‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Bizarros in a Bizarro World”

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In this episode of Superman & Lois, Clark makes it to the other side, Bizarro Jonathan is on the rise, and it’s a race against the clock to stop Ally before the merge. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Bizarros in a Bizarro World.”

The Search for Ally

Clark makes it through the other side and heads to Bizarro’s fortress. There, he finds Jonathan, who takes him to the farm to keep prying eyes away. Clark is on the hunt for Ally to stop her before the merge takes place, and she has complete power. Jonathan suggests they go to the DoD; her people took it over months ago.

Bizarro Jon’s Uprising

Bettina Strauss/The CW

At an event that the whole family is attending, a man is in trouble while Clark is occupied. Jon swoops in to save him and discovers his powers. While creating his super persona, he steps into his own, sporting a leather jacket and jean ensemble as his suit. Clark teaches him the ins and outs so he can one day take on the mantle. With the whole family reaching celebrity status, Jon takes the reigns and goes out to save the world on his own. Bizarro Clark and Lois are both angry, and Jon lashes out because he wants to be understood instead of the other way around.

On a date with Misty, she introduces him to Ally, who works her magic and forces him to merge. Now, all caught up, Bizarro Lois tells Clark not to tell Bizarro Jon anything because he’s working for Ally.

The Face-Off

At the farm, Anderson and Clark face off against Bizarro Tal-Rho, Lana, Ally, and Jon. Anderson tells Clark to get back to their Earth before taking on Jon, who eventually kills him. Jon then takes the pendant from Clark and hands it to Ally so the two Ally’s can merge together. Tal has a change of heart and takes out Lana so that Clark can save his son. He failed his brother once before, so he doesn’t want to do it again. Clark rushes after Ally to stop the merge.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Episodes stream the next day on The CW app as well as cwtv.com.

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