‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Girl…You’ll Be A Woman, Soon”

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Superman & lois
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In this episode of Superman & Lois, Sarah celebrates her Quinceañera, Chrissy meets with Ally, and more Bizarro secrets are revealed. Keep reading for what happens in “Girl…You’ll Be A Woman, Soon.”

Sarah’s Quinceañera

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At the beginning of the episode, Sarah is practicing her father daughter dance with Kyle for her Quinceañera. Taking a brief break, Sarah discusses her reasoning for wanting to change her last name to “Cortez,” her family’s original last name before they changed it to assimilate to the United States. Sarah says this is part of her heritage, and she wants to honor it.

Lois’ Case

superman & Lois
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Meanwhile, Lois pays a visit to Dr. Fawkner who is no longer alive. She comes across her body with Bizarro huddled in the corner, blood around his mouth, just as he jets off. Lois calls for Clark who immediately starts asking questions. Why was she spared?

Chrissy Seeks The “Truth”

Superman & Lois
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Interviewing Ally, Chrissy says her entire shtick is based on faith and not fact. Ally says that’s a lie, just as Chrissy begins to lose consciousness from being drugged. She’s presumed dead for seven minutes before she comes back to life; Ally congratulates her on her ascension.

When explaining her experience, Chrissy notes it was a “Bizarro” experience. The world was so different but Ally was everywhere. Just then, Lois bursts into the room with Superman to alert Ally of Bizarro’s arrival. She doesn’t get to do much before Superman pushes her out of Bizarro’s line of fire.

Jordan and Jon Spar

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Jonathan takes a puff of the magic dust before offering to spar Jordan. Jordan is hesitant at first because he knows he’s stronger than Jon but agrees anyway. They begin to fight one another and Jon takes Jordan down with ease. Jon tells Sam he’s teaching the wrong grandchild. At the end of the episode, The two of them get in a fight and the powers begin to emerge. Jonathan freaks out and asks for more time before they tell their parents.

Kyle’s Double Life

Kyle gets a text from Tanya and he meets her outside. They have an explosive conversation about their past relationship. She confided in her friend who she thinks may have sold the story to the mayor to hurt  Lana’s campaign. But they weren’t alone. Sarah and Jordan overheard the conversation.

Kyle’s guilt gets the better of him and he attempts to break up the conversation between Lana and the Mayor. During the father daughter dance, Sarah begins to have a panic attack and rushes off. Lana meets them outside and Kyle attempts to explain the situation to her but she doesn’t want to hear it right now. She wants to help Sarah through her panic attack and celebrate her night with her family and friends.

Bizarro Awakes

Bizarro is awake with Clark’s mom at the fortress. Clark heads over to try and get answers. Bizarro claims he wants to save his world and theirs. They may not be at war now, but they will be soon. Bizarro claims Ally wants to destroy everything they care about. They’re going to lose it all unless they kill her first.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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