‘New Amsterdam’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 16 “All Night Long”

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After a brief hiatus, New Amsterdam was back with a new episode! This episode was a wild ride following stories of multiple characters as a group karaoke night goes wrong for many.

Max Plans to Propose

Max and Elizabeth pick a song to sing for the night by texting back and forth. After the song is decided, Elizabeth asks Max what’s going on. After some prodding, he reveals he’s proposing to Helen, who is joining them shortly when she lands from her flight from England that night.

When they leave the bar, both Max and Helen are drunk. She talks about how excited she is to see Luna, but Max tells her that Luna isn’t in town for the weekend. They start to flirt as they approach the apartment. Once inside, Helen has to pause the kiss to regain herself. She blames the travel and the drinking. After that, she leaves Max to go get ready for bed.

The scene jumps to Max sneaking into the bathroom to hype himself up to propose in the mirror. It starts in a silly manner but ends in an emotionally serious scene. Unfortunately, when he walks out of the bathroom, she’s fast asleep already. He tucks her in with a loving stare before going back to bed himself.

The next day while at work, Max tries to call her about a reservation he made, but it goes to voicemail. Max doesn’t think much of it as he’s assuming she’s sleeping off the alcohol.

Lauren Avoids Leyla

We see multiple instances of Lauren hiding behind the closest cover as Leyla walks by through out the episode. After a failed attempt of hiding in a plant, Lauren admits that she wants to give Leyla space to make her more comfortable. Leyla thanks her for it and on the nice note, Lauren asks if Leyla is okay. She responds by telling Lauren that there’s a problem with her visa and she thinks she’s being deported.

Casey’s Accident

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Gladys tries to get Casey to come to karaoke with the rest of them. He refuses to go at first, because Lauren will be there, but reluctantly agrees. He runs into Lauren and she follows, picking a fight because she wants to make everything right. She tells him about how she messed up and lost everything. Casey fights her apology replying with, “Honor matters.”

After some pushing, Casey says he will forgive her if she wears the taco hat that’s hooked on the wall of the bar all the rest of the night and tomorrow.

After leaving the bar, Casey meets with an army buddy, Ronnie. Once in the car, Ronnie admits things aren’t going well. Casey pushes a little on it trying to offer as much help as he can. When he starts pushing, Ronnie’s driving becomes disorderly with running stop signs. Casey pushes a little further realizing that this isn’t a safe situation and asks if Ronnie is high. This pushes him over the edge and he starts driving more erratically. It ends with him causing an accident when he drives headfirst into another car.

Lauren gets frustrated the next day when Casey doesn’t answer her calls.

Elizabeth Tries Dating

We see Elizabeth with a somewhat longing look as she watches Max leave the stage to reunite with Helen. Shortly after this, we see her leave the bar with everyone else and try to get people to keep the night going. Everyone declines leading to her opening a dating app on her phone. After swiping through a few men and women, she matches with a guy named Aaron. He doesn’t immediately answer her message leading to Elizabeth going back into the bar. After another drink, she hears back and leaves the bar. The last we see of her is her getting ready at her apartment and then her date showing up outside.

Her interpreter expresses concern the next day to Max when Elizabeth doesn’t show up the next day for work.

The Voices

A man shows up in Max’s portion of the hospital. He comes up with a lie when asked about his name. Max and Lauren work on him and find an antenna lodged in his skin. He gets patched up and a cast put on. In the process of all this, he gives two more fake names.

Iggy comes to pick him up to move him to the psychology wing. At that moment, Iggy and Max realize the mystery man climbed out the window and started scaling the building

Max goes to a higher floor to talk to him. The guy talks about how he doesn’t want to be locked up. Max asks for his real name as a way to empathize with him. He refuses to give that information but he does tell Max that he was in the nearby prison, Rikers. He continues to tell him that he’ll never be out of Rikers when Max tells him he’s not there anymore. Max climbs out on the side of the building with him. He eventually gets him to grab onto Max’s hand and Max uses it to pull him to safety.

Iggy comes by to talk to him after his surgery. He asks about his time at Rikers. It was 90 days for writing a bad check. Because of COVID, he couldn’t make bail. Now he’s looking over his shoulder. The sentence served ended up being six months.

The man goes on to talk about voices in his head telling him he’s trapped. He tells Iggy that the climbing makes the voices stop. In response to that, Iggy has him take a picture. He makes him take a look at the room and take the best photo he can. When he asks if he did it correctly, Iggy directs him to ask if he could change anything and take a better picture. The man replies by saying the room is dark, so Iggy opens the window and talks to him about the distraction that comes with climbing. Iggy makes sure he makes the choices himself rather than what Iggy wants through the process before explaining that this is a better process than climbing. He points out that the voices stopped because he was so focused on the present. After this, the man reveals his name is Gustavo.

Mia’s Mystery

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At the bar, Floyd and Mia talk. Mia tells him his aura is troubled. To help, she gives him Vaccaria seeds and squeezes them against the pressure points on his ear lobes. In the middle of this process, a text pops up on her phone. It’s someone telling her that they came home early and she’s not to stop by.

Leaving the bar, Mia rides her bike until she stops at a nearby water overlook. She sits and cries on a bench there. After a moment, she stands on a bench and looks down at the concrete paths below her and the water in front of her.

The next thing we see is Floyd stopping by to thank her and notices she didn’t show up for work that day.

You Are the Father

Floyd and Clyde talk over a surgery. It starts with small talk about Lyn being back to work, but then Clyde tells Floyd a job opened up in Colorado and he’s moving there. The patient starts crashing leading to the conversation abruptly ending there.

Floyd runs into Lyn later in the episode. He tells her he heard about the move and he’s happy for them. She cuts him off to tell him that the baby is his.

Trevor Makes a Move

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Trevor tells Iggy at the bar that he admires him and he’s on his vision board. Iggy is flattered but pushes it towards a toast about friendship.

The episode flashes to later in the night when Iggy is getting more to drink. Gladys shows up and expresses her concern. Iggy insists he hasn’t drunk that much when he has. She lets him flounder for a bit and then points out Trevor is her actual concern. Iggy tries to argue about it but ends up admitting he didn’t invite Martin at all. Gladys ends the conversation by taking his champagne much to Iggy’s dismay.

When leaving the bar, Iggy vents about his life to Trevor. He talks about how the domestic parts are taking over. The kids take up so much time that he never goes out with Martin anymore. He admits that he feels like something is missing — spontaneity, specifically. Trevor says he’ll need to find out if it is.

The next we hear after that is Iggy is avoiding his office because of the mystery thing that happened between him and Trevor. He learns soon after that Trevor never showed up for work that day.

The Dots Are Connected

Max realizes that Elizabeth and Casey didn’t show up for work. This leads to him calling Floyd and Iggy to meet them. The pair reveals that Mia and Trevor are missing as well. As the group questions how half the people are missing, Max realizes Helen hasn’t answered the phone all day either. The episode ends with Helen passed out on the floor with Max’s name flashing across her phone screen next to her.

New Amsterdam will be back next week on NBC on Tuesday, April 26 at 10 p.m. ET. Be on the lookout for more coverage of New Amsterdam in the future!

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