‘The Umbrella Academy’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 7 “Auf Wiedersehen”


Diego is down a few fingers after a run-in with a scary something in Hotel Oblivion, Allison has killed Harlan and delivered him to the Sparrows, and Klaus and Reggie are still hard at work trying to figure out the extent of Klaus’ abilities. Read on to see what happens in episode 7 of The Umbrella Academy season 3!


After her mother’s death and the loss of the Hargreeves, Lila returns to the Commission and discovers the truth at the Infinite Switchboard, her mother really did put a bullet in her heart. Herb can’t have her around the Commission and offers to take her anywhere she wants at any time period, so she chooses West Berlin in 1989 where she digs out a stashed Commission briefcase hidden by her mother in the Berlin Wall. There she joins a band as a drummer (shoutout to Ritu Arya’s actual band KIN where she plays the drums!) and moves in with Trudy and Stan before Stan agrees to help her win Diego over once again.

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Klaus’ Reanimation Training

With his newly discovered gift of being literally immortal, Reggie and Klaus set out to help Klaus master his ability (because if he stays dead for 22 minutes that’s more than enough time for his organs to be harvested). Over and over Klaus gets hit by speeding car after speeding car until he manages to bring himself back to the world of the living in under two minutes. Now he’s ready. But ready for what?

Now it’s time for part two and Reggie takes Klaus to a cemetery where he’s left to be chased by ghosts. Reggie motivates him to take charge, citing that Klaus’ Reginald father did what he did to make Klaus doubt himself and feel small so he could be controlled.

He faces the spirits again and somehow banishes them away in a flash of light emitting from his body.

Luther’s Split Allegiance Unites

Loyal to his own family, and Sloane now, Luther is left in a tough place to unite the families for the common cause of solving the Kugelblitz. He and Sloane go and fetch Five, Diego, and Lila as they argue about heading back over to Hotel Oblivion to bring them back to the Sparrow Academy.

At the Academy, Allison comes clean to Viktor about killing Harlan. Allison tells him that Harlan had told her the truth about their mothers and that she knows Viktor was lying about it. The two get into it, Allison is angry over how adamantly Viktor tried to save Harlan but has done nothing to try and bring Claire back, and that every bad thing that has happened to them can be traced back to Viktor. And somehow he never has to pay for that. Her new strengthened powers from Harlan’s energy field return, sealing Viktor’s mouth shut and rendering him unable to breathe with a simple command. Viktor heads to Ben’s room upstairs after striking Allison across the face, and the planning continues.

They head downstairs to get a look at the Kugelblitz and Sloane and Five formulate a plan to trap it using Sloane, Viktor, Lila, and Christopher. They’re using its own gravity to condense it and then Grace arrives to save “God,” forcing the others to fend her and her flamethrower off until Five transports her upstairs and kills her.

They manage to get the Kugelblitz safely stored inside Christopher, the next Kugel wave coming out as a fart.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Time to Celebrate

With the Kugelblitz safely contained it’s time to party. Champagne is passed around the dancing heroes, but Luther is up on the roof seeing the reality of the destruction caused. The world is quite literally burning as a result of the Kugel waves. Sloane heads up to find him and they plan to visit Italy right before Luther asks for her hand in marriage with a handmade ring containing a rock from the moon. She agrees, and it’s time to plan a wedding!

Lila also has a confession. She didn’t only bring Stan here to mess with Diego, it’s because she actually is pregnant and wanted to see how Diego would be as a father. She wants to be a family.

Five Levels with Viktor

If there are any Hargreeves who can make a point and nail it home, it’s Five. He finds Viktor in Reggie’s office and tells him that there is no formula that makes up for the lives people like them — powerful people — take. You can’t save so many people to absolve yourself for the lives you took. They’re too powerful to be making decisions like this, especially alone.

You know what they call a superhero who works alone and doesn’t listen to anybody? A villain.


He assures Viktor he’s always here for him, no more going rogue, but if he lies to them again Five will kill Viktor himself.

Sparrow Split

Fei wants to kill the Umbrellas now that the Kugelblitz is taken care of, but Ben has made some kind of deal with Reggie that needs them. Fei is furious that he’s gone and made this deal without anyone’s input and she and Christopher decide that they’ll no longer be following his orders.

That is until the Kugelblitz breaks free from Christopher, and sucks in Fei and everyone else in its path as he swallows the building, Five getting everyone else out in the knick of time. Back to square one.

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