‘Miss Memory Lane’ Review: An Enthralling Read and Debut from Colton Haynes


Readers may be most familiar with Haynes for his portrayal of various teen show characters such as Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf and Roy Harper on Arrow, but in Miss Memory Lane, he pulls back the curtain and puts to rest all the things people think they know about him in a gut-wrenching and inspiring story.

As a follower of Haynes, I wasn’t sure what to expect before heading into reading this. I came out of it feeling like I’d just made a friend. That all the struggles that make us human — someone I have admired from afar, could also go through. This is one of those reads that will stick with me for a very long time. While talking about the glamorous, dizzying effects of Hollywood, Miss Memory Lane spends a lot of time peeling off the layers of his childhood and early teen years that have shaped him into who he is today.

By no means is the memoir a lighthearted read. Haynes survived a very unconventional upbringing, taking him all over the United States before finally settling in Los Angeles, California where he got his big break with Teen Wolf. By default, there are heavy topics that Haynes doesn’t hold back when discussing, such as his own experiences with sexual assault, addiction, and abuse.

All of that said, for Haynes’ debut as an author, he does an incredible job at creating a distinct voice and visuals through his writing ability. Memoirs tend to be polished accounts of one’s life, but Haynes lays it all out flat. Through his struggles with his sexuality from an early age, the hardships of being LGBTQ+ in Hollywood, and the poignant presence of deteriorating mental health, many will find themselves able to connect with aspects of his story because it’s an authentic account.

Miss Memory Lane is a raw, heartbreaking look at Haynes’ journey to his most authentic self. Baring all, it will have you reflecting on your own traumatic experiences that you may need to revisit and heal yourself. Through it all, though, Miss Memory Lane shines as a beacon of hope — that it’s never fully lost. It serves as a stark reminder that even the darkest of nights end, and the sun rises again.

Miss Memory Lane is now available for purchase in all formats. Catch Haynes on his book tour this summer to pick up a signed copy!

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