‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Reckoning”

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In the third episode of Andor, Luthen arrives on Ferrix to meet with Cassian. Unfortunately, so do Syril Karn and his officers. The town is thrown into chaos as Luthen and Cassian attempt to escape with their lives intact. Meanwhile, we learn how Cassian met Maarva.

Meeting Maarva

Following the death of the tribe’s leader, a young Cassian bravely makes his way onto the crashed Republic ship alone. He finds more dead bodies, their skin covered in an odd golden yellow sheen. Upset, he lashes out and begins destroying the inside of the ship. We learn that this is where he met Maarva. She and a companion walk onto the ship to scavenge the wreckage, and they find Cassian. Unfortunately, they’re unable to communicate with him due to the language barrier. When B2EMO informs them that another Republic ship is on the way, Maarva makes the decision to inject Cassian with something that knocks him out so they can take him to safety, as she doesn’t want to see him get caught and captured.

In pursuit of Cassian Andor


Syril Karn and his team arrive on Ferrix, and they come knocking on Maarva’s door with a warrant for Cassian. She refuses to tell them where he is, so they begin tearing apart Cassian’s room. Unfortunately, Cassian’s decision to equip B2EMO with a comm turns out to be a problem, because he chooses that exact moment to page the droid, allowing Syril’s men to trace where the signal is coming from. The people of Ferrix do what they can to help Cassian by sounding the alarm and creating chaos all throughout the town while the guards attempt to make their way through the streets.

Meanwhile, Bix is furious when she realizes that Timm is the one who ratted Cassian out, so she takes off in an attempt to find him and warn him. Suspicious of the way she seems to be in a rush to get away, the officers detain her. Timm arrives at the scene and demands that they let Bix go, but the officers kill him.

Luthen’s offer

After arriving at their meeting spot in an abandoned building, Cassian unwraps the valuable unit that he intends to sell. Luthen can’t seem to understand how Cassian managed to obtain it though, because this isn’t the usual scavenged fare. Cassian confirms his suspicions and tells him he went and got it himself, and Luthen offers him an additional 1000 credits to explain exactly how he managed to do it. Cassian is unbothered by the prospect of stealing from the Empire, they’re too proud to realize that someone like him could sneak in right under their noses.

Luthen tells Cassian that these days of the Empire will end, and he goes on to reveal that he knows him … he knows all about him. Luthen may want the box, and he’ll leave if that’s all he can get, but he came looking for something more. He wants Cassian to come with him. “Don’t you want to fight these bastards for real?”

They realize that time is running out when they hear the town’s warning sounds. Cassian is suspicious that Luthen is an Imperial spy — why would he have come to Ferrix if he knew that they were coming for Cassian? Luthen tells him that special people are hard to find, and he didn’t want to see him tossed on the pyre.

The chase

If Cassian is going to leave with Luthen, they’ll need a speeder, because his ship is 40 clicks across the wastelands. Luthen detonates the charges he strategically placed around the building on his way in, setting off a chain reaction amongst the machinery that’s dangling from the ceiling. They miss their narrow window to escape when Cassian realizes that they’ve left the box behind and end up in a shootout with the officers.


Cassian makes a run for the box, but he’s unsuccessful, and he’s nearly crushed and shot multiple times in the process. After getting out of the building, they find Syril, but Cassian doesn’t kill him, despite Luthen’s instructions. He only asks him how many men he brought with him, and then they leave him tied up and gagged. After using a decoy speeder as a distraction, Luthen and Cassian slip away on a speeder bike and safely arrive at the ship.

Episodes 1 to 3 of Andor are now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 4 will premiere on Wednesday, September 28. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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