Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pokémon: Leafeon, Piplup, and Lapras Funko Pop!s Revealed

MERCHCOLLECTIBLESPokémon: Leafeon, Piplup, and Lapras Funko Pop!s Revealed

Funko Fair 2022 is underway, dishing out daily reveals of exciting new Funko products that are coming soon to a store near you. Funko’s beady-eyed line of vinyl figures, Pop!s, continues to cater toward the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” concept for Pokémon fans with the latest additions that are on the way.

Joining the Pokémon Funko Pop! lineup are the following creatures:

Leafeon – Eevee’s Grass-type evolution, first introduced in Generation IV

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Piplup – Generation IV’s Water-type starter

Lapras – An iconic Water/Ice-type Pokémon that dates back to Generation I

Pre-orders are now available via Entertainment Earth, Amazon, and more.

In addition to its regular-sized counterpart, a jumbo-sized Lapras Pop! is available for pre-order exclusively at Target.

Lapras Funko Pop! Figure
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Earlier this month, Sylveon, Alakazam, and Lucario Pop!s were also announced. This leaves Umbreon, Espeon, and Glaceon as the three remaining Eeveelutions that have yet to receive the vinyl treatment from Funko.

These latest entries in the Pokémon Funko Pop! lineup arrive on the heels of the nonstop buzz surrounding Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the franchise’s newest game. Check out our review here.

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