Monday, March 20, 2023

Jon Watts To Direct Coming-Of-Age ‘Star Wars’ Series for Disney+

TELEVISIONDISNEY+Jon Watts To Direct Coming-Of-Age 'Star Wars' Series for Disney+

MCU Spider-Man trilogy director Jon Watts recently exited Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four reboot fueled by a desire to focus his efforts outside of the superhero genre for a while. It seems Watts has found his escape in a galaxy far, far away, as it was announced today that the director will be creating a Star Wars series alongside Jon Favreau.

The series is currently under the working title Grammar Rodeo, a reference to a famous episode of The Simpson’s where Bart and his friends use a fake license to rent a car and run away for a week, using a made-up educational event (a grammar rodeo) as a cover. The series reportedly takes place after Return of the Jedi, in an era centered around the reconstruction of the galaxy following the fall of the Empire.

The series is also being described as a coming-of-age adventure story reminiscent of Amblin films from the ’80s. Outside of these very broad details, the exact plot of the series is being kept under wraps for now.

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Stay tuned with Nerds & Beyond as this series develops.

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