‘A Discovery of Witches’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4

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Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop in A Discovery of Witches
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In the latest episode of A Discovery of Witches, Diana, Phoebe, and Sarah’s research pays off as they find TJ Weston and obtain the final missing page from the Book of Life. Meanwhile, Chris and Miriam make an unfortunate discovery about the origins of blood rage, and Diana gives birth to her and Matthew’s children — Philip and Rebecca.

Finding TJ Weston and the final page

Diana, Phoebe, and Sarah’s search for TJ Weston continues, but Phoebe’s human methods of searching for him haven’t proven to be useful thus far. Diana tells them that she’s been working on a locator spell, which will make things much easier, but it requires a witch for each element. They’re going to need to find a coven. It’s a risky move, because Knox will hear about it, but Diana, Gallowglass, and Sarah set off through London anyway in search of the area where Goody Alsop used to live. A witch finds them, recognizing who Diana is, and she introduces her to the coven. They agree to help, and they obtain TJ’s coordinates using Diana’s spell.

The trio arrives at TJ Weston’s house to find a frightened daemon who goes by the name Timothy. He lets Diana and Sarah come inside, but not Gallowglass. Timothy is nervous and scattered as he talks to them and plays the piano, and the inside of his house is a mess. Diana and Sarah offer to perform a spell to locate the page that they’re looking for, but he doesn’t want them to use magic, and he doesn’t really want to give it to them anyway because it’s all that he has left of his ancestors.

When they exit the house empty-handed, Gallowglass offers to go inside and get the page, but Diana doesn’t want him to use force and scare Timothy even more. She understands that Gallowglass means well, but she ensures him that she can do this on her own. He agrees with her, stating that she had that same look of determination on her face on her first day at Yale. And so his secret is finally out. Diana is shocked to hear this, and Gallowglass admits that Philippe asked him to look out for her until Matthew found her. And he did it gladly. Diana apologizes to him, but Gallowglass says that he knew she was never meant to be his. She tells him that she couldn’t have asked for a better guardian, wipes a tear from her face, and thanks him.

Their next stop is to visit another daemon who might be able to help: Agatha. She returns to Timothy’s house with Diana, and he’s surprised to see a daemon working with a witch. Regardless, with another daemon present, he’s much more receptive to their plea this time around. He gives Diana the final missing page from the Book of Life. As they go to leave, Agatha reassures the other daemon that he’s not alone anymore. He has her and an entire community of their kind. As Diana and Agatha head back to the car, Diana realizes that she’s going into labor.

Peter Knox continues to leave destruction in his wake

A crazed Peter Knox arrives at the coven headquarters where Diana was earlier, tracking the trail of her magic like a mad dog. The witch that’s there doesn’t seem too phased by his arrival as she tells him that she’s under Father Hubbard’s protection, so he can’t hurt her. However, she hits a sore spot when she brings up how he was kicked out of the Congregation for killing another witch, and he eventually ends up throwing her out of the room. He heads over to the table where they performed the locator spell on Timothy, and he’s able to find his house thanks to the leftover traces of it.

While he doesn’t beat Agatha and Diana to Timothy’s house, he pays the daemon a visit all the same. After dropping Diana off at Fernando’s, Agatha goes back to Timothy’s house, and she finds a disturbing scene. It appears that Knox tortured Timothy to the brink of death in order to find out where the page is. He dies after Agatha arrives.

A startling blood rage discovery

Miriam hurries over to Chris’ lab to hear about his latest discovery. He tells her that after comparing Ransome’s blood samples to the ones that they already had, their research has become much more complicated than they first thought. Blood rage is a developmental anomaly. When Matthew was reborn as a vampire, something in his human noncoding DNA reacted to the vampire genes from Ysabeau. Meaning that Matthew possessed the triggers that the blood rage gene needed in order to “express” itself.

Because Matthew hasn’t been answering any of her calls or messages for weeks, Miriam is forced to travel to New Orleans to share the news with him. He’s not happy to hear that their discovery means that they may not be able to find a cure for blood rage after all. Moving forward, the answer to their questions will need to be found by researching humans, not vampires.

The next morning, Miriam confronts Matthew for stewing, and she tells him that he needs to go home to be there for Diana when the babies are born. He can’t support her from New Orleans. She reminds him that going home without a cure doesn’t mean that he’s failed as a father. Afterward, Matthew immediately calls Baldwin and asks him to meet. His brother is unimpressed about Matthew’s plans to tear apart the family with a scion. He refuses to lend his support, and he tells Matthew that he can’t respect his decision.

Peter McDonald as Baldwin Montclair and Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches
Simon Ridgway/AMCN/SkyUK

The babies are born

After Agatha drops Diana back off at Fernando’s house, Sarah runs a bath for her and tries to help ease her labor pains while they wait for the others to get home. Matthew rushes upstairs, with Marcus hot on his heels ready to deliver the babies. (It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to see Dr. Whitmore in action!) The babies are eventually born later that evening — a boy and girl, who they name Philip and Rebecca in honor of Philippe and Diana’s mom, respectively.

It’s a joyous occasion downstairs as everyone else celebrates the birth of two healthy babies. However, it’s a difficult scene for Gallowglass to watch as he realizes that his job protecting Diana is truly over now. Pained, he gets on his motorcycle and leaves.

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