‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Fallout”

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As Naomi deals with the massive revelation that her parents are aliens, her enemies gather. Her destiny becomes impossible to ignore, but is Naomi ready for the truth about her origins? Read on to see what happened in “The Fallout”!

Thank You For Being A Friend

Danny Delgado/The CW

Naomi is in shock after finding out her parents are secretly aliens. Despite Jennifer and Greg’s pleas, she packs a bag and leaves, heading for Annabelle’s house. Annabelle tries to reassure Naomi that her parents love her, but Naomi reminds her that her parents let her feel alone when she discovered her powers. She can’t trust any of the adults anymore.

Annabelle heads to Naomi’s house with her little sister Sophie to get some of her things and is surprised when Jennifer is there. Jennifer cries, begging Annabelle to tell Naomi they love her and want to make this right. But Annabelle gets overwhelmed and leaves with Sophie. Her next stop? Dee’s shop, where she asks Dee to get the items Naomi wanted. She feels helpless and like she’s failing Naomi, but Dee points out that just being there for her is enough. After the party (more on that later), Naomi tells Annabelle she’s a great friend before heading home to her parents.

Unlikely Alliances

Greg goes to Zumbado, letting him know that the military still has the task force dedicated to finding aliens. He tells Zumbado that the military now has a device that can track aliens created from Naomi’s outburst at Star Labs. They need to erase Naomi’s energy from the site, or the government will be able to find her. They go to Star Labs, where Greg is amazed at the scale of Naomi’s powers. They argue over what to tell Naomi about her destiny, with Zumbado informing Greg that it’s time Naomi’s parents told her the truth. Their dream for her to live a normal life undetected is crumbling, and they need to face it.

Akira is working in her makeshift lab when Mac interrupts. Brutus sent Mac to get Akira to help defeat Naomi, but Akira doesn’t want to get involved. Mac threatens her before leaving. Akira tells Zumbado about Mac’s visit. He doesn’t believe her, but they have no choice but to work together. After saving Naomi, Akira and Zumbado discuss their plans. They know Brutus won’t stop until Naomi and everyone she loves are dead. But both vow to protect her and everyone she cares about.

Destiny’s Calling

Danny Delgado/The CW

Naomi goes to Zumbado and Dee after finding out about her parents. Dee reveals that his wings can only sense aliens with powers. He couldn’t sense her parents because they are “normal,” though he notes that the term is relative. Dee is just as surprised as Naomi, but Zumbado quietly tells her that he knew her parents on Earth-29, which means he’s known all along. Naomi is crushed even as Zumbado explains that he just wanted her to have a normal life as long as she could. She questions her origin story and wants to know what else Greg and Jennifer have been keeping from her.

Naomi and Annabelle head to the woods to find the site where Naomi was found. Under her rock, Naomi finds a small box that glows when she touches it. She decides to go to the underground alien bar to get intel, skipping school in an uncharacteristic move. Lourdes agrees to drive her as a certified rebel herself. Naomi asks her to wait outside the bar after the two bond on the car ride.

In what may not be Naomi’s smartest move, she pulls out the cube to show the bouncer. Aliens flock to her in desperation, and Naomi is saved when Akira shows up. Lourdes takes them both back to her shop, giving the two time alone. Akira tells Naomi that the cube is a trans-matter cube that allows for interdimensional travel and she was the one who created it. It was meant to help the 29 escape the planet, but it can also bring them back, which is why the other aliens were so interested. Naomi is intrigued at this prospect, but Akira warns her that she shouldn’t go back. Their discussion is interrupted as Naomi’s principal arrives. She’s busted for skipping school.

Greg and Jennifer pick her up from the principal’s office, but Naomi’s not interested in hearing what they have to say. They try to put their foot down about Naomi going back to Annabelle’s, but Naomi scoffs that unless they’re also hiding powers from her, it’s not like they can stop her. She heads to Dee’s for training, but he can see she’s off. Naomi shares that she feels abandoned. Her whole life, she has never once lied to her parents. She never felt the need to rebel like other teenagers. But now, she feels like her whole identity has been shattered. Dee tells her she is strong and capable, no matter what happens with her parents.

Danny Delgado/The CW

As part of her new rebel routine, Naomi heads to a party after Lourdes’ invite. Annabelle tags along, and they are all having fun. The dancing between Lourdes and Naomi turns flirty as Nathan still ghosts Naomi, but when Lourdes leans in for a kiss, Naomi steps back. Lourdes is hurt, thinking Naomi just used her for a ride and to experiment with being rebellious. Once Naomi reminds her that she’s still dating Nathan, Lourdes is even more upset, noting that the selfies they took in her car during their road trip were clearly meant to make him jealous. When she leaves, Naomi is alone.

In that moment, Mac chooses to strike. She tells Naomi to leave the party or she’ll hurt her friends. Outside, Mac tries to play nice by “offering” to have Naomi join Brutus, but she pulls out a weapon when Naomi refuses. They fight, and Akira and Zumbado arrive to back Naomi up. Mac vanishes, vowing Akira will regret betraying them. Naomi heads home, but she’s not ready to hear what Jennifer and Greg have to say yet.

Naomi airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find our other coverage of the series here.

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