‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “That Would Be Me”

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In the second episode of Andor, Cassian’s problems multiply when Syril Karn puts out a bulletin in search of a Kenari male resident of Ferrix. Following an unfortunate betrayal, his window to escape grows increasingly narrow as Bix’s buyer makes his way to the planet.


Before closing up the shop for the evening, Bix goes to check the computers, but Timm interrupts as he comes in and tries to make plans with her. After Bix leaves the room, Timm nosily makes his way over to the computer she was standing at and sees Syril Karn’s bulletin.


Cassian returns home to Maarva’s house, and she confronts him, having also seen the aforementioned bulletin. She asks him who else knows that he was born on Kenari, because officially, they’ve always claimed that he comes from Fest. Cassian leaves to meet up with Bix, and he partially admits what happened on Morlana. He offers to just sell the unit to her instead, but she tells him that her buyer is indeed coming the next morning. Timm spies on them from afar, and after she turned down his offer to spend time together that evening, the exchange prompts him to send in a tip to the security headquarters with Cassian’s name. Later, unaware of what he’s done, Bix shows up at Timm’s after all.

Wanted: Cassian Andor


Over at the security headquarters, Syril’s team mulls over Cassian’s file, which states that he’s from Fest, not Kenari. However, he does have a record of insurrection, destruction of Imperial property, and assault of an Imperial soldier. They pull up an image of Cassian just as their witness, the woman who he spoke to at the brother, walks in. Fueled by his need to enact justice, Syril takes advantage of the Chief Inspector’s absence and sends out a team to Ferrix in pursuit of Cassian.

A hostile discovery

On Kenari, Cassian and the children set out in search of the ship that crash-landed on the planet. When they reach the crash site, they initially find a dead body, and then one of the surviving humans begins to attack them and kills the leader of the tribe.

The arrival

Bix’s contact, Luthen Rael, arrives on Ferrix. After packing his things and equipping B2EMO with a comm, Cassian heads down to haggle a discreet ride off of the planet so he can make a quick getaway as soon as he sells the unit. In the process, we learn that his home planet, Kenari, was abandoned after an Imperial mining disaster and considered toxic.

Episodes 1 to 3 of Andor are now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 4 will premiere on Wednesday, September 28. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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