‘Good Sam’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “I Thought I Lost You”

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In the aftermath of the storm, let’s catch up on what happened on the most recent episode of CBS’ Good Sam.

Sam, Vivian, and The Storm

At the hospital, the team is trying to figure out if it’s Vivian that was in the storm. A state trooper confirms her car, but that Vivian wasn’t with the car. Sam goes out to find her mom. Griff tells her to be careful, and they tell each other they love each other. Griff tries calling Vivian’s phone, but it goes unanswered.

Vivian is seen helping a pregnant woman, Sadie, in the storm, as she hears Sam’s voice. Sam comes over and tries to help. The baby is crowning, and Sam and Vivian deliver the baby. Sam texts Griff to let him know they’re both okay. The baby is delivered, and they’re all happy and healthy. Vivian and Sam apologize to each other when Vivian passes out.

Vivian is transported back to the hospital where she’s going to be kept overnight. Sam catches Vivian in Sadie’s room, checking on her and the baby. Back in Vivian’s room, her blood pressure is rising as Griff and Sam check on her. She starts to feel dizzy and has delayed tracking.

In Vivian’s room, a flurry of doctors are scrambling, and they need to get her into surgery. Sam and Griff wait for news on Vivian. The entire team is there with them and gives them their support. Vivian makes it out of surgery and Griff and Sam continue to check on her, and Griff tells her while she’s unconscious that she’s the love of his life.

Sam gets paged to Vivian’s room who is now awake. The two agree to put the accident behind them and they hug.

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The team continues to treat other victims of the storm, and it’s chaotic in the ER. Joey sees his Fiance, Tim, and Joey wants to get married ASAP. Tim agrees, and the two make a plan to marry later. Joey makes up a wedding chapel in the hospital, and Tim looks less than thrilled. Tim blurts out that he slept with someone else the week before Joey proposed.

Griff takes over the rounds for the team. Patricia was one of the patients that were not in from the storm, and she has Stage 4 Lung Cancer. They talk about potentially removing her lung. Lex asks about Patricia and says that it’s her patient. Lex gets upset about it, and Sam says that she can’t assign Lex to a case if she wasn’t there for rounds. Sam and Caleb talk and Caleb got mad that Sam didn’t choose him for the surgery.

Patients of the Storm

Kevin, the kid from the last episode, sees his Dad who is in the hospital as well with injuries. The Mom is good to go, but the Dad still needs some help. The Dad needs a blood transfusion, and Kevin has universal blood, O-, and the dad questions the paternity since the parents’ blood does not match Kevin. The dad is visibly upset, thinking he’s not the father of Kevin. On his leg are a bunch of spots that Sam uncovers. Caleb and Sam are bringing up how different blood types could be in the genomes, and that would explain Kevin and also the spots on his leg. They are also brainstorming that since he was trapped by the crate, it could be bacterial. The wife is told that they gave the husband antibiotics and that there’s no other genetic anomalies that would explain the different blood types. She tells Griff and Caleb that she did have a fling that was over before it started.


Lex Heads to ER

Lex is being recruited by the ER to leave CT and go to the ER instead. She tells Griff she’s asked about switching to ER. She’s put off by the fact that she has to start off at the bottom now, working a lot of night shifts.

Malcolm and His Mom

Malcolm is in his office when his Mom arrives. She tells him the board called a meeting about the storm and then asks him for reports on Griff. He says there aren’t any reports. Sam runs into Malcolm in the elevator, and he says he has questions for Vivian. He asks Sam about where Griff’s records are but tells her he’s so tired of talking about their parents. Malcolm later sees Sam outside of Vivian’s room, and Sam tells him to tell his mom to stop looking into her dad. Malcolm talks to his mom but she says that Griff should not be part of the hospital at all, and hands him a report that shows he had a DUI.

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