Monday, March 20, 2023

Bo Burnham Releases New Footage From ‘Inside’

CELEBRITIESBo Burnham Releases New Footage From 'Inside'

It’s been one year since Bo Burnham released his first special after a five-year hiatus, Inside, and to commemorate, new footage from filming the special has been released.

The Emmy-winning phenomenon took the world by storm after its release. Written, shot, edited, and performed by Burnham in his guest house, Inside took a step out of comedy and into the issues. Filled with social commentary and meta-footage, Burham took viewers on a journey of self-discovery followed by a lot of self-deprecation and somber realizations.

In the video, Burnham confirms he spent from March 2020 all the way to the May 2021 release filming and editing and has provided another hour of content from the process. You can watch the video exclusively on Burnham’s YouTube channel!

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You can stream Bo Burnham: Inside exclusively on Netflix.

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