‘Moon Knight’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Tomb”


In the fourth episode of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, Steven/Marc and Layla make their way to Ammit’s tomb, a discovery is made, and things get downright wild.

Finding Ammit’s tomb

After narrowly escaping capture, Steven and Layla follow their newly obtained coordinates to find Ammit’s tomb. They find a dig site and stop to search for supplies. Marc begins to berate Steven from a mirror inside of a tent, accusing him of being in love with his wife. Meanwhile, Layla is in another tent, and the camera ominously pans down to a crate that’s covered in blood splatter. Layla helps Marc suit up so they can go underground, and Steven admits to her that Marc is just trying to protect her from Khonshu. Steven kisses Layla, and Marc proceeds to take over control of their body for a moment so he can punch Steven in the face.

The Eye of Horus

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT
Csaba Aknay/Marvel Studios

Once they make their way down into the tomb, Steven is in all of his nerd glory when he finds himself surrounded by ancient Egyptian history. They come to the conclusion that Ammit’s final avatar was a pharaoh, and the maze-like tomb is structured in the shape of the Eye of Horus. They grow weary as they find bones and a table that appears to be covered in fresh blood, and their fears are soon realized when something drags a man onto the table and begins to take apart his body. The inhuman being realizes that it’s not alone and begins to creep up on Steven and Layla in a frightening manner, though Steven manages to surprise himself when he seemingly “squishes” it.

Arthur reveals the truth to Layla

Layla and Steven are separated, and as Layla tries to make her way through the maze, another one of the beings attacks her. She manages to fight it off with a flare, but then Arthur finds her. She walks away from him, but she pauses when he calls her the nickname that her father used for her. Arthur tells Layla the truth that Marc has apparently been keeping from her: her father was murdered by Marc and his fellow mercenaries.

Alexander the Great

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT
Gabor Kotschy/Marvel Studios

Elsewhere, Steven finds the long-lost tomb of Alexander the Great. He pushes open the sarcophagus, but he doesn’t see the ushabti. If you’re going to hide something for all of eternity, it needs a good hiding spot. Using the clue that Alexander was the voice of Ammit, Steven pries open the mouth of the mummified body and finds it. Layla approaches him, but she doesn’t share Steven’s excitement. She’s furious, and she demands to speak to Marc. Layla asks Marc if he killed her father, and he immediately tells her that he didn’t … but he was there.

Marc explains that his partner got greedy and executed everyone at the dig site. He tried to save her father, but he couldn’t. Marc was shot that night, too, and he would have died if it wasn’t for Khonshu’s resurrection. Layla is even more upset when she realizes that this is the reason that they met in the first place. Their conversation is interrupted when they hear Arthur’s men coming for them. Marc prepares to hold them off so that Layla can escape. Arthur slowly approaches Marc, and when Marc tries to fight off the guards, Arthur shoots him in the chest. Marc falls into the water surrounding the sarcophagus, and then we see his body begin to tumble through darkness …

An uncertain reality

The darkness gives way to an old Indiana Jones-esque movie, and the camera pans out to reveal that it’s playing on a television in a mental hospital. The room is full of various things that Steven/Marc saw in the prior episodes, including:

  • The golden statue man
  • A Rubik’s Cube
  • His boss Donna
  • A beetle plush toy
  • Cupcakes
  • A drawing of a bird that resembles Khonshu
  • A goldfish
  • Layla
  • A Moon Knight action figure

Marc tries to talk to Steven in his reflection, but he does not get a response. When he stands from his wheelchair, he finds out the hard way that his ankle is chained to it. Marc wakes up some time later, and he’s sitting across from Arthur, who appears to be his psychiatrist. Marc is groggy from the sedation meds that were given to him, and he looks around the room in confusion. He sees the cane and a painting of the village where Steven saw Arthur in his “dreams.” Marc is surprised when Arthur mentions Steven. He remembers that Arthur shot him, and he gets up and stumbles away from him. Marc makes his way down the hallways of the hospital, noticing that the lights on the ceiling are swaying and objects have begun to roll across the floor. He finds a room to hide out in, where he conveniently finds Steven trapped in a sarcophagus. Incredulous, they embrace one another, uncertain of how they’re simultaneously existing in separate bodies. The last thing that Steven remembers is when Arthur shot them.

They carefully sneak down the hallway in an attempt to escape, but their path is blocked by Taweret, a goddess that appears as a bipedal hippopotamus (who was mentioned in the first episode via a gift shop plush toy). She cordially waves hello, and Steven and Marc scream in terror.

Catch the next episode of Moon Knight exclusively on Disney+ next Wednesday, April 27. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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