‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 13 “One Good Thing”

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In the aftermath of last week’s shocking episode of Walker, we’re left with the Walker family losing their home, as well as Bonham being arrested for Marv’s murder. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

Saying Goodbye

The Walker family starts to pack up the only home they’ve ever known. Geri and Cordell talk about the move, and Geri says that on days like these, her father used to have one good thing waiting for her, something special that made moving days feel a little less painful. Cordell goes out to the ranch hands and gives them an emotional speech about the ranch, and some raise concerns about losing their jobs. Cordell promises to help all of them. Liam asks Abeline why Bonham would bury the lantern, and Abeline says because he didn’t know what it was.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Bail Hearing

At the bail hearing, Denise goes on the offense on Bonham. Liam, however, points out that there’s no evidence. He also asks the court to recuse Denise since the case is personal. The judge grants the recusal but denies Bonham’s bail due to the fact that he tried to hide the murder weapon. After the hearing, the family meets with Bonham. Liam says they offered Bonham a plea deal for ten years, but he has to confess. Bonham says no. Bonham asks if they can beat this, and Cordell and Liam end up reassuring him, yes.

After the meeting, Liam, Abeline, and Cordell talk. Cordell is conflicted about doing the right thing in helping Dan, but Liam tries to help. Abeline tells the two of them about the secret Marv kept — that the other Davidson child lived. Abeline thinks they’re linked, and this could prove the motive for Marv’s real killer.

Finding Marv’s Killer

At the station, Captain James and Cassie meet and they talk about the pressure from the DA. Captain James tells Cassie she just got here and it isn’t her fight, but Cassie believes Bonham is innocent and wants to “go down with your ship.” Cassie tells him she also thinks she has the beat on Marv’s real killer.

Cordell arrives later and talks with Cassie and Captain James. Cassie brings up that Marv was making payments to a ranch hand monthly stipends. The ranch hand, Nate Smith, they think blackmailed Marv. Cassie and Cordell pay a visit to Nate, and Cordell loses his cool in asking about Marv’s murder and Nate blackmailing him. Nate asks for him to come back with a warrant next time. Cassie and Cordell argue about the blown lead, and Cassie tells him next time she needs to know when he’s off.

Denise Visits Cordell

Cordell is at his house packing up, and Denise arrives. Denise tries to tell Cordell that Bonham needs to take the plea. Denise tells him she knows about the Nate Smith theory, and she says she’s worried about him nuking Cassie’s career with witness tampering.

Stella & Augie

Stella and Augie talk in the barn, and Stella blames Augie for everything. She blames him for going to the barn and finding the lantern. At the Side Step later, Augie is there and Geri talks to him about feeling guilty about the lantern. Geri says Stella probably had a rough day and took it out on him. Geri tells him about the one good thing.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Nate, Geri, and the Truth

Cordell tells Cassie about the witness tampering thing Denise brought up, but Cassie isn’t scared. She’s at the Side Step and tells Cordell that Nate showed up.

Nate approaches Geri to try to talk to her, and Cordell and Cassie arrive. Nate says he hasn’t seen her since he was a kid, and he was a friend of her dad, Frank. Nate says he became friends with Frank, Geri got sick, and he’d go with them to specialists with them. He said Frank couldn’t afford this treatment and came to him about committing a robbery. They were going to rob Marv, who they used to work for. The two snuck into the barn and took money out from where he hid it there. Then, Nate says, they saw smoke under the door. The barn caught fire, and they busted out of a window. Nate passed out, but when he came to, he saw Bonham was trying to save anyone in the barn. Frank came back with the money and said Marv wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Marv caught Frank in the act, and Frank killed Marv. Geri is confused, but Cordell steps in. He says the payments weren’t hush money — they were child support. They were for Geri, who was the lost Davidson child.

Geri and Cordell talk later, and Cordell tries to comfort her, but Geri is very confused and upset, as expected.

Abeline and Cordell arrive at the Walker ranch where everything is empty. Cordell says he hasn’t heard from Geri, and Abeline can’t believe it’s her. Abeline tears up and kisses the ranch goodbye as she walks out for the final time.

Liam awaits as Bonham gets released, now free from the murder with Nate’s testimony. Bonham thanks Liam for believing in him, and the two arrive at the Side Step to the entire family there.

The episode ends as Geri knocks on the Davidsons door, as Gale and Denise open it. Geri says she’s still processing it, and Gale hugs her. Gale lets Geri know that she didn’t know she was alive, but that Abeline did.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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