Women’s History Month: Micki Ramirez From ‘Walker’

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Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Welcome back to our first-ever Women’s Month Series! Throughout the month of March, we will be highlighting different women in pop culture — fictional characters, celebrities, and activists alike — who we think exemplify accurate and honest portrayals of women in the mainstream media and use their voices to empower and uplift.

Micki Ramirez was a Texas Ranger on The CW’s Walker, portrayed by the incredible Lindsey Morgan. Although Micki and Lindsey’s time on the show has ended (for now, hopefully, one day she might reappear!), we thought we’d celebrate what a strong and inspiring character Micki was. Micki was a veteran, having been in the Army, before joining the police force and then becoming a Texas Ranger.

Micki was an inspiration to many, especially in a male-driven career. She was strong-willed, stuck to her instincts, and always tried to do the right thing. Being Cordell’s partner wasn’t easy, as he often (in the beginning) was a wildcard due to the loss of his wife, the hunt for her murderer, and Cordell’s return from his position undercover. Micki was a much-needed force in his life, always pushing him to be better, juggling between supporting her partner and always doing the right thing. She was someone the Rangers and Cordell could count on.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

At home, Micki had Trey — her supportive and loyal boyfriend, who was also a veteran (they met in the Army) and who worked at the Sacred Heart High School, where he was a coach. Their relationship was filled with beautiful moments, real conflict, and how they navigated working through their relationship and each other’s respective careers. During the course of her time on the show, we were introduced to Micki’s mom, Adriana. It was later on revealed that Adriana was not Micki’s mother, but in fact, was her aunt. Micki’s real mother was Mercedes, and Micki’s real name was Nina Ruiz. Mercedes could not care for her, and in turn had Adriana raise her as her own, changing her name to Michelle “Micki” Ramirez.

In the second season, Micki goes undercover to protect Cordell, who had been a target for assassination by a gang called Northside Nation. While undercover, her relationship with Trey strains, and she meets someone she never thought she’d see again — Garrison, her ex-fiance. Garrison and Micki work together to try and take down Serano, the leader of Northside Nation since Garrison was working with the gang. Garrison made a deal with the Rangers, but once it came down to it, he turned on them. During the confrontation, Garrison told Micki he had to shoot Cordell and he wouldn’t miss this time. As Micki tries to stop him, he gets thrown over the side of a balcony, falling to his death. Micki was clearly distraught, and it continued to affect her throughout the rest of the time on the series, both personally and professionally. Ultimately, in the end, Micki and Trey decided to go their separate ways, and Micki returned to San Antonio to find herself again.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Micki was so many things — she wasn’t confined to one single trait or personality, as so many women often are on television. We saw her struggles, her successes, how she dealt with grief and trauma, and all of the different facets of what made her a truly beautiful, intricate person. She was strong and vulnerable, and a great inspiration for so many. When we spoke to Lindsey Morgan around the finale of the first season, we asked her what she takes away from playing Micki, a woman of color whose character is often not someone who is represented on television. Lindsey told us, “It’s truly such an honor. I really have had such a beautiful career in the sense that I get to portray these women that aren’t often portrayed in these lights, although they are around us in our real life, every day. So I really feel blessed that I get to shine a spotlight on their courageousness, on their intelligence, on their beauty, on how they defy stereotypes, and just how strong they are, but also just a reminder that these are the women of our everyday lives, and it’s a blessing to honor them.” We also have to give credit to Anna Fricke, the showrunner, Jared Padalecki, executive producer, and all the writers involved for creating such a beautiful character and giving her intricate, powerful storylines that reflect real life.

While Micki Ramirez’s story might be over for now on Walker, we can’t help but hope for her to return one day. Either way, it was incredible and moving to see her story on television, and all that Lindsey Morgan brought to the character.

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