Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Bo Burnham Releasing Deluxe Album of ‘Inside’ With New Songs

MUSICBo Burnham Releasing Deluxe Album of 'Inside' With New Songs

So you’ve watched the Inside Outtakes and you’re obsessed with the songs that didn’t make the cut into the streaming version. Same. You’re in luck because Bo Burnham is releasing them onto streaming platforms.

On June 3, Bo Burnham Inside (Deluxe) will be available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. You can pre-save the new album on either service now.

Included in the Outtakes video, a few new Jeffrey Bezos-themed bops made their debut, along with a song about a chicken, alternate versions of many favorites including “All Eyes on Me,” and a brand new musical Joe Biden dilemma.

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The Outtakes are just as much a special as the original Inside was. Burnham’s meticulous care that goes into his work is clearly evident in this project created solely for his fans on YouTube. This one may be slightly more unhinged, but it’s just as more, if not more enjoyable to watch as the original.

Inside is currently streaming on Netflix and the Outtakes are available on YouTube.

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