connected, but what does it mean?
  • Jace and Kory go after the football coach, and Michaela and Drea get to the house to check him out before even knowing they were there. Jace shot Kory and fled, but Michaela finds drugs in the air duct. Drea arrests the coach, though Kory doesn’t know where Jace went.
  • Saanvi’s convinced the Tailfin disappeared because she killed the Major. Meanwhile, Ben’s hand keeps glowing, and he follows the light. It leads him to a room where Kelly Taylor, the 828er who was murdered by an Xer, is being held in suspended animation. Dr. Gupta tells Ben and Saanvi that while at first, her wounds were from a gunshot wound to the head, they are now consistent with those sustained in an airplane’s midair explosion. And algae found on her are found in the Caribbean, similar to the ones found on the Tailfin.
  • Did the plane really explode and crash into the ocean? It’s seeming more and more real that the passengers were resurrected, so what happens now?

“Water Landing”

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  • Going back five months, a sanitation worker finishes a late night shift, and it’s actually Vance’s guy the night of the Major’s death.
  • In the present, Michaela, Drea, and other officers raid the Methheads’ trailer, but no one is there. What is there, though, are symbols in blood on the wall, photos of Ben and Michaela, and an article about 828. Michaela gets a Calling about the shadows, but it’s only one shadow this time.
  • Michaela tells Drea all about the Callings, and she pleads for help.
  • Angelina assures Pete that they were brought together for a reason, comforting him. Pete’s soon relocated to a different prison … or is it somewhere else?
  • Michaela’s worried that Jace is coming for him, but Kory doesn’t know where he is. Kory tells Michaela about the Calling and how she was there. He warns her that Jace is going to kill her and she needs to hide.
  • Pete is brought to Eureka, so they could conduct tests on him and study him, though Ben doesn’t like the idea.
  • Tarik wants to re-open the family restaurant and center it around 828, but Grace isn’t sure.
  • Ben tries to get through to Pete and find out where Jace is.
  • Jace breaks into Michaela’s old apartment and stabs the current tenant, nearly killing her, while trying to look for Michaela.
  • Olive and her friend look through Egyptian symbols and information connected to the Callings.
  • Vance’s guys capture Jared and bring him to Eureka to interrogate him about the investigation surrounding the Major.
  • Pete gets a Calling and tells Ben he knows where Jace is; this is how he can save his life and be with Angelina. He’s later freed and says his goodbyes to Angelina so he can stop Jace.
  • A guy with a camera takes pictures of Grace and Eden and publishes an article about them hiding out.
  • While out looking for Jace, Zeke feels his anger. There’s a rustling sound in the woods, and Michaela can’t find Zeke anywhere. In the distance, he’s on the ground, unconscious.

Stay tuned for episodes 6 and 7 of season 3 of Manifest next week! In the meantime, check out our season 1 recap and season 2 recap. Find the rest of our Manifest coverage here.

Season 4 part 1 of Manifest drops on Friday, November 4, exclusively on Netflix.

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