‘Manifest’: Dive Deeper Into the Death Date and 828 With a Recap of Season 2


Missing plane drama Manifest is about to make a triumphant land on Netflix in November, and to keep occupied until then, we are taking a look back at some of the biggest moments of the series. We previously went back to the beginning of Flight 828 with our season 1 recap; now, here’s a refresher of season 2 of Manifest.

Who Got Shot?


Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that left fans not knowing who got shot after Zeke and Jared were fighting, Zeke brought out a gun, and Michaela came home. In the first few minutes of the season 2 premiere, we learn that Michaela was the one who was shot, and Zeke runs away because Michaela tells him to, assuring him it’s okay. It takes time, but Michaela eventually pulls through, and Zeke turns himself in, despite her pleas.

What Happened on 828?

This season, we get our first real clues about what actually happened on Flight 828. After getting shot, Michaela has a Calling where she’s back on the plane, only this time; it’s crashing. While at first Ben thinks it’s just a Calling about the Death Date, Cal admits to having the same Calling about the plane nose-diving and to “Save the passengers.” This puts the plane on everyone’s radar, and it’s the first time they really start to think something else might have happened on the plane.

In the fifth episode, going off of a tarot card that Olive got two years after 828 disappeared, she and 828er TJ are led to a card deck called Al-Zuras. The creator was lost at sea for 10 years and mysteriously returned. Upon returning, he claimed he could hear the voice of God inside his head. Even though Olive and TJ don’t know when Al-Zuras died, they are a bit skeptical that he lived, and knowing that it’s happened before raises even more questions.

The two of them, as well as Ben, Grace, and Cal learn all about Al-Zuras and how he’s connected to what happened with 828. That theory seems to become even more real after Ben has a Calling of the plane exploding in the air, crashing into the water, and 828’s tailfin is found in the ocean by a Spanish fishing boat at the very end of the season.

Fisherman 1: The missing plane.

Fisherman 2: No, that plane came back.

Fisherman 1: This is the plane. Eight Two Eight.

828 Baby

In the first season, we learned that Grace is pregnant, but she didn’t know whether it was Ben’s or Danny’s. Before they’re able to take a paternity test, Grace has a Calling, indicating that the baby is indeed Ben’s. Those Callings that Grace gets also help down the line, but the fact that the baby is Ben’s is definitely more than enough.

After a fall, Grace experiences some complications, and she and the baby are in danger. Though thanks to a Calling, Adrian saves the very surgeon capable of doing the life-saving surgery, and they both pull through. Baby Eden is welcomed into the Stone family, and even though she is just a baby, she plays a big part in the third season.

The Major


Throughout the season, Saanvi meets with her supposed therapist, who is actually the Major, keeping tabs on the passengers and getting inside information. After finding out about the Major and realizing she’s been leaking information about the markers and the passengers, Saanvi teams up with Vance, who is very much alive, to spy on her.

After the Major finds a breakthrough with Saanvi’s research, she has her fired. Taking matters into their own hands, she and Vance track down the Major. Saanvi confronts her and tries to offer a trade for the information she has, but it doesn’t work. In order to get what she wants, Saanvi later injects something into the Major and tries to coerce her into giving her what she wants in exchange for the antidote. Unfortunately, the treatment falls onto the ground, and the Major dies, leaving Saanvi traumatized.

The Believers


Feeling left out of her family for not having any part in 828, Olive joins the Church of the Believers, a cult led by 828er Adrian Shannon. It surrounds the events of 828 and believes that the passengers were in some way divine. When Olive tells her family she’s one of them, they don’t take it so well, considering the attacks with the Xers and the Believers are connected.

In the seventh episode, passengers are lured to a club, all thanks to Isaiah, who is part of the church and believes that the prophecy can only be fulfilled if the returned are among the fallen. He spikes the champagne and sets fire to the place, but luckily, almost everyone makes it out alright.

Continuing Experiments


During the first season, Saanvi went to great lengths to test her theories about Flight 828 and what it all means, even risking her life to do so. After finding the blood markers, she steps it up a notch by obsessing over it and putting her sole focus on the markers and her theories, trying to find a cure for the Death Date.

Because of her experiments, Saanvi begins having memory loss, not remembering what she was doing earlier in the day. She goes off the rails trying to find a cure for the Death Date and, more importantly, Zeke. She does have a breakthrough, however, when she’s cured of the Callings. Out of luck for a cure after getting fired, she reaches out to Vance, who has something even bigger in mind for her.

Jared’s Work With the Xers


While the Xers have been systematically attacking the passengers, Jared seems to have turned on his friends by hanging out with the Xers and even dating one of them, and he soon becomes one of them. Jared becomes a mole in the NYPD, but luckily, later in the season, it is revealed that he was actually just working undercover.

Drea grows suspicious of Jared, telling Michaela and the two check out the Xers’ bar, bugging it to get more intel. Though when they bring a recording to Captain Bowers, it’s revealed she and Jared are working together. After the case comes to a head and Michaela ends up arrested, Jared has her go to their bench, and he explains everything.

The Xers kidnap Zeke to get back at Michaela, and knowing that Michaela and Bowers are listening, Jared makes sure to say exactly what needs to be said, subtly, so they know what to do and how. Soon, the Xers are taken down, Zeke is saved, Jared’s free, and all is well.

Zeke’s Death Date

Peter Kramer/NBC

After discovering the Death Date in the first season, it’s only just a matter of time before Zeke’s Death Date. Most of the season is spent trying to figure out how to survive the Death Date and just what the Callings pertaining to it mean. With not much time left and symptoms slowly starting like Zeke getting frostbite, Saanvi runs tests on him, but it’s no use.

After Zeke and Michaela get married, since they don’t have much time together, Zeke follows a Calling, and when he freezes to death in Michaela’s arms after saving Cal, he comes back to life. This gives Michaela, Ben, Saanvi, and the others all the more reason to keep trying to survive the Death Date because the proof was right in front of them that it is possible.

The Shadows


Initially appearing in Cal’s first drawing for the Callings, these shadow figures actually play a prominent part in the final episodes of season 2. After Adrian spots three shadows and runs away, they visit Cal in his room at night but disappear when he turns on the light. Due to the shadow figures, Ben begins to believe that the passengers are prophets brought back from the dead. At the end of the 11th episode, we see the shadow figures in the form of three meth heads (Jace, Kory, and Pete) who Michaela put away.

The three of them escape to find Michaela, only to kidnap Cal as leverage and threaten to kill him if she doesn’t get them their stash back. After getting caught, they all run onto a frozen lake, which cracks after its struck by lightning. Zeke saves Cal, and Jace, Kory, and Pete are lost in the lake. Or, so it seemed. Search and rescue found nothing in the icy lake, leaving fans to wonder just what happened to the three of them…

Stay tuned to our season 3 rewatch series, and be sure to watch season 4 part 1 of Manifest on Friday, November 4 exclusively on Netflix! Check out our other Manifest coverage here.

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