‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 “Missing My Baby”

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In the most action-packed episode of the season thus far, episode 8 of Roswell, New Mexico sees more than one truth revealed as the crew search for missing members and Liz’s boss drops a bombshell. Check out what happened this week!

Liz Does More Shady Shit

John Golden Britt/The CW

Liz fills Max in on the Alex-related activity around Maria and asks him not to tell Michael yet when Max immediately reaches for his phone. She’s hoping to gather answers and finish her power restoring serum before worrying him and heads to the lab. Shivani finds Liz hard at work, who laments that her serum isn’t healing the DNA from the subject. Shivani takes Liz to a secure room and shows her a cracked alien pod she and her team found in Mexico. Liz realizes that the liquid inside the pod was exposed to oxygen. That exposure changed to composition, meaning she needs a pure sample … from an intact alien pod. Rather than run this by Max, Isobel, or even Michael, Liz blindfolds Shivani and takes her to the cave, where she extracts pure pod liquid. While there, Liz’s tenderness gives away Max’s truth. Shivani knows he (and not only him but two others in Roswell) is an alien. She promises to keep their secret (but we’re sure this will be a point of contention when Max finds out).

Her serum now repairs the sample cells, and Liz turns it into a mist to expedite the effectiveness. After giving the sample to Michael, Liz returns to the lab later that night with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. Shivani is working on a scientific equation (odd since she’s not a researcher or scientist) and is a little worse for wear. It’s now that Liz notices the gas level, and Shivani says she “accidentally” hit the valve opening and inhaled some. Liz is immediately concerned, but Shivani rants about seeing things clearly. She takes Liz and the mist into a new room where her daughter, Nicole, is in a stasis chamber.

Shivani begs Liz to help her bring her daughter back to life. She knows it’s been done, she’s seen Rosa. Liz tells her that was a unique situation and refuses to help her play god with people’s lives. Frustrated and lost in her grief, Shivani shatters the bottle of mist. The episode ends with both she and Liz passing out.

Max Rethinks his Decision

The crew now realize that Dallas and Bonnie are also missing, but wanting to mend things with Liz, Max agrees not to tell Michael about Alex. Instead, he uses the single bible page he has from Dallas’ notes to try and figure out where Dallas and Bonnie had gone last. He’s just about to fill Michael in when Michael … well, doesn’t really want to talk.

Later, Max and Liz have a heart-to-heart as he ices his jaw and confesses he’s not sure he made the right choice in giving up his powers. He wanted to take himself off the chessboard, but now that he’s a regular person (for all of 48 hours), he’s not sure that’s who he really is either. Liz gently tells him to release his expectations of himself, and she’ll support him in whatever choice he makes.

I’d Burn The World Down For You

John Golden Britt/The CW

A line from Alex early in the season has never been more applicable to the pair than when Michael learns Alex is missing. Finding Rosa and Maria on a walk in the desert, Michael overhears them discussing Alex missing. Not only does he find that out, but Maria also admits he’s the only one in their circle who doesn’t know. Furious (and terrified for Alex though he won’t admit it), he screams at Maria, “What have you done lately besides pretending you still have powers?” With that, he storms away.

In his anger, Michael relapses hard into his old ways, walks right into Max’s office, and promptly decks him. They fight until Max pins him, but Michael only stays long enough to gather the information he needs and accuses Max of stabbing him in the back. “You have spent years insisting that we are a family. If you believed that, then you wouldn’t have used my suffering to fix your love life. Hope the wedding is worth losing a brother.”

Liz finds Michael in his lair, continuing his search (and having cooled down a little). While administering the experimental power restoring mist, Liz apologizes for asking Max to keep things from Michael. She didn’t want him to feel the fear and grief that she’s already lived with. He understands, though; he’s still upset, admitting he’s angrier with himself and how he behaved at the moment. Liz’s mist works, though he’s not at full power yet.

Powers restored, Michael returns to the Wild Pony and apologizes to Maria, “I know you love Alex, too. That means we’re always on the same side.” He asks Maria to help him connect with Alex, and this time she’s about to reach him. The piano plays a few notes from “Would You Come Home,” the song Alex wrote for Michael. Michael’s necklace also begins to glow, and he picks up Alex’s guitar to play along as tears roll down his face. Then, the lights begin to flicker along the wall toward the door. Michael, Maria, and Rosa realize they need to follow the lights to find him. Michael lays out a map on his truck hood, and Alex uses his necklace to tell them where to go; the desert where he disappeared.

In the desert, they split up, but Maria walks right into the quicksand. Michael’s powers can’t lift her out yet, but Max shows up in the nick of time (thanks to following Dallas’ notes) and throws her a rope. Together they pull Maria free. Michael is dead set on leaping into the pit when Maria says there’s “a whole world under the sand” and spots Alex’s necklace. Max forces him back, and Michael finally breaks down. He’s so close to finding Alex.

Tezca’s Truth is Revealed

John Golden Britt/The CW

Isobel is unable to let go of the memory flash she had involving Tezca and her as a young child. Senora Slicey in hand, Isobel confronts Tezca about their past and releases her from the alien cuffs. They start to fight, but Isobel triggers a memory in her mindscape. On Oasis, a young Isobel calls Tezca her teacher, who tells her that she’s a fierce warrior who can see the truth and needs protection. Tezca forces her way out of the mindscape, and they have an all-out fight. Ultimately, Tezca agrees to work with Isobel to discover the truth.

Isobel uncovers a memory of Tezca training her to fight. She explains that others will come for Isobel and Isobel needs to be ready and protected. When screams are heard nearby, Tezca tells Isobel to run. Jones steps into the training area. Tezca tells him Isobel is long gone, so Jones uses his powers to force her down. He tells her he’ll bend her mind and warp her memories until she believes in his cause and remembers nothing of her life. Tezca was part of the same resistance as Nora, Louise, and Theo. She gave herself up to save Isobel.

In the cave, Tezca sobs as her reality is shattered. Isobel asks for her help now that they know the truth. She wants to stop Clyde from finding whatever he’s searching for to fulfill Jones’ mission. Tezca thinks and realizes Jones wanted Liz. “Jones said, ‘Once you’ve gathered all the pieces, Liz Ortecho will bring the alighting.”

Clyde’s Mission is Underway

Interspersed with the crew on their various journeys, Clyde is on his own mission. He reads through the bible and glasses he stole from Dallas. He takes fruit from the alien tree and then sets fire to it and both barns to cover his tracks. With the map and the fruit in hand, he arrives at the Crashdown, asking for Liz. Vanessa informs him that Liz doesn’t work there anymore, but she’s her teacher.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage including recaps, synopses, episode images, and exclusive interviews here.

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