‘All American: Homecoming’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “Just a Friend”


In this week’s episode of All American: Homecoming, Damon goes back home to Chicago to get answers about his adoption, JR decides to right work his back on the baseball team, Nate and Thea bond, and Simone accompanies Damon on his trip to Chicago, while Keisha gives her a sold advice.

On Edge

Damon goes home to Chicago to get answers from his adoptive father about his birth parents. But he’s now alone as he’s accompanied by Simone. She reluctantly volunteers to go with him, and be his support system. When they get to his home in Chicago, Damon’s mother, Keena, reminds him of how he should approach his father. Simone encourages him by grabbing his hand, which Keena notices. As Damon leaves to go talk to his father, Keena thanks Simone for being there for her son.

Then she proceeds to ask them how close they are which Simone replies they’re just friends.

Damon begins asking his dad questions but things take a huge turn when his dad has no realization of his son and begins calling him by another name—George, Damon’s uncle who passed away. This causes Damon to erupt in an angry rage and for his trip home to be wasted. Damon wasn’t aware of how serious his dad’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease because he hadn’t been home in a long time.

In a heart to heart with his mother, Damon admits he’s done with searching for his adoptive parents. Keena tells him not to give up his search, and they share an intense, loving hug.

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Too Close For Comfort

Simone makes it known that she and Jordan are still going strong, however going with Damon on his trip back home she had to reschedule one of their virtual dates. After a intense conversation with his dad, Damon suggests he and Simone head back to Atlanta but Simone insists they stay the night so he can spend more time with his mother. Back at Bringston, Damon gets a phone call from Keena about his dad being in the hospital. He goes to see Simone, and breaks down thinking his dad’s Alzheimer’s worsened by his trip home. Simone assures him it’s not his fault, as he breaks down in her arms. Later, Simone and Keisha talk about emotional cheating. At the sorority gala, Simone chats with Damon as Keisha looks at them from across the room. Damon asks Simone for a dance, which ended up with Simone panicking and asking for space as the two nearly kissed.

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Making Amends

JR’s had a rough tenure dealing with his family drama, but now he wants back on the team. So, he goes to Coach Marcus asking for his spot back. Coach Marcus wants JR to talk to the baseball team for their approval to let get back on the team. His first attempt doesn’t go well as the team wants him to explain his absence. In a team meeting, JR explains how he’s been affected by the events in his and how he’s been blaming Damon for his problems. Damon and the team welcome him back.

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Sorority Sisters

Nate and Thea are seen interacting and they soon form an unlikely alliance. After a successful gala, Nate learns she was only being used to fill the LGBTQ quota. She withdraws her interest letting the two ladies know they would’ve been lucky to have someone like her join their sorority. As Nate vents to Thea, one of the sorority members apologizes and asks both Nate and Thea to join.

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The episode ends with Damon talking to his dad, who drops a bomb on him about a woman named Celine—whom he met a coffee shop. This leaves Damon confused. Meanwhile, Simone feeling guilty about her ‘almost kiss’ with Damon finally talks with Jordan. They both tell each other they miss the other. With this new information he’s just gotten, Damon ends up at Simone’s dorm. He wants to knock, but stops himself remembering she asked for space. It seems they both feel each other’s presence, and want to vent but Damon walks away leaving their friendship uncertain.

Catch next week’s episode of All American: Homecoming on The CW Monday, April 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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