‘All American: Homecoming’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “Move On”

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In this week’s episode of All American: Homecoming, Damon gains more questions than answers regarding his search for his birth parents, Simone becomes a mentor to a young tennis hopeful, Amara and her sister Tina learn who is out to get her, Keisha confronts an unexpected visitor, and Thea makes a life-changing decision about what happened to her.

Fighting Courage

Thea’s still reeling from the events from the previous episode. She’s traumatized and isn’t the same person. Kevin is still around campus harassing her, and he’s also raped other women on campus. Thea runs into Aqueelah, JR’s ex-girlfriend, who reveals to Thea that she is also a victim. Aqueelah informs Thea how she was afraid to come clean and how she was embarrassed when rumors spread that she cheated on JR. Unexpectedly, Thea lets loose on Aqueelah. Thea is a ball of emotions during the entire episode, and her friends notice. Simone tries to get Thea to open up, but Thea goes off and abruptly leaves. Thea later apologizes to Aqueelah as both women press charges against Kevin.

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Are We Still Friends?

Simone and Keisha have a conversation where she tells Keisha as long as she’s with Jordan, she can’t be friends with Damon. Damon and Simone become allies for an opportunity and work together, but the distance is still lingering. Damon and Simone run into each other, and they have a conversation that seems as if they’re slowly but surely getting back to normal. After asking her if they could hang out again, Simone lets it be known to Damon that she’s taking her mom’s offer and going to LA for fall break. Things are tenser between them.

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Finding Yourself

Since her mother’s passing, Keisha has had her fair share of struggles and reveals how it’s affected many of her relationships with others. After a confrontation with Cam, Keisha seeks advice from her father — President Allen, and her ex-girlfriend Lisa as she does some soul searching. When Keisha speaks to Lisa, Lisa seems to know a lot about her still. It’s evident there’s still something there during their heart-to-heart. Instead of focusing on her relationships with Lisa and Cam, Keisha vows to continue to work on her mental health.

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Unanswered Questions

After his adoptive father’s shocking reveal, Damon meets up with JR and JR’s mother, Celine, to get some answers. Damon brings up what his father told him, and Celine isn’t too sure she can help Damon. Damon and JR end up in a huge argument which leaves their friendship uncertain.

Later, Celine and JR talk where she comes clean to him about the divorce.

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The episode ends on another wild cliffhanger. Celine reveals to Damon that she’s his birth mother, leaving JR stunned that his mother had an affair with Damon’s adoptive father.

Catch next week’s episode of All American: Homecoming on The CW Monday, May 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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