‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 20 “Something’s Missing”

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The season 2 finale of Walker aired tonight, and there were a lot of big moments! Questions were finally answered about the fire and Marv Davidsons’ death, Stella graduates, Cordell goes missing, and more.

Let’s dive in!

The Walkers, Geri, The Davidsons, and The Truth

The episode opens up with the Walker family making breakfast together and talking about how Stella is ready to graduate. As they’re talking, Cordell gets a text from Geri that they need to talk, and Cordell leaves to meet her.

Geri and Cordell meet up at the Side Step, and Cordell tells her that she’s the only one who will get the Davidsons to talk about cutting the saddle. Cordell and Geri stage a huge fight and Geri calls Gale to come and get her.

Gale takes Geri back to the ranch with Denise, and Geri talks to Gale alone and asks about Marv. Gale gets upset and storms out, and Geri calls Cordell who tells her to get Gale to take her to the barn, where she might tell the truth. Gale later comes out and apologizes to Geri, and Geri asks her to take her to the barn.

The Hunt and Trey’s Offer

Back at the Ranger station, Larry and Cassie are going over who was arrested at the safe house, and Cassie talks about a bad feeling. They agree to keep who knows about it small. Trey walks in, and Larry won’t let him know. However, he does tell Trey that he talked to the Governor’s office, and they’re willing to use his military experience as time served as a trooper, so Larry asks him if he’d like to join as a Texas Ranger. Trey tells him he needs to think about it.

Trey’s New Neighbor

Trey calls his mom to talk about the offer, and she tells him she was relieved when he left the military. As he steps out into the hallway, the door across from him opens and Cassie steps out. We find out that she moved into an apartment across from him.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cassie’s Date

Cassie leaves to go on a date at a bar. The date seems to go well, but the man asks what she does and that she hasn’t mentioned her job. He jokes about her being a cop, but she doesn’t say anything. She jokes back, saying he also hasn’t mentioned it. The man gets up to use the restroom, Cassie sees a gun in his belt near his back, and an employee tells her that he ran through the kitchen and left. Cassie realizes that she was being watched.


Stella, Todd, and Colton are all sitting for Graduation practice, and Trey and Augie are watching. The three of them seem on good terms, and Colton teases Stella about having to tutor Todd.

Liam’s Future

Abeline, Bonham, and Liam talk and they ask Liam what he’s going to do. Liam’s unsure at the moment. Liam compliments Bonham on his work ethic and working on the land.

The Fire

Geri and Gale go to the barn where it’s dark, and Gale sets a lantern down inside of it as they talk. Gale tells Geri that the night Denise and Cordell were in the barn she and Marv went looking for the kids and Marv told her that Geri was alive, but that she had a good life.

Gale says she got upset, and hit Marv with the lantern, knocking him out and starting the fire. Gale ran and locked the door, and said she didn’t know about Frank either.

Geri knocks over the lantern in present-day when she and Gale are talking, and another fire starts. Cordell is on the way to the barn when he sees the barn on fire. He runs to the barn and finds Geri distraught, and Gale is unconscious but Geri can’t reach her. Cordell runs in and gets Gale from the fire and runs out, saving her life.

Later, the entire Walker family, as well as the Davidsons, are there after police and medics are called. Gale is being tended to by paramedics. The Walker family talks about how the whole time Cordell thought he was to blame for Marv’s death, but it wasn’t his fault at all.

Cordell goes to talk to Gale and she said she’ll confess to everything. She thanks Cordell for saving her life. Denise is there, and she tells Cordell she should have known it was never his fault.

Abeline goes to talk to Gale, and Gale apologizes to Abeline and that she never hated her, but she wished she was her, as the police take her away.

Denise feels like she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Stella and Colton are looking on, and Stella convinces him to go talk to his parents. Colton goes over to Denise and Dan, and Denise apologizes to Colton and confesses to him that she cut the saddle. Denise apologizes to Dan for how she treated him.

Geri and Cordell talk and Geri tells Cordell that they just tried for a relationship way too soon.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Coming Back Home

The Walkers rightfully move back into the ranch and Cordell and Stella bond over playing a board game that they haven’t played since the night of Emily’s death.

Liam and Bonham talk at the ranch and Liam talks about how much he loves the family and the ranch. He alludes to the ranch being his future.

Something’s Coming

Cassie arrives at the barn where Larry is. She tells him about the date, and she said something else is coming.

Trey, Liam, and Cordell meet up to go for a run. Cordell takes off first, and Liam and Trey are racing after him. At one point they lose him, and when they arrive back at the ranch where Stella is, they notice Cordell never came back. The camera pans to a van speeding off of the property with an unconscious and tied-up Cordell in the back.

Walker‘s 3rd season is set to air this fall on The CW. You can catch up on the show now on The CW app!

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