Saturday, May 28, 2022

‘The Batman’ Star Paul Dano to Write Comic Book About The Origin of The Riddler

Following his incredible performance as Edward Nashton/The Riddler in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Paul Dano is writing a comic book based on his portrayal of the character. Announced by Reeves today on social media, the comic will be titled “Riddler: Year One” and is set to release this October.

Along with the announcement for the comic came a teaser photo featuring the Riddler’s iconic glasses atop a pile of files, some scribbled with writing such as “question everything” and the title for the comic.

The Batman introduces a different take on the Riddler than audiences are used to seeing. Rather than a madman wrought on creating chaos throughout Gotham, Dano’s iteration of this character was much darker and disturbing with politically charged motives and a desire to take down the corrupt “leaders” of the city. Of course, what doesn’t change about the character is his obsession with the Batman and his need for attention.

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As of now, there are very few details regarding “Riddler: Year One” outside of the October release and Dano writing. However, the title is a clear reference to one of the most definitive Batman comic series that was created in 1987 by Frank Miller – “Batman: Year One” – which subsequently spurred multiple issues, totaling four. The four-issue story explores Bruce Wayne’s creation of the Batman and his first year fighting criminals in Gotham. Following the success of “Batman: Year One”, the series received two sequels – “Batman: Year Two” and “Batman: Year Three”, as well as multiple “Year One” style origin stories for various Gotham characters such as Catwoman, Robin, and Batgirl.

There is currently no exact release date for “Riddler: Year One”, so follow along with Nerds and Beyond as this comic is unmasked. You can find our spoiler-free review and a breakdown of the final cameo for The Batman here. The movie is playing exclusively in theaters now.

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