‘New Amsterdam’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 “I’ll Be Your Shelter”

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The last episode ended with significant changes for the character of New Amsterdam: Leila and Lauren reuniting, Floyd finding his dad, Iggy confronting Martin, and Max telling Helen to come to New York so they can get married among those moments.

Hurricane Rocks New Amsterdam

Lauren tries to get someone to take the lead with New Amsterdam getting hit soon by an incoming hurricane. Everyone turns it down and she can’t take lead because the ED is going to be the first place to get hit and needs to be evacuated. She laments to Iggy about it who points out that she didn’t ask him and insists to take the lead on it. He takes the emergency binder and tries going through the list.

It’s ruined quickly due to the hurricane, though. Gladys pulls him away from it and tells him that he’s still in charge. He gets everyone into a nearby stairwell to wait out the storm, but people talk about not being able to breathe and start throwing up. Elizabeth points out to Iggy that it’s carbon monoxide from a broken pipe above them. They get out of the stairwell and are making their way to another location when they become trapped in a hallway, with water rushing toward them and an electrical wire hanging in it. Cautiously, Iggy crosses the path and turns off the generator so they can cross to a safe area.

Floyd Helps His Dad

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Floyd goes back to the apartments that his dad runs. The lady there mistakes him for someone there to help with the hurricane prep. His dad, Horace, hesitantly lets him help. The pair work together setting up sand bags and such while throwing jabs back and forth. The lady comes down to see them and when she’s leaving, the storm shakes the building, sending a pipe on top of her. Floyd and Horace work together to free her.

There’s a rib that broke through her skin, though. Floyd gets things ready to take care of it until they can get to a hospital. While he’s sterilizing the tools he’s going to use, Horace assures her how good of hands she’s in by listing Floyd’s credentials, proving that he knows who Floyd is and has followed his life and success. Floyd hands off tools to his dad and explains what to do because he needs an extra set of hands to do this. Horace refuses at first, but Floyd throws his own knowledge of his dad into it and uses it to convince him to help.

Once the ambulance taking the lady away leaves, Floyd tells his dad that he wants answers. Horace tells him that he doesn’t have any and retreats into his apartment. As Floyd walks away, he walks out again and tells him that he thinks he messed up his shoulder moving the pipe and wants to know if Floyd knows any good shoulder doctors. After thinking on it a moment, Floyd tells him that he does and Horace asks him to call him to share their contact information with him.

Max’s Fading Hope

At the beginning of the episode, Max talks to Helen who is about to leave to fly to New York from London. They go back and forth before she tells him her flight number and they hang up.

When trying to get in contact with Helen during the storm, Max stumbles on a man who is trying to save his cart from being flown off the street. Max doesn’t get to him on time and the cart falls and injures the man’s hip. Max gets him to New Amsterdam where he convinces Lauren to let him treat the man. While treating him, Max realizes that there’s an issue with the man’s kidney and he needs to be put on dialysis.

Max works on getting the man up to the sixth floor despite the elevator and stairs being unusable. They get all the way up to the machine only to have the generator shut off as soon as they get there. Max and the patient realize nothing else can be done and the patient starts relaying a message for Max to tell his wife. He only gets so far in when the power kicks back on. They’re able to resume the treatment and save him.

After this, Max sees that Helen’s flight has landed and texts her. She tells him that it’s been a crazy day and that she’ll talk to him as soon as possible.

Difficult Decisions

A patient, April, gets brought into the ED at the start of the storm with what looks to be an ectopic pregnancy. While checking her out, Lauren notices a barcode tattoo behind her ear. She pulls Leila, who is helping her, aside to voice her concern. The man with April refuses to leave her side and they have to be careful not to tip him off. They have her pee in a cup for a pregnancy test and leave a note behind the bathroom door for her to indicate if she needs help.

When she comes out and Lauren sees that she indicated that she needs help, she tries to get the man to let them take her to surgery. He gets upset with her because another nurse told him that the only treatment needed is a pill. Wheeling April away, he takes off. Leila stops him moments later though to give him the pills for her and explain what to watch for. When he goes to wheel her off again, he realizes it’s not April in the wheelchair. Hospital security blocks him off on both sides of the hallway, while elsewhere Lauren wheels April into a supply closet and explains that she’s going to get her help. They talk about it and April admits that this is scarier than staying with the traffickers because of the aspect of the unknown here.

Marriage in Pieces

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Iggy brings up the talk from the other day and Martin tells him that he’s not sure what to say about it. They talk about the night they met and when Martin tries talking about how Iggy was special, Iggy tells him that he was actually drawn to how broke Iggy was. He continues to tell Martin that he has a need to be the strong one and because of that Iggy has to be the weak one. This upsets Martin because he doesn’t want Iggy to be broken.

Martin shows up at the hospital when they get the all-clear after the hurricane. He runs and hugs Iggy. They talk and Martin asks if he hid away from the storm. Iggy tells him that he didn’t actually and Martin is confused, asking if he got any of his texts about staying safe and hiding away. Iggy proudly tells him about how he didn’t because he led the hospital through the storm. Martin asks him why he’d take that risk and Iggy frustratedly expresses that he had something to prove because a voice in his head that’s Martin is holding him back. They decide that they can’t do this and Martin tells Iggy he should move out.

Lauren Makes A Choice

After rekindling their relationship, Lauren gets Leila a coffee at work to start their day. Leila hesitantly accepts.

At the end of their shift, Lauren admits that the money she’s lending Leila will always be an issue in their relationship. She holds too much power over Leila’s immigration process for them to be able to have honest and open communication. She tells Leila to keep her apartment until she gets it all sorted out and Lauren will find somewhere else to stay until then.

Almost A Wedding

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Floyd finally shows up at the hospital and cracks a joke about changing his meal option leading to Max telling him that there isn’t going to be a wedding if he can’t find a venue due to the hurricane ruining the one they were going to use. They discuss it for a moment and Floyd tells him he has a plan.

Max’s friends at New Amsterdam set up Max and Helen’s spot, on the roof of New Amsterdam, so they can do a beautiful wedding up there. Max calls and leaves a voicemail explaining this all to Helen. As he waits at the end of the makeshift aisle, she finally calls him. She never left London and breaks down telling Max that she can’t do this.

This was the season finale for season 4! New Amsterdam will be back in the fall for its fifth and final season. Keep an eye out for updates and our other coverage of the show until then!

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