‘A Discovery of Witches’ Finale Recap: Season 3, Episode 7


The end is here. After three seasons full of magic, love, and drama, A Discovery of Witches has reached its final episode. With the help of Baldwin, Matthew is located, and Diana leads a rescue mission to save him. Meanwhile, the secrets from the Book of Life reveal a startling discovery that demands the covenant be abolished once and for all.

Finding Matthew

Baldwin arrives at Sept-Tours while everyone else is frantically trying to figure out where Benajmin is keeping Matthew. Diana asked him to come and assist them. As soon as she shows him the video, Baldwin immediately recognizes that Benjamin is wearing Philippe’s watch, as well as the fact that he’s keeping Matthew in the same hospital where Philippe was tortured. He explains, to those in the room that aren’t aware, that Philippe was a prisoner of war. When they discovered he was a vampire, he was handed over to medical officers, and they experimented on him and tortured him. Now, he’s come to realize that Benjamin must have been one of them. Baldwin also shares that Benjamin has been in league with Gerbert for centuries.

Gerbert tries to manipulate Ysabeau

Gerbert arrives at Sept-Tours with a plan to manipulate Ysabeau to come to his side. He tells her that Diana is tearing apart the de Clermont family, and everything that has happened has been her fault. Now, with the Book of Life, Diana has the power to destroy the vampires. He reflects back on the days when they used to hunt witches together, and Ysabeau says that was a long time ago.

Ysabeau figuratively corners Gerbert as she tells him that she knows what he and Benjamin did to Philippe. In turn, he informs her that Matthew and Diana will both be executed once Matthew is found guilty of his crimes, and there will not be a member of the de Clermont family left untouched. He remarks that Ysabeau is too great of a vampire to suffer that fate with them. If she gives up the children now, he can ensure her that the Congregation will show her leniency. Ysabeau refuses to waver, and she tells him to go back to Venice, for he has no dominion in Sept-Tours.

The rescue mission

Diana, Gallowglass, Baldwin, Miriam, and Marcus arrive at the crumbling hospital, ready to save Matthew. As they make their way through the halls, they encounter a disturbing enchantment that Satu has cast to trick them: Matthew, strapped down with his chest ripped open, begging to be killed. As they continue on, Diana eventually hears a voice in her head that tells her they will all die there. She quickly puts up a magic wall between her and the others so they cannot follow her, and she tells them that this is her battle.

Diana comes across another enchantment of Matthew, but this time their children are there, too. He says that he should have killed them at birth because of the blood rage. Diana tells Satu to show herself, and the illusion disappears. Satu asks where the Book of Life is, and she’s furious to learn that Diana has absorbed it. She claims, “That’s not your destiny, it’s mine.” Intending to force the book out of her, Satu ignites flames in her hands, but Diana effortlessly extinguishes them. She calmly tells Satu that the book never would have revealed itself to her and laments that they could have been the greatest allies with their power as Weavers. Diana backs her against a wall and spellbinds her. “Power without conscience is a savage weapon.”

Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop in A Discovery of Witches
Simon Ridgway/AMCN/SkyUK

With one obstacle out of the way, Diana goes looking for Benjamin and Matthew. She begins tying the magic knots as she walks, and she finishes the tenth one once she finds Benjamin. Snarling, Benjamin lunges to attack her. Diana pulls back on the magic bow that the knot has manifested and releases an arrow into Benjamin’s chest, immediately killing him. She strides past him into the room where Matthew is being kept, and Marcus, Miriam, Baldwin, and Gallowglass arrive shortly after. Matthew is in incredibly rough shape, and Diana wants to let him feed from her, but Marcus stops her. They need to get Matthew back to his sire, Ysabeau. After they return to Sept-Tours, it’s an agonizing wait, but Matthew eventually recovers.

The truth about creatures

Chris, Miriam, and Matthew finally present their collective scientific findings. They explain that they have discovered that everyone has varying degrees of daemon DNA, the amount just depends on how far back in one’s bloodline their daemon ancestors are. Daemon DNA is the key to blood rage because if a vampire with the blood rage gene sires a human being that has enough daemon DNA, blood rage will manifest. Diana mentions that the Book of Life says that Weavers are descended from witches and daemons.

They have discovered more than just the root of blood rage, though. They now also understand why witch powers are waning, why vampires can no longer sire, and why daemons are suffering an endemic mental health collapse. The overall prevalence of daemon DNA has decreased over time because the covenant was forcing each species to live separately, thus slowly destroying all of the creatures.

Diana is eager to present their findings to the Congregation immediately, but Baldwin knows that they’ll outvote him, and he won’t be able to protect her. Later, Baldwin and Matthew finally have an important conversation, in which Matthew explains that Diana just needs his support, not his protection. Baldwin agrees that they do need to challenge the covenant. In turn, he admits that he should have trusted his brother from the start. Matthew ensures Baldwin that Philippe chose the right de Clermont successor because he knew that he would always do what was necessary … regardless of how difficult it would be.

After some consideration, Baldwin figures out a solution. He gives Diana his key to the Congregation chamber and tells her that she will sit in on the meeting in the de Clermont seat. It doesn’t matter that she’s not a vampire, she just needs to be a member of the de Clermont family. Off to Venice they go.

A moment between Matthew and Jack

While the others are gone, Matthew and Jack share a brief yet important moment. Jack comes to see Matthew and tells him that he’s been doing well and staying in control of the blood rage. Matthew is proud of him. Jack gives him back the stolen portraits of Diana and Matthew, and as he goes to leave, Matthew tells him that he loves him.

Diana takes on the Congregation

Gerbert is initially pleased upon their arrival because he thinks that Diana is turning herself in. However, he’s shocked when he realizes that Baldwin has officially recognized Diana as a blood-sworn daughter of Philippe, and as such, she will be taking his seat for the meeting. Domenico approaches with the third vampire key with a barely concealed smirk resting on his face.

When the meeting begins, Gerbert immediately begins to lay into Diana for her “crimes,” ticking off deaths as far back as Juliet. Agatha reminds him that Diana technically has the floor first because the de Clermonts called the meeting. Diana goes on to defend her actions, and she tells the room that the covenant deserves to be broken. Then, she places the Book of Life on the ground, and everyone stands up to look at it in shock and wonder. With a flick of her wrist, a tree comes sprawling out from the book, and Diana explains how all creatures are related.

Gerbert dismisses this as an enchantment, and he says that he’s one of the few that remembers the dark days before the covenant. Diana tells them all that the purity of their bloodlines is what has led to species decline; daemon DNA is vital to all of them, and they need it to survive. Diana proposes a motion that the Congregation overturn the covenant, and Agatha immediately seconds it. Gerbert proposes a counter-motion that Diana and the de Clermonts be punished for their crimes. Another member says they should discuss reforming the covenant instead, but Diana is firm in saying that it will not work. They take a vote, much to Gerbert’s dismay, and the covenant is officially abolished. Diana then adds that they will need a new leader, and she elects Agatha. Domenico seconds the motion. The rest of the room votes on it, and Agatha is chosen. As she turns to leave, Diana ominously tells Gerbert that his day of judgment is coming.

New beginnings

The series comes to an end with a montage of happy endings and new beginnings for everyone: Nathaniel, Sophie, and their daughter Margaret finally come out of hiding; Domenico takes Gerbert’s seat; Marcus proposes to Phoebe; something appears to be brimming between Miriam and Chris; Matthew carves a new memoriam plaque for his late brother Hugh which finally acknowledges Fernando as his beloved mate; Matthew and Gallowglass share a moment before he leaves; Sarah takes off her necklace; Marthe and Jack rock the children; Baldwin’s animosity is finally gone, and it appears that Diana is now rewriting the Book of Life herself.

We end on a scene of everyone gathered together at Sept-Tours, watching Matthew and Diana dance.

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