Friday, February 3, 2023

‘Welcome to Our Show’: ‘New Girl’ Cast Reflects Back on Awkward Moments

PODCASTS‘Welcome to Our Show’: 'New Girl' Cast Reflects Back on Awkward Moments

Still missing New Girl like crazy, even though we’re coming up on four years since the series finale aired? Same.

Fans of the beloved comedy series can now relive all of the show’s best moments — and learn plenty of behind-the-scenes secrets along the way — with Welcome to Our Show, a weekly New Girl rewatch podcast from iHeartMedia hosted by Zooey Deschanel (Jess), Lamorne Morris (Winston) and Hannah Simone (Cece).

“Go behind the scenes of Apartment 4D with the crew who called it home for seven incredible seasons. Each week, real-life friends Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone, and Lamorne Morris rewatch their Emmy nominated series, New Girl, and reveal the never before told behind-the-scenes escapades. Join them as they go bear hunting for every grizzly hidden in the background. Plus, each week, they play a different version of the True American game. Here, the rules don’t make any sense, and you’ll leave more confused than when you arrived. But it’s always a good time with best friends. Speaking of besties – they’re inviting all of the loft’s favorite guest stars, writers, and directors to share their adventures on set.” 

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In this week’s episode, Deschanel, Morris, and Simone dive into the fifth episode of the first season, “Cece Crashes,” in which Cece crashes at the loft following a bad breakup. They discuss the multiple on-set injuries that occurred, an awkward encounter amongst co-stars, and hilarious scenes that didn’t make the final cut.

New Girl ran for seven seasons in total from 2011 to 2018, following the story of Jessica Day, a quirky, offbeat teacher who moves into a loft apartment in Los Angeles with three men. The series also starred Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield.

Listeners can send in questions for Welcome to Our Show via email to Make sure to follow the podcast on Instagram!

Listen to new episodes of Welcome to Our Show on Mondays with iHeartMedia or on your favorite major podcast platform.

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