‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 20 “Enervo”

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Here’s what happened in this week’s The Rookie, “Enervo.”

Hunting Down The Explosives

The episode opens with the LAPD and the FBI trying to figure out a plan to stop the moving trucks full of C-4s. Simone suggests they shut down all traffic in LA. Chen points out that companies that own these rental trucks should have GPS tracking. They get both plans in motion before breaking up to hunt for the trucks. Simone rides with John while Tim and Lucy ride together, and Wade and Matt fly in a helicopter and look from above.

Before they can spot it, one of the trucks explodes by the Staples Center and collapses part of the 110. This leads Nyla to believe he’s targeting the freeways. After that, Simone uses her experience as an LA native to think about where traffic is heavy, and people could be affected.

Tim and Lucy spot one of the trucks and cut it off. The driver tells them that he’s unaware of the bomb on his truck and the plans related to it. Shortly after that, Matt sees one of the trucks from the sky. Officers take it down while Smitty finds another one.

Casey calls in about the last truck after getting tracking information from the company that owns the trucks. John and Simone go after it, and when the driver won’t stop, John rams into it. Bailey and her team show up to get Simone and John out of the car. Bailey yells at them, and Nolan explains to Simone that she lives with him. They get Simone and Nolan out of there.

The CIA is Involved

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Gray and Matt visit a local CIA because they think the suspect is linked to the CIA because of the classification of his fingerprint. They talk to Bill there, who isn’t eager to help them, but agrees to look into it after some persuading. After Gray and Matt leave, a guy comes into the room and asks if there’s a problem. Bill responds by telling him to get the band warmed up.

John and Tim talk to one of Tim’s army contacts, Kate, from the CIA. She doesn’t give up any information but freaks out when Tim says “enervo.” The man who is working with Bill shows up during the meeting after the code name is dropped. John slips his phone into her pocket before she leaves so they can track it.

Tim calls into Wade and Matt about what happened. Matt makes some calls to get it all sorted out. He ends the call with “I love you.” leading to Wade questioning it. Matt reveals his assistant is his niece.

Tim, now with back-up, stops the car Kate’s in and takes her back to the station with them.

Simone Helps

Simone’s dad shows up at the hospital where John and Simone were taken to. He immediately starts yelling about her not being in a hospital bed. Simone yells back and breaks down into tears about how scared she was. This leads to her dad hugging her, but they quickly go back to fighting when she talks about getting back to work. Interrupting the fight, Casey admits that Simone has been vital to the investigation and asks her to come back and help.

Casey and Simone talk about their personal lives. Casey ends the conversation with talking about how unforgiving the job can be. She talks about how “once you clock in, you never clock out.”

Simone is assigned to look in the database to try to find the guy with a Russian accent. Casey explains the system of everything she does when looking in the database. Simone tells her that this isn’t how she works, and Casey tells her that that’s the way they do things at the FBI. She does also reveal that they’re trying to start a new unit that spends more time on the streets.

Zeke Returns

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Simone asks to go to the bathroom, but instead, she goes and finds Zeke. She found a walkman in lost and found before heading his way and brought it to him to help with his sensory issues. He asks her about the explosion, and Simone lets him know that 17 people died because of the detonators he made.

After talking about the bombing, Simone has him close his eyes and think about any details about the Russian man. He says that he reminds him of a coach in high school. He ate energy bars in a weird manner, and this man did too. When he says it was a different energy bar with Russian writing on it, Simone asks Zeke to draw what they look like.

Ilya’s Revenge

The suspect is seen showing up at someone’s house in disguise. He deactivates the alarm with his phone before looking at a picture of Bill with his family. After lingering, he takes a hairbrush from the bathroom and leaves.

The suspect drives into an alley and kicks out the homeless people camping there. He proceeds to call himself in, pretending to be someone else.

They have a robot sweep the outside of the car for explosives. A woman goes up and uses a camera to scan the inside before opening the driver’s side door. She calls it clear. After that, Simone and Casey appear on the scene and talk to Nyla and Angela. Simone gives information about the case that upsets Casey because of the lack of security with possible privileged information.

The group listens to the 911 call and realizes the suspect called it in. After this, they find the hairbrush in the steering wheel.

Enervo is Answered

Tim and Matt try to get information from Kate. When she won’t give anything up, Matt threatens to arrest her for withholding information and then points out that after all this, the CIA isn’t going to want her anymore. Tim tells her about the impact of the lives lost and the potential for more, and why she’s in the CIA, to begin with.

She explains that “enervo” is an answer. It’s a black op operation to take out cities without the CIA actively on the ground and involved. They recruited citizens from those countries to attack from the inside. She doesn’t know who ran the operation, though, and wasn’t sure if it was officially sanctioned. She recognizes the suspect as Ilya Sokurov. He was helping with enervo, but he got taken by the Russians after being believed to be a spy. The CIA abandoned him when it happened.

He escaped though and is now using what the CIA taught him against them.

Simone Investigates

Simone gets the drawing of the energy bar and calls her dad to see if he knows more. She shows up at her dad’s job, which happens to be at James’ shelter. They also reveal that Simone and James went to school together.

Simone’s dad knows where she could probably get one of the energy bars but gets upset that she wants to go out looking. She calls John to help her. When Simone gets to the deli her dad suggested, she sees the suspect.

Against John’s wishes, Simone goes up to the suspect and asks him where the aquarium is. He tries to get away from her, but she keeps pushing until he throws her to the ground. She attempts to fight back before he runs off. John shows up at that moment and helps her up before calling it in and chasing them after him. Simone calls Casey and tells her about everything.

Meanwhile, the group at the CIA goes after the suspect as well. Bill tells them to kill the man because they’ll go to prison otherwise. At the same time, the DNA from the hairbrush comes back as Bill’s, and Matt and Gray go after him.

Catching The Suspect

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John and Simone go after Ilya in the aquarium. John gives Simone a gun, and they go searching for him.

After some searching, they find Ilya, and he tells John that he needs to tell him his story so that when the CIA kills him, someone would know. He says Bill promised to take care of his wife and girls if anything happened to him. His family was killed because of it all, and Ilya blames Bill. Ilya says he needed to tear down everything Bill’s built because of it.

When leaving the aquarium, The CIA guys are waiting, and one of them shoots Ilya in the shoulder, but he’s still alive. Simone and John get into a shoot-out with them until the LAPD shows up. Tim and the others arrest the CIA guys while the FBI takes Ilya into custody.

The Future of Simone

At the end of the episode, Matt tells Simone that she’s the worst trainee and rattles off why. Simone defends herself by talking about how she helped arrest all these people. Matt says he’ll keep an eye out for her, and she mentions the new unit, to Casey’s dismay.

Simone walks out of the meeting to find her dad waiting. He says he’s going to bring her to the airport. They walk outside to see John waiting. Her dad shakes John’s hand for saving her life. Simone admits that she’s scared after this case because she’s not done with training yet. John mentions how addictive it all is once you actually start helping people.

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