‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 “Frenemies — Chapter One: The Murder”


DC’s Stargirl is finally back for its third season on The CW, and a lot happened in the premiere episode. With Starman/Sylvester back, he tries to make do with his new life but struggles to do so. Meanwhile, as Courtney holds out hope that Blue Valley can be a better place by making peace with the villains, Yolanda still finds herself at odds with Cindy. And someone surprising is the victim of a murder.

Keep reading to find out what happened in the season premiere of DC’s Stargirl, “Frenemies — Chapter One: The Murder.”

“Settle in as we’re about to begin a tale of trust, a tale of heartache, and a tale of murder.”

Living in Harmony

The CW

Life in Blue Valley seems to be peaceful following the events of the season 2 finale; everyone is doing their daily routines, Beth’s parents are smothering her after finding out about the JSA, Rick’s trying to find Grundy, and Yolanda is still trying to avoid Cindy. Even Cindy is trying to better herself, as are the other villains in town.

Starman’s New Life

Danny Delgado/The CW

Sylvester’s new life post-Starman is a different one, to say the least. He took care of the house while the Dugan-Whitmores were at Yellowstone and even made a new display case for Cosmo in the basement … right next to his bed. Sylvester tells Courtney he woke up in his own coffin and, after digging himself out, he was fine. He thinks when she formed a bond with Cosmo, it awoke his bond with Cosmo. However, he assures Courtney that the Staff is hers. It chose her.

“I’m done being Starman.”

Courtney talks to Pat about Sylvester, and Pat thinks it’s a great opportunity to learn from him. Meanwhile, he can help Sylvester navigate his life post-Starman.

Sylvester’s Struggle

The CW

After seeing S.T.R.I.P.E. in person, Sylvester and Pat take it on a joyride, with Sylvester taking the Staff with them. But when they come home, Courtney, Mike, and Barbara are not happy with the fact that Sylvester took the Staff after saying he didn’t want to be Starman anymore.

Courtney later talks to Sylvester, who tells her that he lied; he did come back for the Staff. He realized that when he came back to life, he didn’t have a life to come back to.

“All I ever had was Starman.”

Sylvester tells Courtney that the Staff chose her; he’d never ask for it back, because she is the future. Not him. He offers to train her instead. Courtney, however, can’t ignore the fact that the Staff still works for him, and she thinks it means something. She suggests an arrangement: he has the Staff when she’s at school, and then she gets it back.

“Look out, world. Starman is back.”

Cosmo is happy about the idea and Sylvester obliges.

Making Amends

The CW

Pat is still trying to get used to the fact that the Crocks are their neighbors, and they even want to have coffee one of these days. Courtney tells him they have to learn to trust them, but Pat is less than willing; they have to be careful.

“We can help the bad guys break … good.”

Courtney, of course, wants to see things on the bright side and make peace with everyone. The Gambler comes over to make amends, even assuring them that he’s changed. He found out he has a daughter and wants to locate her. He wants to apologize to the people he’s wronged and become a productive member of the community in the hopes that his daughter wants to have a relationship with him someday.

Thanks to Courtney wanting to leave the door unlocked, Crusher Crock wakes up Pat and Courtney when he’s making a smoothie in their kitchen early in the morning. Crusher brings up The Gambler, warning Pat not to trust him.

The Gambler meets with Swift and tells him about his daughter. Swift does not believe him and threatens him to get out of town.

The JSA’s New Member

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The gang meets up for lunch at school, including Cindy. They catch each other up, Courtney telling them about the Staff and Sylvester. While Courtney tries to have the team start fresh, Yolanda and Rick are not having it, and Yolanda leaves.

Paula talks to Barbara about Artemis wanting to join the JSA, slightly threatening Barbara if Artemis isn’t able to join.

The JSA goes after some bad guys, but Cindy isn’t acting so much as a team member. Meanwhile, before they have a chance to go after the criminals, Artemis shows up and takes them all out, showing off and proving her worth. After they return to the pitstop, the team researches who the guys were — they’re working for The Gambler — and Cindy, being Cindy, says it’s boring and leaves. The others go after The Gambler themselves.

Fresh Starts

The Gambler desperately tries to find his daughter with no luck. However, he gets the feeling someone may be watching him and his trailer. He later begins to write a letter to his daughter, Becky, to apologize and explain what happened.

Pat and Sylvester have a drink on the porch, and when Pat mentions he’s getting a second chance (to be Starman), Sylvester brings up the villains in Blue Valley. Sylvester isn’t saying that Courtney’s wrong to believe them; he just wants to be cautious. But anyway, Starman and Stripsey are back.

The Murder

The Gambler finishes writing his letter to Becky and puts it in his jacket pocket. When searching for her again, he gets a notification of an unidentified feed discovered. He looks through all of the feeds he has set up at the school cafeteria, the Chapel residence, and the Dugan-Whitmore residence until he gets to one set up right outside his trailer. He goes out to look, and on the camera, as he comes closer to it, a growling is heard, and the feed is cut off.

The JSA, meanwhile, tracks down The Gambler’s trailer to “give him an opportunity to explain.” They hear a gunshot and rush to the trailer. Only to find it a mangled mess and Cindy kneeling beside The Gambler’s body, holding the gun.

“I didn’t do it.”

Danny Delgado/The CW

DC’s Stargirl airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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