Interview: Lindsey Morgan on ‘Walker’ Season Finale, Directing and More [EXCLUSIVE]

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The finale for the first season of Walker aired last night on The CW, and fans were captivated by the season’s arcs coming to an end with the episode leaving off on another cliffhanger.

Ahead of the finale, we got the chance to talk to Lindsey Morgan, who plays Micki on the show, all about the season finale, what’s going to happen with her and Cordell’s relationship after the events of the finale, the representation she provides playing Micki, and more.

Warning: there are spoilers for the season finale of Walker below.

Nerds and Beyond: In the finale, we see that Micki invites both of her moms to brunch. Do you think those relationships are something we’re gonna see more of in the second season?

Lindsey Morgan: I really hope so, because I love working with Alex [Menses] and Leticia [Jimenez]. They’re so much fun, and they just bring in so much life … and really embody them both in such specific ways. But as for Micki’s journey … I love how it kind of represents her past, how she was raised with Adriana, and then now for [the] future this possible new relationship that she’s finally getting to create with her real mother. I think it’s a really unique place for Micki to be in right now. It’s almost like she’s getting a second chance at creating herself and her identity through these two women in her life.

Nerds and Beyond: Then also at the end of the finale, we find out that Mickey is going to go undercover. How much do you think that’s gonna affect her relationship with Cordell [Walker]?

Morgan: I mean this is what I thought was interesting too was that Captain James and Micki decide to keep Cordell out of this information. This was possibly a personal hit on him, and they’re obviously doing it to protect him, but it is an interesting choice for them to make. I’m not sure how it will affect her relationship with Walker because I don’t know how much she’s gonna let Walker know. She can’t give details in order to protect him. So, I’m not sure what she’s going to tell Cordell, I’m not sure what she can say or not because ultimately she’s doing this all to protect him, but, you know, it could go awry. And hopefully, he understands.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Nerds and Beyond: There has been a huge positive response to your character, especially among women and women of color. What do you take away from playing a character like Micki who’s often not someone that’s represented on television?

Morgan: It’s truly such an honor. I really have had such a beautiful career in the sense that I get to portray these women that aren’t often portrayed in these lights, although they are around us in our real life, every day. So I really feel blessed that I get to shine a spotlight on their courageousness, on their intelligence, on their beauty, on how they defy stereotypes, and just how strong they are, but also just a reminder that these are the women of our everyday lives, and it’s a blessing to honor them.

Nerds and Beyond: Yeah, I mean I really love Micki in the sense that she’s portrayed as an actual woman that you see every day. She’s strong, but she has her own battles and issues and that’s shown as well.

Morgan: Yeah, I love like … we don’t really often get to see women in our armed forces … we don’t get to see that life, and I think it’s a really interesting tightrope between doing your duty and living this kind of very dangerous life in a very masculine world, but still being a woman. Women bring such unique complexities to this career. When I was doing my research about it, they talked about how women across the board kind of scored higher, and in like details around cases and other like intelligence reports … they’re vital. They’re vital to the safety of all, so I’m really … I’m honored and thankful for these women and men, and [the] people in our world that protect us.

Nerds and Beyond: Looking back on the season overall what aspects of Micki’s journey resonate with, or stand out to you the most?

Morgan: I love how much she’s changed in the sense of you really see her pretty guarded in the beginning. She has her walls up, and she doesn’t trust many. She’s been burned in the past a lot and so she’s carrying a lot with her in this new chapter of her life and as the season goes on. You see her start to learn and be surprised that things are different and people can change. Especially, you know … the men that she’s worked with may not have always been very supportive of her, and the men that she’s working with now in this circle are extremely supportive, and it surprises her, and she learns that you know not everyone is the same. Not everyone will burn you, and it’s okay to trust, and with that she then learns to trust her instincts. So you really see how Walker has rubbed off on her … he’s a great Ranger in the sense that he trusts his intuition, he trusts his heart first and foremost, and Micki … I think she felt like she couldn’t step a single toe out of line because there’s a target on her back. And the moment that she does something not by the book or not by the rules, she’ll be punished for it. But, you really see her start to open up and and push those boundaries because she’s learning to trust herself, and she’s learning … I call it her inner Mustang. She’s finding her inner Mustang the same way that Walker lives by his code, she’s finding hers. I really enjoyed that throughout the season.

Nerds and Beyond: What would you say was your favorite scene from Season 1?

Morgan: That’s so hard! I will say my favorite one was probably when I did get to go undercover and play Adriana. I love getting to jump back and forth between Adriana and Micki and I just had a blast playing with the Rodeo Kings and I’m actually old friends with Karissa Lee Staples and Clay Froning … and Austin Nichols, so it was really cool having them all on set, and just getting to play.

Nerds and Beyond: So throughout the season, you do go through a lot of fight scenes. Do you train for those?

Morgan: So I started Muay Thai which is Thai kickboxing … so yeah, I’ve been kickboxing for about four years. It’s a certain style of fighting. But with that, it really teaches you just how to move like a fighter, and then you can pick up other fight styles a lot easier. We didn’t get a train as much as I would have liked because of COVID. But I will say we’ve gotten to do some really cool fight scenes, and I’m looking forward to next season for more of that.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Nerds and Beyond: I really love Micki and Trey’s relationship. What do you love most about them?

Morgan: I love how they evolved. I also love how Trey holds space for her and her journey … he’s incredibly understanding, he’s incredibly supportive. He’s a rock, and Micki … I think she was a bit of a lone wolf up into this point. Relationships are important to her … [but] she kind of was just all about the job. They were best friends, but they hooked up for three years, and so I think the fact that Trey is consistently there for her. He’s really teaching her it’s okay to let people in, and it’s okay to really love someone.

Nerds and Beyond: Who’s someone that you’d love to have Micki interact with more next season?

Morgan: Abeline! I barely exchanged two words with her … one time I think I said, “Howdy.” I love Molly Hagan, I think she’s a brilliant actress … she’s just hilarious … a hilarious person to be around, so I would love for them to have more interactions.

Nerds and Beyond: So, last question. You directed an episode of The 100. Is that something maybe you’d like to do on Walker one day?

Morgan: 100%! I am so interested in that. I definitely got bitten by that bug, and have been working on my own stuff since then, but I’m hoping one day I’ll get a chance and to get into the driver’s seat.

Thank you to Lindsey, and make sure to watch Walker on The CW app! The Season 1 DVD will be releasing in October, and Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on October 28.

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