‘Tom Swift’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “…And the Chocolate Cowboys”


In this week’s Tom Swift, Tom and Lino head to Oklahoma to track down the next capsule piece, but they run into some trouble. Meanwhile, Zenzi tries to charm Eskol to learn his plans. Read on to find out what happens in “…And the Chocolate Cowboys.”

The Next Piece

On the way to Oklahoma, Tom shows Zenzi a new piece of tech. Zenzi reads up on Eskol and prompts an argument with Isaac. They hear a noise and find that Lino stowed away on the jet. Tom scolds him and wants to turn back, but Lino convinces Tom to let him stay. When they land, Eskol calls Zenzi about dinner, and she proposes they have it at Swift manor. She thinks it will be a chance to find out his plans. So, she and Isaac will fly back while Tom and Lino search for the capsule piece.

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A man named Calvin greets Tom and Lino and brings them to his place. Lino starts asking about photos and Calvin happily talks about all but one. When Tom and Lino leave, Lino says he knows where the capsule piece is, thanks to Calvin’s question avoidance. They find the piece, and Calvin and a few others find them and aren’t happy. The piece creates a “magic” tree sap that Calvin wants to use to revitalize the town. Tom tries to take the piece, but more men surround him and Lino, so they leave.

Zenzi’s Dinner

Isaac helps Zenzi finish getting prepped for dinner when he has a flashback to a former partner. He emphasizes to Zenzi how serious this mission is before Eskol and his entourage arrive. Zenzi jumps right into business with Isaac in her ear telling her to stop. When Eskol heads to the dining room, she removes her earpiece. While Zenzi and Eskol talk, Isaac tries to pick up the conversation from another source when he has another flashback.

Zenzi and Eskol move to the fireplace where they continue talking. When Eskol leans in to kiss Zenzi, she excuses herself. She finds Eskol’s bag and digs through it, finding a sheet with abbreviations and coordinates. She takes a photo just before one of Eskol’s guys catches her.

Find Lino

Tom makes a device — an infrasonic cannon — that will safely knock out the men guarding the capsule piece. He and Lino head back, and Lino uses the cannon while Tom goes for the piece. But when he does, two men take Lino, and Tom only finds the broken cannon. He gets a video call from Calvin telling him to meet at high noon near the tree. Tom calls Isaac for help, who’s becoming overwhelmed as he tries to keep an eye on Zenzi.

Eskol’s guys question Zenzi, who claims she just wanted to see that Eskol wasn’t lying when he mentioned Native Son. However, his entourage grows increasingly threatening. Meanwhile, Isaac as an intense flashback of the woman dying and saying “she” (meaning Zenzi) needs Isaac. He shuts down the power grid which gives Zenzi the perfect excuse to see Eskol and his crew out.

The Hit List

Tom Griscom/The CW

Zenzi and Isaac return to Oklahoma and join Tom in finding Lino. They find him with Calvin and his crew having a grand old time. Tom pins Calvin against the wall until Lino tells Tom to listen to what Calvin has to say. Calvin says he wanted the piece to help protect his legacy. Eventually, Tom relinquishes it in exchange for Lino. After they leave, Tom is angry with Lino, who’s angry right back, especially when Tom reveals the piece he gave Calvin was a copy.

On the jet, Isaac talks to Tom about Lino and Barton, prompting Tom to go apologize to Lino. He asks why Lino quit fencing, and Lino shares how his teammates reacted to him, and he’s afraid he’s a freak and dangerous. He adds that he’s jealous of Calvin and his family because they have a connection to their past. In response, Tom tells Barclay to turn back. He goes to apologize to Calvin, giving him tech that will create the sap for Calvin to use and sell. And Swift Enterprises will fund the whole venture. Meanwhile, Isaac tells Zenzi about the woman, Melissa, who died on Isaac’s watch, and that’s why he was so protective towards Zenzi.

Back on the jet, Zenzi shows Tom the list, who thinks it could be a hit list. Isaac is telling Lino that his contact came through about Lino’s mom when Zenzi has a realization. She figures out the abbreviations are names of people who had serious medical problems the same time Eskol was in the area. The Road Back is targeting people behind tech, and Barton was just the tip of the iceberg.

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