‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 1 “Reunited”


FX’s What We Do in the Shadows is back for season 4! The fourth season premiered with two episodes — in episode 1, “Reunited,” audiences watch as the Staten Island crew reunite with one another after going their (mostly) separate ways in the season 3 finale. Overwhelmed with excitement and afraid you may have missed a detail or two? Check out what happened in “Reunited” below!

Reunited (and it feels so good)

First and foremost: the house is falling apart. We open with Laszlo, who in the passing time since season 3 and 4 has taken on some serious dilf vibes as he raises baby Colin Robinson (who he is just referring to as “boy,” insistent on the fact that this is an entirely separate creature). Not only has he been raising the little handful, he has also been running experiments on the young baby (creature?) to decide if he is boring — hoping to ensure he grows up to not be an energy vampire. It is not long into the episode before Laszlo is reunited with the doll possessed by his wife’s dead spirit — and almost immediately after we see the lovers themselves together again. Nadja gave up her career with the World Wide Vampiric Council to return to Laszlo, who she has missed dearly.

In true Laszlo and Nadja fashion the pair almost immediately move to have sex, but are halted when Nadja remembers she has also brought a surprise — Nandor the Relentless.


With the vampires together again, Nandor sits in front of the fireplace to catch up the cameras with what he’s been up to all this time — his “eat, pray, love” journey. Once on the train he made it all the way to Fresno where he met a family from Wisconsin who he initially planned to feed on but instead joined their family adventure. Watching this family love one another makes Nandor homesick, so he returns to his homeland of Al Quolindar — after being stuck on the container ship that in real-life blocked the Suez Canal, which in-series happened because Nandor drained the entire crew. The entire time Nandor regales the cameras with the tale of his journey, Laszlo and Nadja are finally reunited in the most intimate way — right on a settee next to Nandor, who is told he can join the pair (which he opts to decline).

The Missing Piece

The house is old and falling apart, yes, but Laszlo certainly hasn’t been helping things as he has been taking sledgehammers to various walls over the course of the week in search of a faulty pipe that has been making a ruckus. Of course, the source of the ruckus isn’t actually an old pipe; it is none other than Nandor’s former familiar-turned-bodyguard Guillermo, who has been stuck in a shipping container (again) in the living room for a week, banging on the lid in the hopes someone will let him out. Guillermo is understandably unhappy and tells the vampires they are dead to him and that he is going to go start his life as a new man.

However, his resolutions are quickly thwarted by Nandor asking him to be his best man — though he isn’t actually engaged to anyone yet, he intends to find someone by the end of the month. His decision to stay is compounded by the dangers of the decaying house worrying him and his caring nature coming forward, compelling him to ensure the baby (Colin Robinson) doesn’t die.


The house needs to be fixed, but as we all know housework and chores are boring for vampires, so their way of addressing the situation is to sit down and watch home remodeling shows. Taking charge once again, Guillermo informs the vampires of the people they will need to hire to undertake this job. The next issue to address is the fact that Colin Robinson was in charge of paying the bills and no one knows his ATM card pin — except for maybe the version of him that crawled out of the dead version of him’s chest. Guillermo makes a valiant attempt at getting the information out of the “baby,” but despite Laszlo’s efforts it seems Colin does enjoy sucking the energy out of a room.

Self Reflections & Moving Forward

Nadja has a plan to make some money — the crew opening up their own vampire nightclub! While she is enthralled by this plan, no one else seems to share her enthusiasm despite the fact it would be a cash-only business. Nadja reveals the true reason she has quit and returned to Staten Island — she pitched the vampire nightclub idea to the Vampiric Council as well, who also rejected the idea. This is Nadja’s dream though, so she uses her special woman’s voice to get the others to agree to her plan. Nandor also reveals that his trip home to Al Quolindar didn’t live up to his expectations, as the area that was know his kingdom is full of other vampires. As we all know, Nandor is a special man and likes to be treated as such, so being a vampire surrounded by other vampires who are unimpressed by his immortality doesn’t do it for him — it’s not good for his mental health.

One final reunion for the episode is the crew with the Guide at the Vampiric Council — the future site of the hottest new nightclub.

Our coverage for season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows can be found here. Episodes release weekly on Tuesdays on FX and are available to stream on Hulu.

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