‘Good Sam’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Truce”

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After a brief hiatus due to the Winter Olympics, medical drama Good Sam is back! The newest episode has Sam and Griff establishing a “truce” but will that stick? Meanwhile, a major fundraising gala brings some major conflict.

Keep reading to find out what happens in the latest episode of Good Sam, “Truce.”

A Friendly Father-Daughter Chat

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Sam and Griff meet up at a diner for breakfast for a friendly, and somewhat awkward, chat. Griff admits that this war for chief is destroying whatever relationship they used to have and that they should simply not talk about work, especially at the fundraising gala. Though Sam knows she has to talk about work at the gala, talk to board members who are undecided. The two talk about who on the board will likely back them and that’s when Sam realizes that they can’t keep doing this, fighting for their relationship and fighting over the job.

Griff takes out a pen and writes down a truce on a napkin, noting that it can be done. Sam’s hesitant it’s a trick, but after looking at her father, she reluctantly signs it.

We have a truce.

Dr. Sam Griffith

Lies and Betrayal

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After Griff’s failure to bring up him and Lex while he was meeting with Sam, the two of them are hiding in a closet. Lex decides to spend the day in trauma since she doesn’t want to be with Griff and Sam all day, it’s going to be weird. Griff promises he’ll tell her about them. Though later in the day, he still hasn’t told Sam about him and Lex, and she does not want to show up to the gala as his plus-one without her knowing.

Lex does manage to show up to the gala as her own plus-one and she and Griff go somewhere to talk, with Rhonda watching on. Lex tells Griff she’s done hiding, no matter how long it takes for him to tell Sam. The two of them kiss and Griff says he’s going to tell Sam everything she needs to know. Unfortunately, no secret stays a secret for long, as Sam just saw what happened.

The End of a Friendship

Following Sam’s speech, she isn’t so happy with her father and Lex. Lex wanted to tell Sam but she doesn’t need her permission. She can date whomever she wants.

A waiter at the gala collapses and falls on glass and Sam and Griff are quick to work on him. Lex tries to help but Sam pushes her off to the side, saying that her judgement is clearly impaired. During surgery, Lex comes in after getting her blood drawn, pointing out that her alcohol content is 0.0 and this is her patient. She’s in trauma today and this is trauma. Sam obliges.

Following the surgery, Sam and Lex immediately argue about personal and professional lines being crossed. Sam meant it when she said she supported Lex’s happiness but she admits she doesn’t know how to do this. Lex tells her she doesn’t need to worry about her best friend being with her dad, because they are not friends.

Paging Dr. Handsome

Caleb tries to find someone to go to the gala with but it’s no use. However, his luck may have turned around after a patient suggests he go out with her single daughter, even calling him Dr. Handsome. Despite some mocking from Sam and Joey, he does actually end up meeting and flirting with the patient’s daughter, Erin. Although she admits that her mother has tried to set her up on dates before, she offers to buy Caleb dinner for all that he’s done. He passes on it, knowing he’ll likely regret it, as his heart is still set on someone else.

That night, Caleb gets an unexpected visitor at his house. It’s Sam, who thinks she lost her way. Caleb lets her in to talk.

An Unlikely Partnership

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Malcolm and Vivian are working together to bring forth a community clinic that serves all patients regardless of income. While it’s ready to pitch, Vivian isn’t sure that Malcolm’s father will be on board. Vivian suggests they take it to the board members first at the gala, but Malcolm thinks it’s risky. So he offers to talk to his father about it.

At the gala, Malcolm discusses the community clinic with Byron, giving his pitch. However, Byron has already heard it and the answer is still no. Sam later encourages Malcolm to not give up on the community clinic and talk to his dad one on one. He always tells her to stand up for her vision. Now it’s her turn to do the same.

Malcolm tries to talk to Byron again, though Byron tells him that Vivian is using him. All he is to her is a way to get to him. At the end of the night, Malcolm confronts Vivian, who admits to pitching a smaller and less polished version of the idea. Vivian thought Malcolm would get a yes because Byron is his father. She tells him this is business and basically admits to using him to get to Byron.

An Unexpected Voter

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At the gala, Rhonda admits to Vivian that the Board wants her to weigh in on who should be Chief of Cardio since CMO should have a vote in such a crucial staffing decision. In other words, Vivian must choose between her daughter and her ex-husband. The CMO doesn’t vote on Board matters.

Vivian later tells Sam about the vote and how she’s going to speak to Byron because Rhonda does not dictate policy. Besides that, Vivian encourages Sam before she makes her big speech at the gala and the votes will come.

Vivian tells Rhonda to stay away from her family, and that if she has to vote, she will vote. Rhonda mentions that she told Byron that if she doesn’t, she would be happy to step in as CMO. Vivian has been abusing her power too long and now she’s taking money out of Rhonda’s pocket. If Rhonda wants her job, she’s free to come and get it. Oh, Rhonda plans to.

Later that night, Sam finds Vivian and demands she tell her she’s voting for her. She needs to know that she has her support. However, Vivian can’t go on record about how she’s going to vote. Sam gets it. She’s going to win this with or without her vote.

Parents of the Year

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Griff and Malcolm finally meet at the fundraising gala, but Griff acts like a typical dad and embarrasses his daughter. Though he hits a hard spot when he brings up Malcolm’s mother as his parents divorced 12 years ago. Following the awkward chat, Sam apologizes to Malcolm for her father but he gets it. A dad embarrassing his daughter. He wants a relationship with her even though it’s not perfect, it’s better than the alternative. Sam didn’t even realize he didn’t talk to his mom anymore, let alone she was still on the Board. Malcolm says she’s still part of the Kingsley Family Foundation, it’s just the Kingsley part she doesn’t want to be part of anymore.

The two of them walk towards Griff and Byron, who are talking to each other about their own kids, though not very kindly. Byron says that he will never let Sam replace Griff and that they are going to keep the kids in line. Malcolm clears his throat and he talks to Byron, while Sam talks to Griff. He made a deal with Byron, their truce is over.

A Complicated Game

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Griff tries to apologize to Sam about Byron, since that was not what it looked like. Though Sam brings up him and Lex.

“I have been trying to keep up with you in a game that you’ve had rigged the entire time.”

Sam doesn’t forgive Griff for what happened at the gala. Despite them saving someone, they also nearly killed each other while doing so. She doesn’t think those two things go together. Griff indirectly tells Sam that tonight was her fault, that she needs to separate the personal and professional or she will suffer.

One More Truth Comes Out

Malcolm tells Sam that he was wrong about her father, that at the gala, it wasn’t just some normal father-daughter talk. It was a play. Apparently his mom got a call from Dr. Griffith, reaching out about voting for the next chief. Sam admits it was her who called his mom. She’s trying to turn the tide and her vote could be the key. Malcolm thinks he’s being used by Sam, but Sam says it’s not personal. Sam’s sorry. She has to end this war.

“You ended something, all right.”

The next episode of Good Sam will premiere on CBS on Wednesday, March 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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