‘The Batman’ Star Paul Dano to Write Comic Book About The Origin of The Riddler

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Following his incredible performance as Edward Nashton/The Riddler in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Paul Dano is writing a comic book based on his portrayal of the character. Announced by Reeves today on social media, the comic will be titled “Riddler: Year One” and is set to release this October.

Along with the announcement for the comic came a teaser photo featuring the Riddler’s iconic glasses atop a pile of files, some scribbled with writing such as “question everything” and the title for the comic.

The Batman introduces a different take on the Riddler than audiences are used to seeing. Rather than a madman wrought on creating chaos throughout Gotham, Dano’s iteration of this character was much darker and disturbing with politically charged motives and a desire to take down the corrupt “leaders” of the city. Of course, what doesn’t change about the character is his obsession with the Batman and his need for attention.

As of now, there are very few details regarding “Riddler: Year One” outside of the October release and Dano writing. However, the title is a clear reference to one of the most definitive Batman comic series that was created in 1987 by Frank Miller – “Batman: Year One” – which subsequently spurred multiple issues, totaling four. The four-issue story explores Bruce Wayne’s creation of the Batman and his first year fighting criminals in Gotham. Following the success of “Batman: Year One”, the series received two sequels – “Batman: Year Two” and “Batman: Year Three”, as well as multiple “Year One” style origin stories for various Gotham characters such as Catwoman, Robin, and Batgirl.

There is currently no exact release date for “Riddler: Year One”, so follow along with Nerds and Beyond as this comic is unmasked. You can find our spoiler-free review and a breakdown of the final cameo for The Batman here. The movie is playing exclusively in theaters now.

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