‘Tom Swift’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “…And His Two Men and a Baby”

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On this week’s Tom Swift, Tom and co. go find The Road Back’s next target, but, of course, they run into some trouble. Meanwhile, new feelings hang in the air. Read on to find out what happens in “…And His Two Men and a Baby.”

Next Target

The trio is in absolute shambles after their latest capsule retrieval. They get back to the manor where Tom is ready to save Barton, but Zenzi reminds him they need all the pieces first. They also need Barclay back online. Zenzi thinks Tom needs to talk to Isaac and he deflects. The conversation eventually lands on Rowan, who’s waiting for Tom out front.

Tom wants to know about the blood and Rowan fills him in. He adds that he’ll fix Barclay if Tom helps save The Road Back’s next target: Andrita Lehman, who is allegedly Rowan’s family member. Tom is suspicious until Rowan tells him that Susannah leads The Road Back and shows proof. Tom agrees and fills in Zenzi and Isaac on the jet. He also learns Andrita has been off the grid for a month.

Tom and the Baby

The group finds Andrita’s house and sees it ransacked inside. But Andrita is safe and on maternity leave. Oh, and she doesn’t know Rowan. Tom and Isaac fill her in when The Road Back arrives. Andrita says they need to split up, giving the baby to Zenzi, Tom, and Isaac while Rowan stays with her.

At the manor, Tom is vibing with the baby when Isaac messages him saying Andrita is safe, and he wants to talk. Tom consults the baby about Isaac when Rowan noisily arrives. Rowan soothes the baby and avoids telling Tom why he lied about Andrita. Soon, the FBI comes knocking and Tom hands the baby off to Rowan while he, Zenzi, and Isaac talk to the agents. They separate the trio, with Isaac and Zenzi’s guy questioning them about Andrita. Zenzi calls her ”lawyer,” who’s actually Eskol, ending the conversation with a veiled ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Tom’s agent tries to throw him off. Tom makes a remark about Quantico that reveals the guys aren’t actually FBI. They all end up back in the entryway when they disarm the security, and a third guy shows up. Tom sets off a flash bomb to disarm them, but Zenzi gets caught in it. After hiding Rowan, Tom and Isaac make a plan to save Zenzi, and it works. But Rowan wasn’t so lucky and got hurt in the chaos. The third guy found him and has the baby. Thanks to some cool tech, Tom takes out the guy and saves the baby. Afterward, they plan how to protect Andrita. Things are super awkward with Isaac and Tom, and Zenzi says they need to talk.

Confessions and Rejections

On the jet, on the way to drop off Andrita, Tom and Isaac clear the air. They both care about each other but not romantically. Isaac reveals he was thinking about someone else when they almost kissed. Andrita and Rowan appear and Andrita expresses her gratitude. Tom tells her she can live a relatively normal and safe life in hiding, and that Swift Enterprises will invest in her work.

Eskol goes to see Zenzi and spills the beans about The Road Back. He needs her help so he can get out and be with her. He offers a show of faith by telling her about Susannah. She knows but thanks him for being honest. They kiss and it escalates, and Zenzi misses a call from Isaac. He later shows up to profess his feelings for Zenzi, who can’t reciprocate. The moment is ruined when Isaac spots Eskol in the background.

Tom, Put Your Shirt On

Barclay is fixed and Tom thanks Rowan who thanks Tom for Andrita. Tom wonders why Rowan lied. Rowan admits he didn’t think Tom would help him. Tom asks for a little faith and shares that Rowan makes him open up. Rowan winces at his wounds which prompts Tom to remove his shirt to help. It turns out the shirt is imbued with a clotting agent that helps heal wounds faster. The two watch security cam footage of the guys from earlier as Rowan says his cover is still intact. But the episode ends on a shot of what seems to be a listening device.

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