‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 “Kassa”

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Five years before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we return to the story of Cassian Andor with Andor. Episode 1 finds Cassian on Morlana One in search of information about a Kenari woman, his sister. However, a rainy evening turns sour when he ends up killing two men, leaving Cassian to scramble to cover his tracks upon his return to Ferrix. Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector Syril Karn begins to investigate the murders.

An unfortunate evening on Morlana

We open on the planet Morlana One in the year 5 BBY. It’s a rainy evening, and Cassian Andor makes his way through the dark, wet streets. He finds his way into a brothel and begins asking around for information — he’s looking for a girl from Kenari who works there, his sister. Unfortunately, he learns that she apparently disappeared several months ago.


He leaves without much of a lead to go on, and the two employees from Morlana’s corporate authority that were giving him a hard time inside of the club follow him out and begin to heckle him. Cassian’s attempted escape gets messy when he accidentally kills one of them during a scuffle over a blaster. He has no choice but to kill the other man as well, and then he makes a hasty escape from the planet.

A past on Kenari

The episode is interspersed with flashbacks of Cassian’s childhood growing up with his sister in a small, remote tribe of children on Kenari. They watch as a ship crash lands on the planet, and Cassian joins them as they prepare to head out and investigate.

Building lies and plotting an escape

After making a quick getaway, Cassian returns to Ferrix. He’s woken up the next morning by B2EMO, and the droid is apprehensive about its ability to help cover his tracks by lying for him. He then heads into town and finds Brasso, further crafting his alibi. Now, he needs to disappear and lay low for a while, so he pays a visit to Bix.

Bix has a “friend” who has been asking to meet Cassian, and he nearly begs her to try and set up a meeting as soon as possible so that he can sell him an untraceable Starpath unit. He needs the funds to get off of the planet and lay low. Timm watches their tense conversation from afar, and as Cassian goes to leave, he remarks that Bix always seems to get upset when he comes around. Bix leaves work under the guise of running errands so she can secretly send off a transmission to her contact. Curious, Timm tries to tail her, but he loses her in the streets.

The investigation

Deputy Inspector Syril Karn reports to his boss to discuss the employees that Cassian killed. While Syril is ready to launch a full-scale investigation to find out who’s responsible, the Chief Inspector hardly seems concerned, dismissing their deaths as an accident rather than a murder before leaving for a meeting. Despite the fact that Chief Hyne left him with clear instructions to put together an incident report and call it a day, Syril can’t let it go, so he starts looking for answers himself.

He instructs his team to start looking for Kenari human males on Ferrix after tracing Cassian’s ship, because, despite the limited information they have on their suspect, he knows that someone was asking around for information about a Kenari woman before the men were killed. While they’re apprehensive about their ability to pull that kind of information from Ferrix, Syril commands them to put out a bulletin anyway.

Episodes 1 to 3 of Andor are now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 4 will premiere on Wednesday, September 28. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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