Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stands Releases New Season Three ‘Supernatural’ Challenge Coin

CHARITIESStands Releases New Season Three 'Supernatural' Challenge Coin

Stands has released a new SPN challenge coin to add to your Supernatural collectibles!

The challenge coin is the third that Stands has released, each coin being inspired by a different season of the show. This season three coin features the silhouettes of Sam and Dean on the front against a “Mystery Spot” inspired background. The back features Ruby’s knife alongside the iconic phrase, “Family don’t end with blood.”

The coin is $15 and a portion of proceeds will benefit Meals on Wheels America. The season one and two coins are also still available on the Stands website if you missed out on them when they were released. They are both on sale for $12.75 each.

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Make sure you head over to the Stands website to get a season three challenge coin. This is a limited edition item so make sure to get them before they are all gone!

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