Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 1-3

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Season 4 of Manifest is almost here at its new home on Netflix, and leading up to the premiere of part 1, we have been rewatching the entire series. With recaps of season 1 and season 2 out of the way, we are now doing a Nerds Rewatch series of season 3 of Manifest. So buckle in because the first three episodes are taking flight.


  • Ben goes to Cuba to find the Tailfin, thanks to a drawing from Cal. Two fishermen from the boat take him to it. When Ben touches it, he gets a Calling, as do Michaela and Cal, and it throws him across the room. Ben later sees that his hand is glowing and his handprint on the Tailfin glows as well.
  • Before Ben and Vance have a chance to leave with the Tailfin, they see the Cuban military following them, and Vance risks his life and the Tailfin so Ben can leave.
  • A Calling depicts Ben, Michaela, Cal, and the passengers screaming.
  • While on their honeymoon, Michaela and Zeke follow the Calling to find a woman they saw, Angelina Meyer. After finding out her parents own a house not far from where they are in Costa Rica, they meet up with them.
  • Meanwhile, Angelina is trapped somewhere and scared out of her mind. As Michaela and Zeke revisit Angelina’s parents, Michaela leaves to find a bathroom, and Zeke pretends to collapse. After some searching, Michaela finds Angelina trapped and saves her.
  • Michaela sets up some papers for Angelina, and the two of them, plus Zeke, catch a ride back to New York with Ben. When they all get home, Cal already knows that Angelina would be staying with them, so he got everything set up for her.
  • A girl waiting for Michaela waits for her at the station the entire day, and when Jared offers to help, it’s found out her mom is missing … and she’s the Major, whom Saanvi accidentally killed in the season 2 finale. The daughter believes whatever happened to her is connected to Flight 828, which is why she wanted Michaela’s help.
  • Ben can’t help but think that the Tailfin was resurrected, and they all might have been too.
  • Methheads Jace, Kory, and Pete wake up in the lake after it was assumed they had disappeared and died.


  • Agents from the Pentagon show up at the Stone household to talk to Ben about Cuba.
  • Michaela gets a tip from a park ranger at the lake where the methheads took Cal, and after watching security footage, it’s discovered that Jace, Pete, and Kory are alive and walked out of the lake. Michaela and Drea get to the lake and find a couple seriously injured. The girl tells them three guys stole their RV and kept hitting her husband.
  • Michaela and Drea pass by the RV and begin to follow it, but Jace throws a propane tank onto the road, and they get away.
  • Grace is worried they might want revenge, but they might think Cal is dead. The trio only has 84 days to be alive before their permanent death.
  • Grace takes Cal and Eden to her dad’s old cabin where her estranged brother is, while Olive and Angelina stay behind with Ben so Olive can help Angelina with a Calling.
  • Jace, Kory, and Pete hear Cal’s voice in their head saying, “Go to her” when they’re at King Lone, and Pete finds an old photo of Angelina that she dropped. Jace and Kory leave Pete behind, and Michaela and Drea arrest Pete. Angelina and Olive return to King Kone, and it’s discovered that Pete is the little boy in the photo behind Angelina. It’s all connected.
  • After a photo of the Tailfin leaks to the news, Ben, Olive, and Angelina are stuck at home with the press outside.
  • Ben’s hand glows, as does his handprint on the Tailfin. What does it mean?


  • Vance is interrogated by Pentagon agents.
  • Jared tells Ben and Michaela about the Major’s disappearance and assumes she’s up to no good. When Jared tells Saanvi the news, she freaks out.
  • While wandering the woods, Cal sees a peacock, like the peacock from Ben’s part of the Death Date Calling.
  • Michaela interrogates Pete, trying to get any information on his brother and Kory, but he’s not giving in.
  • Ben gets a Calling indicating that 828er Eagan might be in danger but doesn’t know how. With Eagan’s photographic memory, the two work together to put the puzzle pieces together. After figuring out they need to save someone at a museum, they find the room filling up with gas and rescue the kid. Eagan leaves to turn off the gas valves and tells Ben to get to safety.
  • Michaela gets an old Calling about Evie’s heart, and when she visits her parents’ house, Beverly is on the ground, disoriented, and Glen is on the ground, dead due to a heart attack. The heartbeat gets stronger, and Michaela finds a box full of DVDs, home videos. Zeke finds one labeled “For Michaela,” and it’s Glen, telling her he’s made arrangements for Beverly at an assisted living facility. And for Michaela, he’s giving her the house.
  • As Michaela tries to calm down Beverly, Zeke feels what Beverly is feeling and calms her down. It’s discovered he is now an empath.
  • TJ sends some artifacts from Egypt that could help with the Callings, and Olive and Angelina work together to solve them.
  • Angelina visits Pete in jail, and the two of them have closure and talk about forgiveness. Later, Cal’s voice is heard in Jace, Kory, and Pete’s heads as he’s talking to Eden.
  • Before Beverly leaves for the living facility, Michaela gets the heartbeat Calling again and stops Beverly from leaving. She and Zeke will live at the house and hire someone to help care for Beverly.
  • Eagan takes Ben’s ID and briefcase, donating an ancient urn and trashing everything else.
  • Vance is introduced to Eureka.

Stay tuned to our Nerds Rewatch Manifest series next week, where we will be going through episodes 4 and 5 of season 3. Part 1 of season 4 drops on Friday, November 4, exclusively on Netflix! Check out our other Manifest coverage here, including episodic recaps and more.

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