‘Tom Swift’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “…And the Cost of Forgiveness”

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In the series finale of Tom Swift, the clock ticks down to save Barton. However, chaos at Swift Enterprises poses some unseen challenges for the crew. Read on to find out what happens in “…And the Cost of Forgiveness.”

Susannah’s Plan

Isaac and Zenzi get the second to last capsule piece while Tom works out his anger. Lorraine finds him asks about the piece, but Tom doesn’t want to talk. Zenzi returns with it and says The Road Back has the last piece. They can use the Black Engineering Futures Conference to get it from Susannah. When he’s alone, Tom calls Justin to apologize. Justin reveals he figured as much when Tom texted to give Susannah SwiftSight. But it turns out Susannah faked the notification. She wants Tom to face consequences.

Faulty Sight

Tom arrives and the conference is in full swing. He tells Isaac and Zenzi about Susannah and decides to clear SwiftSight from the floor so no one can use them. But in the office, Lino finds Quinn with the rest of them and asks to use one to see his mom. Quinn eventually agrees, but Lino winds up on the floor screaming about fire and being burned. The trio rush to him, and Tom takes off the SwiftSight and calms Lino. He realizes Susannah sabotaged it to make people relive their worse memories on a loop. After using a desensitization sequence on Lino, Tom finds and fixes the bug. He calls Susannah, who is a bit too relaxed about Tom besting her. Cue more screaming from the main area, where everyone is affected by something.

Panic! at the Conference

Ben Adams/The CW

As panic ensues, a woman stops Tom and says it was the infrasonic cannons, but most people are showing signs of poison. Tom and Lino realize it was cyanide, and Tom sends Lino to grab stuff from Lorraine that will help make an antidote. Tom gives Lino instructions to distribute it while he goes find Isaac and Zenzi, who are part of their own group of affected people because of the door. Barclay scans the door but can’t identify the substance. Elsewhere, Lorraine is grabbed by a Road Back mole but saved by Claire who uses her gel to subdue him.

With almost everyone recovered, Tom tries to explain what happened. A man in the crowd tries to blame Tom and his tech, but Tom shuts him down quick. He would never harm them; they’re his people. After giving a rousing speech, he has everyone use the now fixed SwiftSight to break up and find a solution for the door. A group of chemical engineers identify the substance and help the final group of affected people. A group of civil engineers help Tom get the doors open.

Barclay or Barton

Ben Adams/The CW

Lorraine finds Tom and asks about Barton. But Tom doesn’t believe Barton deserves to be saved (and he’s right), explaining why — despite how Lorraine defends Barton. She pleads with Tom to extend grace and mercy. Cue Tom in a car chase with Susannah, who has the last piece. They reach the Swift Enterprises server farm where Susannah tries to recruit Tom again. Thanks to some nifty glasses, her speech was livestreamed. Annoyed, she tosses the bag with the piece against the bay door and a seemingly insignificant explosion happens before she leaves.

But it was a big explosion and destroys the computers inside — the computers that were Barclay. So, Tom has a choice: protect Barclay’s data or get the capsule data to save Barton. He chooses Barton. After finding another car, Tom heads to Zenzi and Isaac who are preparing a jetpack to find Barton. The launch is successful, and video comes through with Barton on the screen. Tom heads to the observatory to try and communicate.

Biggest Cliffhanger Ever

Zenzi and Isaac pack up and find out the Eskol’s car was sabotaged. There was a lot of blood, but no body was found. Meanwhile, Lorraine confronts Claire about the gel. Lorraine tells Claire she’s fired, but Claire has all of Lorraine’s recorded confessions.

To really wrap up the show, Tom manages to contact Barton, saying he forgives him. But the connection is severed, thanks to Rowan. Tom is angry and Rowan explains Barton told him to do that. Barton is approaching a wormhole and needs to go through it to survive. Said wormhole will drop Barton in the year 2096, which is where he meets Rowan and sends him back to the present day for this very reason.

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